Our world is a beautiful place. Many people go on long trips each year to explore the exciting nature and seek peace in the woods, mountains, and even the sea.

But nature is also unpredictable, and we need to be ready for an unprecedented situation.

When planning an excursion to the unknown, you need to be completely geared up with all the necessary supplies.

So, equipment from a brand that can last in harsh environments is needed.

You need a reliable shop that is involved with the retail of sturdy and high-quality products. Allow us to introduce you to Jack Wolfskin.

Jack Wolfskin is a brand known well across Europe for manufacturing durable and long-lasting jackets, pants, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, and even footwear, particularly for outdoor activities.

However, is the price range of the brand fitting for a trip that won’t burn a hole through your wallet? If yes, is the quality of the products up to par with the standards laid down by luxury brands?

In this article, we will try to answer these questions and conclude if Jack Wolfskin is up for the job.

About Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin came into being in 1981 in Frankfurt. It was founded by Ulrich Dausien.

It is a German-based brand that is not only popular in Germany and Europe but has also been gaining popularity worldwide.

The brand provides equipment and apparel suited for outdoor activities.

Some may think that, like many large and reputed firms, this label has also achieved its quality control goals at the expense of the planet’s sustainability.

However, this brand puts social responsibility and sustainability above all else.

They are actively involved in environmental protection, ensuring that any products they manufacture fall in line with the sustainability standards outlined by environmentalists.

Is Jack Wolfskin A Luxury Brand?

While Jack Wolfskin might not be a luxury brand, it is still very fashionable, and all its products are deemed as “super chic” and “classy” by Gen-Z consumers.

It is famous across Europe and Asia, but not many people know about the brand in America.

If you’re living in the countryside or in an area surrounded by wilderness, then your fashion sense will best shine with this brand.

However, its intended purpose is outdoor apparel that appeals mainly to hikers and mountaineers.

The products at Jack Wolfskin are also affordable.

A jacket costs around $200-250 depending on the material used. The price range may vary around this segment.

What Kind Of Brand Is Jack Wolfskin?

“A brand of high-quality equipment for living in nature”

Jack Wolfskin is the brand for adventurers. It is a brand for people who want to discover the vivid outdoors.

The brand makes its own apparel and even equipment.

Equipment includes jackets, sleeping bags, hiking pants, and even tents.

They also manufacture footwear for hiking, running, and even waterproof shoes.

The thing with Jack Wolfskin is that it is not exclusive to just outdoor wear.

It can be worn on a daily basis as a fashion statement or just to protect oneself from harsh weather conditions.

Recently, they have included products for women and kids too.

The main material used in Jack Wolfskin’s products is Polyester.

But unlike many other brands, it is made from recycling and thus reduces the strain on our environment.

For the feasibility of the user, Dausien and his team came up with the idea of the Air Control System (ACS) backpack technology.

The ingenious thing about his system is that it improves the air circulation between the back of the user and the backpack, thus reducing excessive heat.

The brand uses Texapore fabric technology which makes their products waterproof and windproof.

It also reduces the heat produced inside the material, which makes it breathable and non-suffocating. The fabric is soft and lightweight.

The mission or aim of this brand is sustainability.

They do this by using recycled raw materials and PFC-free manufacturing.

PFCs are compounds that pollute the environment. They don’t break down into smaller components when liberated.

Is Jack Wolfskin A German Company?

Jack Wolfskin was founded in 1981 in Frankfurt, Germany. The company started with an aim to provide more people the chance to experience nature.

They opened their first store in 1993 in Heidelberg. This time they have over 500 stores with 1400 employees all over the world.

Their paw print logo is the symbol of their loyalty to their customers and pure German engineering.

Is Jack Wolfskin Good For Winter?

Jack Wolfskin has a variety of jackets to suit every condition. They make high-quality and versatile jackets.

A plus point on the brand’s part is that its manufacturers are always on-the-go to make revolutionary products. They always try to incorporate new technologies into their attire.

The brand believes in reinventing comfort. They want to facilitate their customers in the best way. They have many jackets that are good for winter.

The Polyamide Texapore technology provides superior weather protection. The inner layer of their jackets is also warm.


Jack Wolfskin is a relatively new brand in the United States, but it’s famous in Europe.

The brand itself creates durable and sturdy products that fit the description of outdoor wear.

The brand is still a good choice if you’re looking for a wilderness-based European aesthetic wardrobe.



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