We all remember the famous half tuck from the late 80s and nineties in which it first became popular and was accepted in formal wear. 

The trend became a wildfire in streets and offices alike and people accepted it, as the craze for a casual, laid back look raged on.

The illusion of a slimmer waist, and the need to escape from the rigid, uncomfortable office wear, was all offered in the raging trend of the front tuck, which could be adopted in various ways.

However, the question is… Did it ever really go away?

Is The Front Tuck Still In Style In 2022?

The half tuck definitely slipped away for a while, but never truly.

Mainly because it inspired a new way of carrying your casual and formal outfit, the vibe of which could change with a simple tuck of the shirt.

Hold your horses, when we say that not every front tuck is for everyone.

Yes, there are a variety of ways in which the tuck can be incorporated in your everyday look.

However, it is important to know which one suits you and your outfit best and make sure you are doing it properly.

The french tuck, half tuck, full tuck is definitely back in 2022 with more popularity than ever before, so be ready for it because the trend never goes slow.

Allow us to introduce…

The French Tuck 

This simple tuck is called the “french tuck” and sorry to break it to you, but it’s not actually french.

The person who is supposedly held responsible for initiating the trend, Tan France confessed that the trend was inspired by a look he saw in a fashion show a few years ago. 

Later, he decided to use it during a photoshoot of his collection and named it french cut. 

To perfect the art of an ideal french tuck, you simply tuck in the front half of your shirt in your jeans and leave the rest out of it. 

This trend works best on looser-fitting shirts, with tight-fitting, skinny jeans. However, you can also follow the trend with t-shirts and sweaters where a bigger size is preferred.

Side Tuck

This tuck works best with t-shirts, sweaters, and basically tops with defined hemlines to add the intentional, not so intentional look. 

For this particular tuck, you take the part of your shirt away from the middle, (a smaller portion than what you would for a french tuck) and tuck it into your jeans or pants or whatever trousers you are wearing.

You can even try this with other styles of jeans like mom or dad jeans with extra flair and looser fittings.

The Serious Front Tuck

So the talk of the town, the buzz of the city and the world’s number.1 trending fashion news highlight, all condenses down to this masterpiece. 

Ok, that might be exaggerating it just a tiny bit, but this trend is seriously what you need to take your front tuck game to the next level. 

This not only slims down your tummy (not implying that you have a big one) but also gives you a professional look, if you are looking for it, and reminds onlookers who is boss.

For the ultimate front tuck, take the whole front hem of your shirt and tuck it into your pants.

How much of the shirt you decide to tuck in depends on you. 

This style would go well with any type of shirt and pants, however, this particular style is reserved for only women, so guys beware.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Front Tuck Shirt Guys

Should guys front tuck their shirts? Or is it a privilege reserved, just for women? The million dollar question, isn’t it?

Well, the answer could be seen in the form of your favorite celebrities completely slaying the look in different styles. 

These include Ryan Gosling and David Beckham who sported smart casual looks as well as edgy looks while following the trend. 

Take a leaf out of their books and use it in your style guide to help you tuck in your shirt just as elegantly. 


So one way to go about it, is that you can add layers.

Grab your button up shirt and your favorite tee, and mix the two together in a deadly combo. 

Make sure your tee is completely tucked into your jeans, along with half-front of the shirt you are wearing on top.

You can wear the shirt on top with more tied up buttons or more deeply unbuttoned, really depends on the vibe you are trying to capture.

Side Tuck With A Tee

The other one doesn’t require a shirt on top or a button up shirt at all, but still makes you look effortlessly classy.

Grab a half sleeve tee and try a side tuck. 

Opt for a hoodie and you are free to try it with a full sleeve tee and sweaters in colder weather. Pair your elegant side tuck with chinos or jeans, or even khakis to go about your day.

Full Tuck

By the way, the tuck trend isn’t just reserved for a front or french tuck.

The full tuck seems to be pretty in right now and helps you capture the preppy vibe. Many celebrities are sporting this trend and you should too.


Whether or not to tuck in your shirt mainly depends on the outfit you are wearing, also the fact that you’re a man or a woman.

There are some tuck-in styles that are reserved just for men, like the full-tuck. And, then there are some that are reserved just for women, like the whole front tuck.

A trend that has traveled down the 80s and 90s and seems to be part of the major fashion trends during 2022. 

If you were by any chance missing the trend, then here’s the good news you were looking for. However, if you were born too late then right now is the best time to seize this opportunity and find a half tuck that suits you.