A few years ago, it was very rare to see recycled fabric in fashion shows or on the high street. Now that the number of people buying new clothes is dropping and becoming more expensive, it has become a lot more important for fashion companies to begin using recycled fabrics again.

One way they are doing this is by recycling old garments and turning them into new fabrics.

Recycled fabric has not always been accepted by the fashion industry due to its bland colors and lack of texture and interest. But with so many people more interested in buying less clothing, fashion companies have had to begin recycling their materials more often.

By doing this, they are creating high-quality fabric from items that would have been thrown away otherwise and breathing new life into old garments.

It’s also great to see celebrities get involved with sustainable fashion solutions without totally sacrificing the luxurious nature of today’s fashions.

With recycled fabrics gaining popularity, it seems like we’re finally beginning to find a good balance between sustainability and fashion needs!

If you’re looking to get on board with sustainable fashion, it’s time to start thinking about the types of recycled fabrics that are available.

Are you ready to swap out your old jeans for a pair made out of 100% sustainable materials? Here are some different types of recycled fabrics that will have you trading in your cotton t-shirt for something new and fashionable!


List Of recycled fabrics you can use for your next clothing line:


  1. Recycled Hemp: After being used for thousands of years, hemp has proven its worth as a top type of natural fiber; it even creates an incredibly soft and durable fabric perfect for use in warm weather clothing. By swapping out regular cotton for recycled hemp, you’ll be able to cut your carbon footprint in half.


  1. Recycled cotton: Regardless of the season or temperature outside, recycled cotton is a type of fabric that’s always in style. Although it’s not as soft and luxurious as other types of recycled fabrics, this versatile material will keep you warm when it gets cold and cool when it gets hot out. On top of that, since cotton fibers are already naturally smooth and durable, they don’t require much processing; instead of breaking down old clothes into their base components like many types of recycled materials do, this one does all of the hard work for you!


  1. Recycled silk: If you’re looking for something that feels more like high-quality bedding than a fancy dress, recycled silk is the way to go. By recycling upcycled silk fabrics, fashion brands have been able to create a unique type of fabric that feels cozy and stylish in equal measures! One of the best things about this type of material is its texture; it’s so smooth and soft to touch that you’ll never want to take off your clothes again.


  1. Recycled wool: It doesn’t get much softer or more luxurious than recycled wool. Any item made out of this type of natural fiber will keep you warm on chilly nights by adding an extra layer between your skin and the air around you. Wool can also be blended with other types of recycled fabrics for added warmth without feeling too bulky or restrictive. On top of that, recycled wool requires very little maintenance to keep looking brand new!


  1. Recycled cashmere: If you’re looking for the ultimate type of recycled fabric, look no further than cashmere. This super-soft material is something most people would never expect to be made out of old jeans and sweaters; it’s so lightweight and flexible that many brands have started using it in place of down feathers when creating jackets and coats! Anyone who has owned an item made out of 100% recycled cashmere knows just how comfortable they are; perfect for lounging around the house on Sunday morning or walking your dogs during an early-evening stroll through town.


  1. Recycled silk/cashmere blend: Want a type of fabric that provides you with the warmth of wool without feeling like you’re wearing something bulky? This blended material will keep you warm during chilly nights while still providing you with enough airflow to not be stifled. On top of that, this unique combination is incredibly soft; perfect for lounging around at home on lazy Saturdays!


  1. Recycled nylon: If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution to windbreaker jackets or water-resistant coats, look no further than recycled nylon! This material is created by recycling discarded fishing nets into durable and fashionable fabrics; its thick texture makes it perfect for keeping out the cold air during brisk autumn afternoons. On top of that, this versatile fabric has been known to last for several years before showing any signs of damage or tearing.


  1. Recycled polyester: Whether you need an insulating layer for your Halloween costume or just want a type of fabric that can be used in all seasons, recycled polyester is the way to go! This highly functional material provides warmth on chilly autumn evenings while still being breathable during hot summer months. If you’re concerned about sweating too much during warmer weather, don’t worry; this material releases moisture into the air and will ensure that you stay as cool as possible without running the risk of catching a cold.


The fashion industry has long since relied on natural resources like cotton and silk for creating fabrics; these materials are incredibly popular because they’re soft, durable, and versatile, making them perfect for any type of garment imaginable.

However, with our global population growing steadily larger by the day, it’s become more important than ever to find new ways of recycling old material into new clothes. From cashmere sweaters to silk scarves, companies are finding more ways than ever before to recycle old clothing into new, fashionable works of art!


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