Nike has undoubtedly made a name for itself in the sneakers market over the years.

This would never have been possible, wasn’t it for the service, quality, and customer assurance they always stood for.

These definitely are some of the traits that make Nike one of the best options to opt for.

This Adidas rival has been around for a while and it’s pretty familiar with the nitty-gritty of how the business is established and what it takes to deliver the quality.

This single trait has led Nike to serve not only in its native country. It has now expanded to more than 170 countries across the globe.

Nike has invested a great deal in building itself as a brand. Standing against one of the tycoons in the sports industry – Adidas, it never would have been a walk in the park to develop itself despite the continuous efforts on its competitors’ end to bulldoze its identity.

Specifically, the domain that did flourish exponentially is the shoes and Nike does it so well in branding its hot-selling items.

But, for many out there, a source of concern is to find out if Nike is a luxury brand and that’s the sole purpose our article serves.

On our end, we’ve had the opportunity to conduct profound research into it to bring out the factors, uncover them and present them before you, backed by our analysis.

So, we can make it easy for you to determine the “Luxury” status of Nike.

Nike’s Exclusivity

The very first element that we believe insinuates a soul into a dead brand is its exclusivity.

It’s something that makes its audience feel unique and special.

The aura it creates leaves its mark. And the swoosh logo does the job incredibly well.

Hardly would anybody be unaware of the swoosh logo because Nike has done it so well in getting its core message across.

You wanna test it out? Order a pair of a sneaker with a swoosh logo emblazoned. You’ll experience the vibe yourself.

It’s surreal and you better give it a shot if you’ve not already!

It’s not just we advocating the exclusivity of the brand but millions of people who’ve tried it over and over again and developed this opinion with repetitive usage.


Price is another pertinent element determining the luxury status of the brand. Although, it’s not just the only factor we can base our argument on.

It’s because sometimes people simply walk away. After all, they don’t get value for their money. You gotta bring them value, make them feel special and then ask for money. Nike takes this into account really well.

Nike has got its premium price strategies in place where customers pay higher than the regular prices or the prices set by its competitors to earn a swoosh over their pair of shoes.

This implies how people are into it. This vouches for the brands’ significance and acceptability among the masses.

Nike is expensive, but yes, it’s a value for money. The contentment and the vibe it brings are worth every single penny.

Masses’ take over Nike

Nike can’t be judged based on the reviews online. Let us elaborate on why that is. It’s because Nike operates as a parent brand where it supplies its items to retailers across the globe.

So, when there’s a mistake or a blunder on that particular retailer’s end, this ends up gaining bad reviews for Nike. We gotta embrace the fact that Nike does lack in governance and that’s the reason 70 percent of the people on Trustpilot rated it poor for multiple reasons.

Many were unhappy with the limited editions Nike sells.

It’s just there to establish a demand for the product, Nike adopts a strategy where it limits its product, thus inducing a hike in price.

This, to many, sounds absurd and that’s one of the prominent reasons why people rated it poorly.

On Nike’s part, it’s absolutely legit because tech brands employ the same technique to create demand and limit the supply. When Nike does, it gets terrible reviews.

Whether it’s good or bad is a separate debate and we’re not going into it.

Gist: In a nutshell, if we were to summarize the discussion documented above – Nike is a luxury brand for the exclusivity it has had, the value it provides, and the price it has maintained. Yes! There have been issues with the reviews, but those primarily are so due to the negligence on the retailers’ end.

Where is Nike made?

Nike isn’t entitled to just one specific country. Instead, it has expanded worldwide, with many countries holding a proportion of its manufacturing industry.

For now, China and Vietnam lead the manufacturing zone, where they produce 36 percent of the total quantity produced worldwide.

China has always been a hub of fate-changers and so is it in the case of Nike. Indonesia, too, is in the race by providing 22% of the total demand for Nike across the world. Thailand contributes around 6 percent to the entire world demand.

As said earlier, Nike is governing the brands and it’s more of a company parenting its retailers where it’s employed to provide its supplies to the retail shops; later on, these retailers sell them over to the end customer.

The quality is preserved by the company, where the instructions are passed over to the intermediaries.

Is Nike an Expensive Brand?

Nike is an expensive brand, and it’s one of the core principles on which it relies.

Nike believes in creating demand by limiting the supply of its products which basically means the items that today you see on the shelves would no more be there a year later because Nike cuts its supply. This is the reason why the prices soar.

This technique is intentionally adopted to infuse value into the brand’s name.

Although many customers don’t support this idea because it does hurt them when they fall a month short of their favorite sneaker and it’s already out of the market.

But, it helps in value retention and this is the prime reason why Nike is expensive compared to other sneakers in the industry.



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