Gold is a timeless classic in the jewelry industry, which is loved and adored by many!

Whether it’s the purest 24-carat or a slightly less pure 9-carat, gold is essential when it comes to the manufacturing of precious jewelry.

It has existed for ages and ages and never has gone out of demand! Safe to say that it never will.

Therefore, it serves as a great asset to invest in, buy in bulk, or retail. Thankfully, it can be molded into many different designs and jewelry items, and one such item in demand is gold chains!

Gold chains are often sold in retail stores, but they can also be purchased wholesale.

Wholesale gold chains are available at a fraction of the price of retail chains.

If you are a jewelry retailer looking for gold chains at wholesale rates in Australia, this post will greatly help you.

Keep reading to find the best vendor for your need.

1. Athan Wholesalers

Based in Melbourne, Athan Jewelers started its journey in 1998 and has evolved to become one of the leading wholesale gold chain suppliers.

They specialize in delicate imported Italian gold chains manufactured in some of the premium jewelry houses in Italy.

They have a large selection of 9 and 18-carat pendant chains in trace, wheat, franco, curb, and omega designs.

You can count on Athan jewelers for exceptional quality jewelry and personalized customer service throughout Australia.

In addition to gold chains, they also deal in tennis bracelet mounts and yellow gold products.

Check out their website: Athan Wholesalers.

2. Millenium Chains

This family-owned and operated company provides you with the best, locally manufactured gold chains in every shape and size.

They manufacture chains in 9ct and 18ct Yellow and White and 9ct Rose gold so that you will have a large variety at your disposal.

The new collection features information on their new omega range and machine-made as well as handmade chains and bracelets.

The brand’s promise of affordability goes a long way in making this quality jewelry accessible for everyone.

Their store is located on Little Collins Street, Melbourne, and you can also shop online.

Check out their website: Millennium Chain.

3. Golden Mile Jewelry

Golden Mile Jewellery Manufacturers is another great example of a successful family-owned business.

They take pride in their in-house manufacturing process with locally sourced materials for most of their products, including chains, clasps, and bangles.

The brand’s name is well acclaimed among the general market, and you can ask for their products from any independent retailer in Australia.

They boast a fine assortment of machine-made gold chains in solid, hollow, and silver-filled designs.

If you find selecting a piece from their extensive collections challenging, then you can also get it custom-made as per your liking.

Other services they offer include repair, scrap gold take-in, and laser engraving services.

Check out their website: Home Page Golden Mile Jewellery Manufacturers.

4. ADJ Australia Pty Ltd.

Renowned for its immense experience in the industry, ADJ offers some of the finest quality gold chains.

All the chains are handmade with care and precision in 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct gold.

You may choose your desired chain length and select one from yellow, white, and rose gold.

They boast a huge collection of over 5000 pieces with both styles, classical as well as modern and trendy.

Their products are available at reasonable wholesale prices and can be purchased from anywhere in the world as they distribute worldwide.

Check out their website: ADJ Australia Pty Ltd.

5. Ania Haie

If what you are looking for is trendy, high-quality, and affordable jewelry, then Annie Haie is the place you would want to check out!

The brand works hard toward developing new designs inspired by fashion catwalks and street styles.

Most of the products are manufactured with sterling silver and then coated with rhodium or 14ct gold, designed to be layered up.

Although their items are quite pricey, the impeccable quality of long necklaces and chains speaks for itself.

Besides chains, they also have a wide range of other products, including studs, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Check out their website: Ania Haie Jewellery | Earrings, Necklaces & Bracelets

6. Saffo Jewelry

Located in the busy city of Sydney, Saffo Jewelry boasts a state-of-the-art production facility and a modern, spacious showroom.

The company provides a comprehensive and unique selection of premium quality jewelry.

Their wide range of products features high-quality handmade and imported gold chains and unset jewelry, including rings and studs.

They also have an extensive collection of religious jewelry items such as crosses, crucifixes, and rosary beads.

Saffo is a strict trade-only jewelry supplier and does not entertain any general retail queries.

Check out their website: Welcome to Saffo Jewellery.

7. Lenrose & Ace David Jewelry

Lenrose is a multi-faceted manufacturing facility that utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce chain products.

You can trust the company for all your casting needs as they cast daily in all precious metals and offer the quickest turnaround.

They have one of the most extensive inventories oozing with precious gold products, including chains such as solid wheat, solid fob, and link chains.

The company utilizes CAD/CAM to transform your ideas into reality, even if it is just a simple picture.

All of these services are at highly affordable rates. What else can one ask for?

Check out their website: Lenrose & Ace David Jewellery – Jewellery Manufacturing, Jewellery …



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