In this highly competitive world of skincare and beauty, one brand has been consistently receiving noteworthy appreciation from widespread users. You guessed it right. It’s Clarins!

Many customers around the world have been baffled by Clarins’ extravagant products lately. Another controversial subject is whether Clarins as a brand is clean or not.

Simply put, does the manufacturing of Clarins’ products has any adverse effect on our environment? If not, what measure has Clarins been adopting to safeguard the interests of mother nature? Keep chewing on my words to know more.

Regarding Clarins’ History and Rise:

Before we start fussing about reasons for Clarins’ products being so expensive, let’s take a dive into the history of this prestigious brand first.

In 1954, a masseur named Jacques Courtin started a french luxury skincare brand and named it Clarins (Based on a play character. Funny, no?).

By 1980, it became France’s top-selling luxury skincare brand.

Clarins hit the top-selling status in Europe in 1990.

Fast forward to today – Clarins is renowned as a major luxury beauty brand across the whole world. Their product range has expanded from cosmetics to perfume and even day-to-day skincare.

This brand’s uniqueness lies in their lofty goal: to continue perfecting your natural beauty.

Do Clarins’ Products Lean on the Expensive Side?

Now coming to the costs, Clarins’ products are considered to be a little on the expensive side.

And it does make sense, doesn’t it?

I mean they do have 100% plant-based products that go through repeated testing ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the ingredients. What else can be better for our skin?

Some might say it is just basic creams sold to gullible women based on expensive packaging and brand name. But I, personally, don’t see anything wrong with it.

If buying something gives you a little bit of pleasure everyday, then surely it is worth it.

And if it stops you from experimenting with cheaper products and literally ruining your skin, then I’ll say it is a pretty good deal.

Let me tell you what Clarins offers you in return for that extra money: You avoid exposure to harsh ingredients added to skincare formulas that may have lasting impact on your overall well-being.

You can feel good about going all plant-based. And well, you might notice a good change in your skin’s health as shared by many Clarins’ customers.

Anyways, not every brand’s products are carried by the Duchess of Cambridge and have the royal stamp of approval.

Now, let’s dig deeper into Clarins’ cost, popularity, and clean-beauty status!

Is Clarins a High-End Brand?

Yes, it is definitely a high-end brand. In fact, Clarins got appointed as the apex high-end facial skincare brand in Europe in 1990.

What’s more, the brand has reserved that title even to this day.

Hence, although it might deviate towards the expensive side a bit; once you give it a try; you may realize that it’s worth every penny!

5 Reasons Why Clarins is so popular?

Clarins’ products are a combination of following factors that are the real reasons behind its immediate success:

Usage Of 100% Plant-based Extracts In Their Products

Clarins has always been passionate about plants and their premium products are inspired by nature. The company’s founder had a deep understanding of how plants could be used as medicine for the human kind. They rely on nature’s power to give them skincare products that are incredibly effective but also kind to the skin.

Plant extracts contain unique active ingredients that make Clarins products stand out. This is what attracts us towards this brand even more!

Tested And Verified Products

Clarins products are developed in line with the cosmetic regulations in force in the countries where they are sold. These regulations are highly stringent and they aim to safeguard consumer safety. How? By whitelisting or blacklisting ingredients

Throughout their development, 250 checks are required for their formulas. Dermatologists assess them to check skin tolerance and their safety of usage. These safety and effectiveness checks give us safe and verified products to use.

Clarins not only complies with up-to-date regulations, but they also apply additional internal sets of quality requirements, which go above and beyond those required by law.

Each ingredient is assessed on the basis of its impact on our health and the environment. These studies narrow down the ingredients for them, allowing them to pick the safest and the most effective.

Visionary Brand Inclining Towards Natural Beauty

Clarins has an innovative approach to efficient beauty, which contributes to well-being, balance and happiness. Instead of promoting fakeness, Clarins aims to promote the real and natural beauty of a person that already exists.

Customized Consultation

YES! You read it right. Whatever your skin type or beauty concern, Clarins will design a customized treatment routine expressly for you.

Can Clarins be Considered as a Clean Beauty Brand?

Before we fuss about Clarins being clean or not, let’s first see what ‘clean beauty’ really means. Well, in a nutshell, clean beauty refers to skincare products that are ‘clean of harmful ingredients’.

Anything that is deemed as harmful for your skin or our environment is literally abandoned.

Clarins’ products are packages of vegan-friendly formulas, a perfect balance of plant and fruit extracts, and ingredients of natural origin – basically everything that your skin will love!

Not only that, their ingredients are proved to be of the highest quality. What else can you wish for?

Final Thoughts:

You wear your face every day. You would probably think nothing of spending money on a dress that you might wear once a fortnight only – why would you not think it was worth it to spend the same amount on a cream that protects your skin and makes you feel good every single day?

My advice to you?

Go ahead and do whatever seems right for you.

If Clarins works for you, buy it, use it, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty. Because your skin and happiness is worth all the money!



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