The Ordinary was launched back in 2016 by its parent company DECIEM. If you are a skincare enthusiast, this brand does not require any special introduction.

When it comes to nighttime routines or early morning skin rituals, The Ordinary has made its way into almost every person’s beauty regime, be it a man or a woman.

People who are especially mad about their skin’s flawlessness have discovered at least one of the brand’s iconic serums or products.

These people have thus incorporated The Ordinary into their routine and made the brand a success.

The craziest part about the brand is how affordable the items are and thus almost every person, whether or not they are a beauty influencer or Instagram blogger can afford it and use it!

About the Brand The Ordinary

The brand was founded by Brandon Truaxe in the year 2016. The company is originally based in Toronto, Canada. It is popularly known for its clinical formulations that are made with quality.

The company claims that all these products are made from ingredients that are one hundred percent vegan and are cruelty-free.

All of the serums and other items are made without parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, animal oils, tar, coal, mercury, dyes, oxybenzone, and formaldehyde.

People are all in for ingredients that are backed by scientific proof and thus do the work.

What better way can there be if such items are even available at reasonable price ranges? People are all in for skincare items that are practical and affordable at the same time.

Is The Ordinary A Quality Brand?

The Ordinary is best known for its anti-aging serums and other products. The items are critically acclaimed and thus have received a lot of praise even from dermatologists all around the world.

Majorly, their skincare lineup has products that are effective against wrinkles and other early signs of aging.

Some serums work by hydrating the skin and thus provide essential nutrients that are necessary for your skin to stay active and healthy.

How Does The Ordinary’s Products Work?

The effective serums against aging and wrinkles work significantly by the ingredients that are incorporated cleverly into them.

Active ingredients like antioxidants, peptides, alpha-hydroxy-acids, and many other tightening ingredients are well blended into the products.

All of these ingredients work by making the skin more firm and restoring the damages done to the skin by pollutants and harmful chemicals.

What are Some of the Key Ingredients in the Serums?

When it comes down to breaking each element that makes up the serum, it is quite easy to navigate through them and discover the secrets to flawless skin. Let’s see what some of these ingredients are!


Retinol is made from Vitamin A and it is found in majorly many serums and products from The Ordinary. As we all know that Vitamin A is a great antioxidant, and so it helps restore damage to your skin.

The Ordinary Retinol 0.2%, 0.5%, and 1% in Squalane also help the skin by being a great anti-aging element and thus is a potent ingredient to be incorporated into The Ordinary retinol range.

Vitamin C

This ingredient is a holy grail element that you can include in your skincare regime.

Vitamin C stimulates the generation of elastin and collagen, both of which help conserve the skin’s plumpiness and firmness.

Vitamin C has also been proven to aid in preventing early signs of aging.

Thus The Ordinary Vitamin C can help you achieve a flawless look by reducing any early wrinkles or dullness on your skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are very useful in improving skin texture. They are also helpful in fading out dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and reducing the visible indications of aging.

AHAs work as a great skin exfoliant and thus The Ordinary AHA solution serum is a great fit for your everyday skincare routine.

Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs)

Beta Hydroxy Acids also work by improving the texture of your skin. Other than that BHAs help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

One of the major examples of BHAs includes salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is primarily helpful in fighting acne scars.

Why is The Ordinary Company so Cheap?

When the founder Brandon Truaxe of The Ordinary brand discovered that skincare products are marketed at a much higher price than the raw ingredients found in them, he immediately had the idea of formulating products that not only fit the budget but also help in providing the necessary benefits.

The founder has explained over the years that when such effective elements are incorporated into a serum, the product does not have to be so expensive because the raw ingredient itself is cheap.

This means that a formulation that contains retinol for instance can be easily bought for under $10 because the science behind retinol is not new. It was just undiscovered in the market.

But now, every other cosmetic brand in the market knows the importance of retinol in skincare and so each company has its price range set.

Secondly, The Ordinary keeps its ingredients list concise, so instead of adding fillers in their serums to make their shelf-life stable, they prefer to add higher concentrations of effective ingredients in their products.

This is a major reason they have managed to keep their prices low.

Is The Ordinary Safe to Use?

As far as their serums are concerned, they are safe to use.

But if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you should check the list of ingredients and even consult with your dermatologist before starting a new product.

There is a possibility that if you have skin sensitivity to any one of the ingredients, you might develop a rash on your skin.

Other than that, the serums are safe to use and have no major side effects.

Some people prefer cream products over serums, thus they might not find most of the formulations to their liking.

But as far as the composition of the serums is concerned, they are worth a try and are recommended by a lot of skincare enthusiasts.



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