If there is one department store everyone in the United States knows and trusts, it’s Macy’s. The store with its iconic red star was started by Rowland Hussey Macy in 1858.

Before Macy’s, Hussey opened four retail dry goods stores that flopped miserably. Despite the loss, Hussey did not give up. Now with more experience than before, he moved to New York and opened up a store-  “R. H. Macy & Co.” on Sixth Avenue.

On the very first day, the store made 11.08 US dollars which is equal to 300 US dollars in today’s world. From that day onwards, Macy’s continued to grow thanks to its marketing strategies.

Today, Macy’s sells a wide variety of high-quality products like clothes, shoes, perfumes, furniture, home accessories, and jewelry. Shopping from the store is considered a status symbol, and only those who earn well can afford to shop at Macy’s regularly.

While the store has an exceptional reputation, people wish to know whether its jewelry is worth buying or does it tarnish like many local brands. 

Macy’s jewelry section sells everything from gold plated and gold vermeil to genuine gold, diamonds, and gemstones.

Since fashion jewelry is inexpensive, it usually contains cheap metals that tarnish fast. To see how good Macy’s fashion jewelry is, we went through the reviews available on their website and discovered that the store doesn’t differ from others in this department.

Many women in the review section of each article were disappointed with the quality of the jewelry they received.

Macy’s Zirconia Halo Solitaire Ring worth 55 US dollars had reviews claiming that the ring tarnishes pretty fast. One woman said that the ring turned her finger green on the very first day, while another contended that although the article was stunning, it started losing its silver-tone within a week.

Double Halo Crystal Center Ring also had similar reviews. One woman wrote that the silver of the ring started to wear off within four hours of wearing, and the ugly copper tones started to show. Another woman made the same remarks, but in her case, the ring started losing its colors after four weeks.

This gives us a clear idea that Macy’s fashion jewelry tarnishes pretty fast, and you should only buy after reading the reviews.

Now let’s talk about the store’s gold and diamond jewelry. Macy’s makes jewelry with 24k, 18k, 14k, and 10k gold. 

The 14k Yellow Gold Ball Stud Earrings worth 250 US dollars disappointed buyers with poor quality. While many buyers talked about the stem of earring breaking off, one woman complained about them losing their gold colors and chipping within four weeks.

Rope Love Knot Stud Earrings in 14k worth 660 US dollars had a similar review where the buyer accused Macy’s of spray painting rose gold color and having discoloration.

Bold Hoop Earrings worth 1000 US dollars had disappointing reviews as well. One would expect such expensive earrings to hold their color, but unfortunately, various buyers complained about them tarnishing.

So the conclusion is that, be it Macy’s gold jewelry or fashion jewelry, it tarnishes. We would recommend you to check the reviews extensively before purchasing at Macy’s.