In this dire age of pandemics, online shopping has become a very beloved hobby that is shared by many people worldwide.

There is something so relaxing about buying clothes online from the comfort of your bed.

Online shopping means having fewer ladies fight you over your favorite pieces.

It also means knowing the availability of your sizes without wasting a trip to the store.

And getting discounted prices every now and then without any reason.

This is where Yoox comes in.

Yoox is an e-store retailer that is based in Italy. It was founded by Federico Marchetti in the early 2000s in Milan.

Is Yoox a trusted source?

If yes, then why are the clothing products there so cheap?

To answer this question, we first need to consider the types of products they are selling and what kind of brands are being sold on the domain.

About Yoox

Yoox is a portal for buying products for both men and women. Their target audience ranges from kids to adolescents to teens and young adults.

The products featured include ready-to-wear apparel, shoes, handbags, makeup, accessories and even perfumes.

They offer goods for sale that include both streetwear and luxurious designer clothing.

In addition, Yoox has its own line of cruelty-free, earth-saving products and aims to decrease the growing effect of pollution on our planet.

To learn more about Yoox and what this online retailer offers, continue to read our article. Choose if it is the right online store for you.

Give it a thorough read to ensure that your delivered product never differs from the one you liked and bought.

So why is Yoox so cheap?

Yoox has numerous products on its site, which aren’t all cheap. These products range from low prices to high prices.

Many people believe that because the products sold by Yoox are so inexpensive, they’re bad quality. But this isn’t the case with all of them. Each product displayed has a price tag according to its quality.

Yoox has a mishmash of brands in its possession, some of these brands are big-name corporations while others are emerging labels.

Yoox markets the cheaper products next to the high-end luxury sellers, which encourages the consumer to believe that all products are high-quality. This makes the customer think a higher-quality product is available at a cheaper rate, but that’s untrue.

The cheap price of the products is quite justified by their cheap quality. This explains why “some” of their products are so cheap.

Is Yoox real or fake?

Yoox is definitely a legitimate online store. It was created to facilitate users with the ability to shop from anywhere globally. It was founded in 2000.

In 2015, after merging with Net-a-Porter, it gained popularity as the Yoox-Net-a-Porter group.

Today Yoox is known to ship to 100 countries globally, with its head operation sites being in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and the UAE.

The principle aim of Yoox is to change the way retail shopping works. This e-store means to revolutionize the way buying and selling goods works.

Moreover, they have also introduced a new technology that allows users to look through the brand inventory to determine the availability of a product.

The creators believe that Yoox is beneficial for luxury designers as it offers discounts throughout the year from time to time so that a wide net of consumers is established and that more products are sold.

Budget-friendly users that do not want to buy the product at the said amount when they can buy it off-season at a lower price.

The problem with Yoox, however, is that the description of the products isn’t very accurate with these emerging brands. This often results in the wrong product in terms of size or sometimes knockoff designs being bought and delivered.

Is it safe to buy on Yoox?

Yoox is safe to buy from. The web store has certified products that come directly with the permission of the manufacturers.

The only problem is that their content is not sorted in the best way, and the products are not represented accurately, because of which many users end up buying and getting the wrong order at their doorsteps.

Because of this non-user-friendly dilemma, many people who shop off Yoox end up disappointed and are cultured to believe that it is a scam store.

While in reality, the description of the products is legitimate and branded.

Therefore, when buying on Yoox, an experienced user might be better suited to find more genuine luxury products than newer users. This is because they are aware of Yoox’s flawed system.

It is not known whether the manufacturers have deliberately done so or this is an error in the site itself. However, many users have liked this system and enjoyed using it to their own benefit.

Is Yoox an outlet?

Yoox has online outlet stores. It is an online retailer that deals in branded products.

Yoox incorporates technology and human desire to create a seamless shopping experience for the user based on their preferences.

According to Vogue business- Yoox Net-a-porter group has active high spending 4.2 million customers spanning over 180 countries.

Their flagship partner stores include the likes of Armani, Balmain Paris, Cartier, Chloe, Dunhill, Valentino, Ferrari, and much more.

Is Yoox based in the UK?

Yoox is an online premium and luxury brands retailer that is Italian in origin. It was founded in Milan by Federico Marchetti.

They merged with Net-a-Porter in 2015, another online retailer founded by Natalie Massenet, emerging in London. The company name is a french pun for “ready-to-wear.”


It is another online store that revolutionized online shopping through its innovative technology.

Final Views

Although Yoox has its flaws, the online store is not second-rate. It offers great discounts on luxury items that are especially beneficial to budget spenders.

It has tons of variety of products and branded items to choose from. The quality is mixed- certain items have superior quality while others are garbage.

User reviews for Yoox are also mixed- some users especially like using the online stores while others despise it.

The consumer has to be vigilant and choose the bona fide desired item. Yoox can be finally described as a swing of a baseball bat. It is either a hit or a miss. You can either like it or dislike it.



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