Right footwear infuses a soul into your overall outfit. The right choice at the right time is what makes the difference.

The market is flooded with options that constantly are at your disposal, and it takes a click to select a product.

Sounds easy? It isn’t because a trivial thing on your end may ruin your fun element altogether for the event you’re buying shoes for. 

There’s a long list of brands available online for you to choose from, but being a human, it’s our instinct to keep tryin’ new stuff.

The most alarming concern wailing over is the proper match and it has got to resonate with your personality for real. 

If you’re interested in giving Demonias a shot and concerned about the size.

You’re right on the spot because here in this guide, we’ll brief you on how size-efficient Demonias is and what size you should be going for. 

Before we dive straight in, let us share our two cents on the history of Demonias,

Based in California, the brand took off in 1993 humbly and since then, it never has looked back.

Its ultimate aim is to provide its customers with affordable footwear. 

Abnormally long shoes kill the vibe and we don’t want you to linger over, cursing the brand for your loss. 

Well, we can’t individually take everyone on board and record their experience; it’s impractical.

So, the approach we went with was to skim through the reviews posted by the people who gave it a shot and see if it’s actually small or not. 

E-commerce websites are open platforms where the masses record their opinion on a certain product. 

As far as the sizing of Demonias is concerned, it doesn’t run small. 

This gives birth to a number of other questions. Like if it isn’t small, is it big? Is it true to size? 

These questions will be dealt with down here in this guide and we’ll try to convey how you should be proceeding from now on! 

Please stick with us!

Disclaimer: We’re not in any way associated with any brand. We’re not biased and our only motive is to present a detailed analysis of the product. Our plan is to make valid information accessible to anyone in need. It’s free of bias, prejudice, and pressure. We’re not affiliated or receive any cash if you buy from the brand or not. We believe in a pure analysis and a depiction of valid information gleaned from legit sources. 

What size should I buy at Demonias?

Now, you’re clear on one point, and it’s that the Demonias don’t run small. The next question that instantly pops up in one’s mind is, if not small, then? 

Let us clarify; there’s a chart for you to check out. 

There’s a table displaying sizes in inches and cm on the chart, and numbers are kept corresponding to the actual size. 

So, you don’t have to fuss over and complain if your pair of shoes don’t fit you. It’s because you didn’t put in the effort to check out your size from the Size Chart.

If you had, you would have done yourself a favor. It’s because you would have saved yourself from the hassle of returning the product and then waiting for the new one to arrive. 

That’s the reason the best solution that we would recommend you is to read out the chart and match your size, and then act according. 

How do you get Demonias to fit?

The real problem comes down to getting Demonias to fit. Now, the situation may vary in your case depending on your body type.

Suppose if you’re a lean guy, your foot size would be different than if you were bulky. 

We’ve made ourselves certain on one point after having ourselves read the reviews of people.

It’s that there’s no one size fits you all. It certainly will be a hit and trial initially for you to test things out. There’s no other way to find your actual size other than this. 

But based on our research, we’ve another suggestion to cater to this situation. 

For an average guy, we found Demonias to be big. So, if you’re a guy who typically orders size six or size 8, you should go a number down or cut it by half. This will serve your purpose.

But if you’re a bulky guy with a wider foot, you should order the exact size you usually wear because the breadth would then cover the space. 

This merely is a suggestion and if neither of the techniques works for you, you’ve got to return the product and find your size; as said earlier, by hit and trial method. 

A couple of tries is all it’ll take to determine your true size at Demonias. But you have to be proactive in this approach else you may miss the event you’re buying it for. 

Are Demonias in US sizes?

Originally, Demonias is a US-based brand, so all the sizes labeled by the brand are in US sizes.

But if you’re someone with plans to buy Demonias living elsewhere, you’re not supposed to worry over this because Demonias has got you covered.

There’s a conversion chart available on their official website and you can easily project which size range you fall in compared with the US sizes. 

Go with whatever suits you!

How long does Demonias last?

Those who’ve had pair of shoes from Demonias have had them for a long. We were stunned reading the reviews when we found people stating that they even had them for five years straight. And still, it’s been in reasonable condition. 

Demonias is comparatively cheaper when compared with other footwear brands in the USA. But, the longevity they’ve had for people is an incredible feature. 

Some found them to be too rugged and old-school, but given this price range, it’s all good. 




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