In today’s era of ‘anything goes’ and ‘freedom of willful dressing’, it has become increasingly difficult to dress in a unique and outlandish way; while also retaining that feeling of how the outfit best reflects your personality and the way of living.

It is at times like these when the value of alternative clothing emerges and even outshines all mainstream clothing brands in certain areas.

Cuz the thing is, no matter what era it is, there’s always this group of eccentric people who prefer uniqueness and peculiarity over what’s trending.

For those people, mainstream clothing is but an endless river of opinions that other people dictate as ‘cool’, ‘trendy’, and ‘desirable’.

Rather than listening to what the big brands, celebrities, and major influencers deem as ‘must-wear-outfits’, the odd people mentioned above chose the opposite route.

They politely display their middle-finger to the never-ending list of mainstream clothing brands and opt for a more satisfying and timeless approach to dressing.

Such is the way of alternative clothing; where each individual is free to thoroughly express themselves by means of their clothing; learns to break the shackles of time and trend; and display their brilliance to the world in ways unique and never seen before.


Mordhaus perfectly suits the need of all-hail-everything-black type of fashion geeks. I’ll be shocked beyond comparison just in case a couple rainbow dresses mistakenly make their way into Mordhaus’s shop.

This gothic alternative brand has long since been dedicated to dark, darker and even darker clothing styles.

Occult & Black Metal, Dieselpunk and Stealpunk, Dystopian, Hipster and Dark Boho Witch are some of Mordhaus’s much favored styles.

Gotta admit, their shop reminds me of the freaking graveyard! A scary yet cool graveyard I might add.

Gentlemen In Real Life

Jason Butler kick-started his own gentleman’s brand; after becoming fed up being featured as the straw man for badass punk styles.

Gentlemen in Real Life has a firm grasp on the glossy handle.

Whether it be sparkly wrist watches, western hats or any other accessories, this brand never fails to dress you up as smart and sophisticated.


Tripp N.Y.C still reserves its title as the most well-known brand in the alternative fashion industry.

And they pretty much deserve that label as well. Cuz the thing is, not many people had the guts to get dressed in freakish alternative nothing back in the day.

It was in those days that Daang Goodman’s Tripps N.Y.C shook the fashion industry with their sometimes bizarre and hilarious yet also cool down to it’s L type of clothes.

Ever since then, never has there been a rockman, a punk or gothic kid who hasn’t shared his love of Tripps with the rest of the world.

Tripps’ Denim Bondage Pants, Devil Jeans and Power Chain Pants are a major hit among its wide range of customers.

Other than these, there’s a wide range of Lolita Shrugs & Dresses available on site for sale as well.


Club Exx has a thing for winding up the atmosphere with enthusiastic and cheery vibes.

Their apparel especially fits the needs of rave-loving customers; in a way that’s as flamboyant as is humanly possible.

The brand has tons of eye-catching, fetish-provoking t-shirts, along with unique holographic gear and innumerable bra tops.

All in all, Club Exx isn’t into being low key or something. Stealing the limelight in insanely overbearing ways is what Club Rxx enthusiasts are best at.

Club Exx’s Holographic Metamorphic Boots, Pixie Playa Dreamin’ Butterfly Top and Star of the Show Pleated Mini-skirt are a handful of ClubExx specials.

Banned Apparel

The fashion industry has experienced a stark sense of evolution since the past whole century. Major trends kept vanishing just as soon as they came in.

However, even today, plenty of customers are still mesmerized by the classy and vintage outfits from back around the 50s or something.

Don’t you think there should be a brand designated to cater specifically to such customers’ demands? Yes, there should be and yup, there is!

Banned Apparel is one such brand; designed especially to bestow you with that conservative and classy look.

One of their plus points is the sensual and figure-caressing dresses, ones that tend to highlight all your curves and valleys in a way that screams for attention!

Banned’s True Heart Fit and Flare Dress, Crystal Air Cable Knit Cardigan in Charcoal, and their Polka Love 50s Skirt are prized possessions among fans of past-era clothing.

Their Dead Souls Leggings and Give You the Creeps Handbag in Black & White are peculiar yet cool creations as well.


UNIF apparel falls into the category of those long-lasting clothing pieces; ones that may accompany you for an eternity!

What’s queer is that UNIF never picks a particular niche to pour all their efforts into. They’re more akin to a nomadic brand that often flows with the tide.

At times, they’re into selling urban wear.

Then comes the turn of ska and punk outfits. Finally, they may decide that ravers are their target customers after all.

Despite their quirks, UNIF is one of the most appreciated alternative brands in the West Coast; even in cases where the price tags may seem extraordinarily expensive.

Another attention-grabbing UNIF trait is their limited number of productions. Simply put, in case you do give UNIF clothing a chance, the chances of running into somebody else wearing the same threads as you is basically negligible.

UNIF’s Barely Sweater, Bean Skirt and Becca Platform are quite in-demand these days.

J Valentine

J Valentine shot up into the sky after the previous decade’s EDM culture boom. Since the beginning, J Valentine has been hyper focused in catering to the needs of rave-loving customers.

The most eye-catching thing about JV’s is their ultra-soft apparel that often displays you like a dancing teddy bear.

Then there’s times when your J Valentine costume seems barely-there, turning you into an eye candy for all passersby.

Regardless of what kinda JV outfit you’re wearing, one thing’s guaranteed. You’re destined to attract helluva a lot of eyes, filled with indescribable shock, appreciation and even a bit of envy.


Killstar has been banging the witchy-wear arena ever since its debut into the alternative clothing industry. The entire brand serves as the catalyst to help the Morticia Addams hidden within our hearts make a reappearance.

