When in search of the most iconic surfboard brand that has pioneered generations of progression and innovation, many companies ring a bell.

But is quicksilver among them? Here are our thoughts:

About Quicksilver

Quiksilver has become a recognized youth lifestyle brand in the action sports market.

The company produces surfboards and sports apparel for men and women, which can be found across many different countries with diverse materials like prints or designs to match any taste imaginable through their ever-changing array of products at affordable prices!

History of Quicksilver:

Quicksilver was founded in 1969 by Alan Green along with John Law to make a living in Torquay.

It was originally located in Torquay, Australia but is now headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. It was originally a surfboard company but they soon expanded into making clothing for surfing as well.

Quiksilver was the go-to brand for those who wanted to represent California surf culture.

Its T-shirts and hoodies were in high demand, with customers willing to pay a premium on them because they reminded them of their favorite past times during summer break at school!

Quiksilver clothing apparel was named after an ancient alchemical term that refers to the process of turning base metals into gold. The company’s goal was to turn good fabric into extraordinary products with their name being appropriate for the company.

What Is The Quiksilver Brand Known For?

Quiksilver has been a leader in the sports performance and lifestyle clothing categories for over 50 years.

They’re renowned across many different sporting disciplines, especially ones that involve orienteering or skateboarding – but they also have strong roots with surfers too!

It is one of the world’s largest surfwear and other boardsport-related equipment manufacturers.

Where does Quicksilver stand now?

Quiksilver filed for bankruptcy in 2015 but was bought by Boardriders, Inc. in 2017 and is now back on track!

Boardriders is the world’s leading outdoor sports lifestyle company, designing and producing branded apparel and sports equipment for surf, skate, and snowboarding for young people who connect with their board riding culture.

The company also has competitive expertise in both winter seasons (snowboarding) and summer golfing which it conveys through its accessory brands.

The focus is still on providing excellent clothing for those who love surfing, skating, and snowboarding.

Is Quicksilver environmentally friendly?

As a consumer, you are entitled to know how production practices impact the planet and this includes things like human rights violations or worker health & safety standards.

However, Quicksilver is a huge disappointment in this regard.

The clothing brand has a very poor environment rating because it does not publish sufficient information about its environmental policies to give them higher marks.


What kind of brand is Quicksilver?

It is known as the premium brand in action sports. They have an approach that’s both fast and fun, with fashion being supported by their involvement lifestyle-wise.

Quiksilver is an iconic brand that has been around since the early days of surfing.

They make clothes for both men and women, with styles like board shorts or rashguard tops to more formal options such as shirts with funky styles, for both summers and winters.

Their apparel is made with the intent to accommodate mountain and ocean enthusiasts all around the world.

Is Quiksilver still cool?

The brand is still going strong today under the name of Boardriders Inc, with a wide variety of stylish clothing options for both men and women.

Over the past years, they have expanded their product offerings to include more than just boardshorts and rashguards.

You can now find everything from formal wear to everyday casual clothes bearing the Quiksilver logo. The Company has also launched several successful collaborations with other companies, such as Roxy and DC Shoes.

This has helped to solidify their place as a top choice for those who are looking for high-quality, stylish clothing.

Is Quicksilver a snowboard brand?

Quiksilver is more than just a surf brand. They have been known to venture into other outdoor sports like mountain climbing and snowboarding, which has made them one of the top brands in their industry

Quiksilver is a brand that believes in adventure, and its clothes reflect it.

The Quiksilver line of apparel has been created to provide outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality gear for all sorts of adventures from surfing on the coastlines or hiking through mountains – they’re not just limited by what’s near water!

So Is Quicksilver a Good Brand?

Overall, Quiksilver is a good brand. They have a long history in the action sports industry and are known for their high-quality clothing.

While they have faced some challenges in recent years, they seem to be back on track and continue to produce stylish clothing options for both men and women.

If you’re looking for a brand that reflects your adventurous lifestyle, you can check out their website.



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