Elizabeth and Clarke is a New York-based clothing line that provides a quarterly subscription box to the ones who have subscribed for it.

They are a women’s fashion label that designs everyday wear for women of all sizes. The size charts range from 00 to 18.

The label only used to sell tops and shirts, but they progressed later to include more trendy apparel items.

They have created a reputable image among the working women who deal with the hassle of buying new office outfits now and then.

All their designs are customized in-house. The brand launches new apparel styles for each season, so customers always have the option to choose from a variety of different styles.

This article reviews the brand Elizabeth and Clarke in more detail. Continue reading to learn more.

About the Company’s Idea

You can choose your favorite or preferred top or let the brand Elizabeth and Clarke decide it for you. Most of the tops feature the Unstainable technology offered by the company.

They have made an impact in the fashion world by creating tops that are stain-proof. That is what sets them apart from all the other subscription companies in the market.

The brand Elizabeth and Clarke created this unstainable technology in 6 months. They developed a fabric that cannot catch stains and can repel them at a molecular level.

This idea is unique and different from the regular clothes available in the market.

The Stain-Proof Technology

The idea behind the design is that the tiny fibers that are incorporated into the fabric prevent water and any other kind of liquid from seeping into the cloth.

Thus the fibers create some sort of a barrier.

This idea is tried and tested, and even though the fibers are uniquely made, they still have the same softness that you would desire in any piece of clothing you wear daily.

The company had already launched a casual line of clothing and tops that were made from this strain-proof technology.

Now, they have even launched a Work Collection with the same technology.

Being a former investment banker herself, founder and CEO Melaine Moore of Elizabeth and Clarke knew the struggle that goes behind getting dressed each day for work.

She knew the clothes had to be stylish yet professional so that they were best suited for a male-dominant workspace.

Initial Launches by Elizabeth and Clarke

Adding to this Unstainable technology idea, the founder and CEO Melaine Moore further stated that the first lineup of clothes they launched was cubicle-type outfits.

The designs that were launched first in this category were four pieces of black clothing.

One of them was a black pencil skirt. The other items were a black blazer, a black dress, and a pair of black trousers.

The reason for launching an all-black cubicle-oriented outfit was that black is the ultimate color that is liked by all. And it is also the color that can conceal most of the stains.

However, the stains that are not dark in color can not be hidden by the black color. This made the black color strategy useless.

Here, the company’s stain-repelling technology comes into action.

Sweat-Proof Technology

Other than the fibers of the fabric being super repellent of the liquids, the middle layer of the garments is capable of absorbing sweat and perspiration.

This is done via a central layer. This layer is added in between the outer garment and the inner lining of the clothing.

This middle layer serves as the second technology for the outfit that is known as sweat-proof.

Any sweat or perspiration that is absorbed in this central layer eventually evaporates without leaving any stain or smell behind.

Initially, the company started with a banger product, the first article from the Unstainable technology series, a white shirt.

This initial launch was a super hit. The company took off very well after this. And soon, Moore started to release new limited designs every season.

Women are the Main Target Audience

Moore’s main goal was to help the working woman, and so all the clothing she has launched has tried to overcome the basic problems that women face with their outfits.

Problems such as shallow or no pockets, buttons on a shirt with gaps so big, and difficult to wash fabrics.

She targeted all of these key problems and solved them all, article by article, and created an easy yet fancy clothing line for women.

Currently, the brand sells its products via a subscription box quarterly. Moore aims at introducing a biannual idea for the workwear collection.

If you do not wish to subscribe to the box, you can buy the items as one-offs.

Elizabeth & Clarke’s Negative Reviews

Apart from receiving all the praises from its loyal customers, the label has also received a lot of backlash in terms of its return policies and subscription cancellation fiasco.

People at various review sites claim the company has failed to either be responsive or stay true to its return policies.

Often, the company has failed to reply to the customers. Thus, the clients have ended up with a loss of money.

You can check out their collection on their website and read further reviews from clients on various online sites to make up your mind before you place an order.



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