Their perfect combination of dark glamour combined with witchy, occultish vibes never fails to seduce hordes of witch house and goth attire customers.

Killstar’s Anti-Everything Zip Dress, Kreeper Choker [Ash Tartan], and Rosalyn Mini Skirt Plus are must-haves in case you want to ramp up that witch from the west look.

Dolls Kill

What do you call an excessively adorable yet at the same time sexy as hell accessory or any piece of clothing? Dolls Kill? Yup, you’re right on mark!

Dolls Kill’s pale-colored accessories along with a myriad of fluffy, cotton clothing pieces will surely transform you into a killing doll!

Candy Floss Live Platform Boots, Candy Make Me An Offer Mesh Button Down Dress and Saved by Rave Tutu Skirt are some of Dolls Kill’s masterpieces.

Vivienne Westwood

Whenever there’s a mention of alternative punk clothing, Vivienne Westwood is often the first name that pops up in our heads. And the attention is well-deserved of course.

It was only after the tireless efforts of Vivienne that punk fashion stands on the pedestal of desirable clothing these days. It was also her who advocated for tattoos to be considered as gorgeous and exquisite accessories.

All in all, it’s definitely not an exaggeration to call Vivienne Westwood the founder of punk clothing and style. Simply put, in case you’re craving for some punkish vibes, Vivienne Westwood is your go-to brand for sure.

Vivienne’s Rugged Zip Hoodie, Kate Corset Dress and Ezekiel Ring are definitely good representatives of the brand’s competitiveness and abilities in the fashion space.

Whatever 21

Whatever 21 is definitely a haute couture brand, one that’s apt to establish new trends and norms every now and then.

No matter what occasion it is, Whatever 21 guarantees to dress you up in shockingly eye-catching and strikingly bizarre dresses.

Yup, many of whatever 21 dresses are transcendent; with no words to describe me.

Feel free to call them whatever you want. Bizarre, urban, goth or whatever. Whether it be tattooed hoodies or acid-cleansed lingerie, Whatever 21’s alternative clothing is destined to glue neighboring eyes all on you.

Whatever 21’s I Wanna be Dead Too Hoodie, Tribal Swiish Long Sleeve Performance Tee and Psycho Smiley Mask have been stealing the hearts of customers from all over the world lately.

Sugar Thrillz

As the name suggests, this brand is all about pink, sugary stuff. Heck, scrolling past their list of products felt as if I’ve been trapped in a myriad cluster of rainbows.

So, in case you’re into barbies or something, Sugar Thrillz may as well be your long lost home.

Although the dresses there are a bit too pink to suit my taste, I guess that’s what it means to favor alternative clothing.

Not every other guy can understand your preferences and ideals right? Being unique has its own charm, always.

Sugar Thrillz’ Flirty Dress, Luv Me or Hate Me Pink Boots and their Lilac Shagadelic Weekender Purse have been experiencing a boom in sales lately.


iHeartRaves is your go-to store before dressing up for rave-nights. This brand has lately been killing it on social media with their insanely affordable and all-sizes-available slogans.

From extra small and tiny, all the way to freaking plus size, iHeartRaves has a thing for offering dresses that fit just right. Also, there’s a ton of iHeartRaves festival wear that helps you accommodate all those funky festival hacks from Google lately.

Retro Trip Daisy O-Ring Bikini Top, Recycled Fabric Malibu BB Cutout Crop Top and Hazy Holographic Ring Choker are some of iHeartRaves’ best-selling products.


One definitely had to accommodate Vans when addressing the most well-deserved alternative brands of the present era. The brand is rooted deeply in the skating community.

However, it’s not just the quality of the sneakers themselves that makes us fall in love with Vans.

Rather, it’s how the brand symbolizes the punk universe; where all those misunderstood kiddos learn to communicate their needs and desires in front of the whole world.

Vans’ Checkerboard Slip On Sneakers, Half Cab Core Classics and their Ultra Range EXO MTE-1 sneakers have been rocking the footwear industry recently.

Jawbreaker Clothing

Jawbreaker is akin to Banned Apparel seeing that both brands exude vintage and classy vibes wherever they go.

What’s different is the fact that Jawbreaker leans more towards gothic and punk style of clothing. No matter what niche it truly belongs to, one fact remains undisputed; Jawbreaker has been amassing loads of followers online in recent days.


All 15 brands listed above are breaking news in the alternative clothing space. Customers around the world are dying to get their hands on the many exclusive pieces of clothing, shoes and other accessories from any of these brands.

Thinking which of the brands listed before is superior? Well, that’s an irrelevant question as far as any of us is concerned.

Cuz the thing is, most of these alt brands have a designated niche in which they govern the masses.

Some prefer to stitch gothic and punk spirit outfits, others are attuned to the needs of rave-craving customers; and still others are experts when it comes to classy and rockabilly type of alternative clothing.

But no matter which area the brand dominates, one thing’s for certain. Any of the above 15 brands is a dominator in their respective areas and departments.

Hence, the real question is; which of the brands listed above best caters to your needs?

Or you can say, what brand’s gonna best reflect your personality and help release all of your glory in front of the whole world? I guess you’ll have to answer that question yourself!



Kristen Cavanaugh is a fashion author and blogger; she has been preparing fashion articles for different magazines over the years and apart from writing about contemporary fashion, Kristen also runs a clothing store that offers massive discounts on Name brands. She does agree that there is a big problem with how people dress, as people simply don’t know how to pair clothes to achieve the perfect look. According to Kristen putting on the right kinds of clothes will not only boost your confidence but will also enhance your personality, and for people to achieve the above they need information, the reason why she came up with the extensive and comprehensive excerpts on the different aspects as concerns fashion.