Versace is a high-end designer brand that was founded in the city which is known for its fashion industry i.e. Milan.

Versace is a famous luxury brand that sells high-quality designer clothes, shoes, watches, eyewear, accessories, and home decor.

Versace has more than 200 boutiques and over 1500 boutiques all around the world.

If you are planning to buy any jewelry piece from Versace you must be worried about the tarnishing of their jewelry.

But don’t worry we’ve covered this topic extensively in this article.

Versace’s Jewelry 

When it comes to pairing high-end outfits with any piece of jewelry, instantly Versace’s jewelry comes to mind because designer jewelry of Versace is high-end and luxurious. 

Versace has jewelry for both men and women. Most of Versace’s jewelry is fashion jewelry. 

Fashion jewelry is mostly made with less expensive metals and is not made of valuable metals like gold or silver.

In most cases, the base of the fashion jewelry is made of brass and then it is plated with gold or any other valuable metal.

On their website, Versace has mentioned the material used to manufacture their jewelry pieces in the details section of all of their jewelry pieces.

Most of the jewelry pieces of Versace’s fashion jewelry are made with brass and are finished with Versace’s gold.

This means that they are not completely made of gold or any other valuable metal.

Versace also has some pieces of fine jewelry in their stores.

This fine jewelry is mostly made with gold or silver and has diamonds to add extra luxury to these jewelry pieces.

For women, Versace has earrings, hairpins, brooches, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, and rings in their collection of Fashion jewelry.

For men, Versace has bracelets, chains/necklaces, rings, earrings, ear cuffs, etc.

Does Versace Jewelry Tarnish?

Now coming to the main part of the article, does Versace jewelry tarnish over time?

Yes, the fashion jewelry of Versace tarnishes over time as it’s made of brass and coated with gold.

As we mentioned above, most of the jewelry sold by Versace is fashion jewelry. 

Most fashion jewelry is used for decorative purposes or is used to enhance the look of the outfits, which is why fashion jewelry is not made with highly expensive metals such as gold or silver.

When you look at the details of Versace’s jewelry, you’ll notice that most of their fashion jewelry is made of brass metal and is finished with Versace’s gold.

Brass jewelry is known to tarnish over time. However, if someone takes proper care of the jewelry and makes sure that their jewelry does not touch water or perfume, it may last longer.

In fact, it’s mentioned in the details of its fashion jewelry pieces that it should not be used in water or perfume as they may damage the product. 

The fine jewelry of Versace takes a much longer time to tarnish than fashion jewelry. However fine jewelry is expensive compared to fashion jewelry.


Although Versace’s fashion jewelry is highly-priced and is made of high-quality material, it tarnishes over time. 

Most fashion jewelry of Versace is made of brass and coated with gold. Brass jewelry tends to tarnish naturally over time. Hence we can conclude that Versace’s jewelry tarnishes over time.

But if you take proper care of the jewelry and do not expose it to water or perfume, then it may last longer.