We all love the time and vibe of summers, which comes with glorious sun, ocean waves and of course a cute swimsuit.

However, it may be a difficult choice for many since they do not know which brand captures their style, or even if they’re true to size. 

The design, prints, and styles just matter too much since it’s crucial to have just the right swimwear, to truly get into the summer spirit. 

If you’re confused about which brand to buy from, don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of top luxury swimwear brands for you to choose from, where you can pick the one that touches close to your heart. 


We all know that Gucci just kills it when it comes to fabric and comfort. It incorporates the most cutting edge style whether it’s their jacket, tee or bikini. 

They have all sorts of prints and designs and cuts where you can find one that matches your personal style.

These include bold logo print swimwear, floral prints as well as their combination of solid colored stretch fabric swim wear, Gucci has it all. 

Jade Swim

Sustainable as it is aesthetic, Jade swimwear is the way to go if you’re looking for sexy swimsuits that are also comfortable. 

You can wear them in a variety of ways due to their exceptional use of solid colors and luxe fabrics that mold to the shape of your body.

They can be worn over jeans under an oversized shirt or be rocked on the beach, ready to wear. 

Solid And Striped

Worn by celebrities like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, Solid and Striped swimsuits are no less than showstoppers.

They have that luxurious, bold aura that just draws you in. Credit goes to their unique prints and cuts where they are made to flatter each body shape.

The versatility of designs they have is no less than astonishing, varying from high waisted swimsuits to cool one pieces, Solid Striped should be your choice if you want to make a statement.


It truly is as luxurious as it sounds. Summer colors are incorporated into their swimwear in the most beautiful ways, where each swimsuit is a piece of art. 

Jennifer top is one of our favorites with its silken fabric and rainbow colors that make you the perfect picture of sunset. 


Throwback to the eighties when jewels, gems and glamor were the fashion. Jump back to the present where the 80s fashion is roaring in rage whether it be streets, in clubs, or beaches. 

A perfect example is Oceanus, a swimwear brand that incorporates the 80s style with the present in the most blissful way. The swimwear is made from sustainable material and hand-embroidered Swarovski crystals, perfect for pool parties or a day on the beach where they guarantee to make you feel like the queen that you are. 


From its scalloped edges to modern cuts, Marysia swimwear is feminine and bold, inspired by the designer’s passions of surf boarding and ballet dancing.

She spent a lot of time creating the perfect swimsuit, where the brand is known to be ethical and environmentally friendly. 

Not only do they design high fashion and chic beach apparel for women, but also have a line dedicated to children’s swimsuits.


Oye is an Istanbul based swimwear brand, where twin sisters Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu have taken the fashion industry by storm. 

They have one of the most high fashion swimwear with sexy silhouettes enough to make anyone swoon with their flattering cuts and cutting edge designs. 

From floral prints to solid color one pieces, within Oye you can find a swimwear that suits your style and maybe something even better.

Myra Swim

Myra Swim, an Australian luxury swimwear brand, has the most sleek and sporty swimwear you could ask for.

They are so versatile and stylish, with their light weight, silk nylon fabrics that they could be worn both on and off the beach. 

You could even rock them as a gym outfit, (with leggings, of course) with their flattering cuts and designs made to fit and compliment every body shape. 

Good American

Founded by the infamous Kardashian sister, Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, in 2016, Good American has made quite the transition from designing jeans, tees and now swimwear.

Good American is known for the diversity they promote in their advertising and marketing, producing a size that fits all and a huge variety of styles they have in their swimwear collection.

They have a reputation for being ethically sound, astoundingly classy and aesthetically bold.

Hunza G

A London based luxury swimwear brand, Hunza G was founded in 1984 by stylist Peter Meadows.

The seersucker fabric sculpts your body while keeping you comfortable. The designs are a perfect combination of retro and modern cuts, to make sure you shine through the waves. 

Their ethical ways of creating seamless designs has made a special place for Hunza G in the midst of swimwear designer brands, where all their clothes are hand cut within their London studio and the extra material is recycled.

Emma Pake

A European luxury swimwear brand, Emma Pake has a flair for creativity. From its in-cut mesh designs, and use of pastel, dark and bright colors, Emma Pake creates the most unique designs in swimwear.

There’s a large variety of swimwear designs and exclusive range of sizes and styles, guaranteed to make you the source of attention on any occasion. 

Whether it’s a inhouse pool party or just a day out on the beach, make sure to grab your sunglasses because you are sure to make it to the spotlight, with Emma Pake swimwear.

Feline Swim 

If you’re not someone big on attention, then you should try Feline Swim. It’s a brand not many people know about but has one of the best swimwear in town. 

Designed in LA and made in Bali, Feline Swim has minimalist silhouettes and lovely summer inspired prints that make you ready for a much needed break for a peaceful day by the beach. 

Louisa Ballou

One of the most popular luxury swimwear brands, Louisa Ballou has made it to our top ten list where celebrities like Bella Hadid have been seen sporting the brand’s swimwear.  

With its ultra sexy yet elegant designs like Embellished cutout floral print, recycled halterneck swimsuit, Louisa Ballou has been making waves since 2019 when it launched it’s collection “women of all shapes and sizes” and has been worn by Dua Lipa and Megan Stallion alike.


Named after the flower that signals the beginning of summer, Peony is an Australian based swimwear brand that offers luxury and comfort. The easy going stylish designs capture the true spirit of summer and the ocean. 

Holding true to their word, they create the dreamiest designs while keeping up with ethical manufacturing methods. The methods that they acquire are environment friendly and have certified them as a Carbon Neutral organization, meaning their carbon footprint on the environment is very low.

Matthew Bruch

Launched just two years back when the world was still reeling in the pandemic, Matthew Bruch has already made to the major retailers of the time, due to the high demand of it’s swimwear.

Based in New York, the Matthew Bruch’s swimwear designs are influenced by the city lifestyle including safari one pieces, making them modern, versatile and extremely sexy.


Been here since the 60s when bikinis were still new, Missoni is still a sensation among luxury swimwear brands. It has one of the best swimwear designs, from flattering cuts and colors of gold, glimmer or even neutrals, Missoni really is what it takes to take your swimwear to the next level.

Essentially an Italian brand, Missoni has a wide variety of styles that include off shoulder one pieces to plunged necklines, as well as easy going seperates that allow one to pick their personal style from their latest collections. 

Eva Rae

Eva Rae is a luxury swimwear brand based in London, where Georgia Thompson was inspired by the ocean life she spent on yachts with her parents during her summer vacations. 

Eva Rae was the name of the yacht, Georgia Thompson, where her love for the ocean is reflected in her designs. Her designs are exotic yet sophisticated, produced by eco-friendly and ethical methods. 

The use of econyl within their swimwear is a perfect example of the brand’s sustainability, a fabric made of recycled plastics found in the ocean where it’s used to make much if the swimwear. 


An Italian brand that was eco-friendly from the start, where it launched in 2017, Fisch has made its way to the biggest names in the swimwear industry in a short amount of time. 

Like Eva Rae, Fisch used econyl to create most of her swimwear, where they not only remain aesthetically chic, but also pave the way for sustainable fashion trends. 


With all the luxury brands mentioned above, your choice should be made pretty easy now, considering the huge range of styles and ideas the brands offer. 

Make sure to stay true to your style and pick the one that you’re most comfortable with. But also don’t be afraid to try something new, for once.