In today’s world, where everything is unreasonably expensive, real jewelry is very hard to find at affordable prices.

Prices of silver, gold, and gemstones have increased massively over the years, and people are always looking out for budget brands that offer all kinds of jewelry pieces at affordable rates.

There are many wholesale and retail stores in the market that have all varieties of real jewelry pieces at reasonable prices under one roof.

Walmart jewelry is a brand that has made its name as a provider of real jewelry at relatively lower prices than the market.

Although Walmart jewelry is made up of real gold and diamonds, low-grade versions of each are used that are not certified by known organizations.

This is the reason why Walmart can sell real jewelry at a relatively lower price than other jewelry brands.

In this article, we will discuss where Walmart sources its jewelry from and whether it is real or fake.

Is Walmart Jewelry Real Or Fake?

Walmart has a collection of jewelry pieces that are made from real gold and diamonds.

However, the gold used in the majority of its products is 10-karat gold which is comprised of only 40% pure gold. The remaining 60% has a mixture of different metals.

Walmart has GP, RGP, and GEP jewelry which means that the jewelry is electroplated with gold.

It is very important to know about these abbreviations before buying from Walmart.

Some people consider jewelry as an asset and buy it as an investment. This is not the case with Walmart.

Middle-grade diamonds are used in Walmart jewelry which can not be resold in the market.

It also uses diamonds that are artificially made and do not have the monetary value as diamonds.

Even though Walmart only offers real jewelry of low quality, it is still one of the most popular stores for buying real jewelry.

Walmart is a leading e-commerce store in the US market, with around 2.7 million jewelry items listed on its website.

The jewelry segment contributes to almost 7% of the revenue generated by the brand.

The fact that Walmart sells jewelry online and offline, but it is recommended to shop jewelry offline so that you have clarity on the quality of the products that you buy.

It can be said that Walmart sells real but low-quality jewelry. This compromise on quality is justified because Walmart does not over-charge for its products.

It is also a very well-established name in the market, so the chances of getting swindled are close to none.

Is Walmart Silver Real?

Walmart jewelry uses sterling silver to make its collection of silver wedding rings.

An alternative to fine silver is sterling silver which comprises 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

Sterling silver is hard and better for jewelry making due to its increased durability.

Due to a lower percentage of pure silver, sterling silver is a cheaper option when shopping for jewelry. It gives the same shine and sparkle as fine silver but with better workability.

Silver jewelry by Walmart is very real and is mainly made up of 925 Sterling silver. It is used to make wedding and engagement rings at much lower prices.

Walmart also has different grades in sterling silver, which further decreases the price of its silver jewelry products.

This includes 900 and 800 sterling silver which is even cheaper because of the reduced percentage of pure silver.

Does Walmart Sell Real Gold Rings?

High-budget customers might not prefer Walmart to buy their jewelry items, but it is still a one-stop destination for many people who wish to buy real gold jewelry pieces at lower prices.

Along with many real gold jewelry items, Walmart has more than 1300 designs of gold and gold plated rings available on its online and offline stores.

Although these rings are made from real gold, the gold used is of a lower quality, details of which are mentioned above in this article.

10-karat, 14-karat, and 18-karat gold are used to make real gold rings.

Walmart uses different grades of gold to make gold rings. They include:

  • 10-K White Gold
  • 14-K White Gold
  • 10-K Yellow Gold
  • 10-K Pink Gold
  • 14-K Yellow Gold
  • 18-K Yellow Gold
  • 18-K Rose Gold
  • 10-K Solid Gold

Where Does Walmart Get Its Jewelry From?

Customers are considerate of the fact that the products they use have an impact on their surroundings.

Walmart has committed to sustainability and has selected like-minded suppliers and mining companies to create a sustainable supply chain.

It has launched a Love, Earth jewelry line that follows the sustainable supply chain.

It works with mining companies that do not cause damage to the environment. They include Rio Tinto, Newmont Mining Corporation, and Aurafin.



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