Tungsten rings have become a popular choice for wedding bands and fashion accessories due to their durability and affordability. However, the price range for tungsten rings can vary significantly, leaving many customers wondering why some tungsten rings are so cheap. A quick search on Google will reveal a price range of $20-$600 for tungsten rings, but when customers browse Amazon or eBay, they may be surprised to find tungsten rings priced as low as $15.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the varying prices of tungsten rings and specifically address why tungsten rings are so cheap on Amazon and eBay. By understanding the factors that influence the price of tungsten rings, customers can make informed decisions when purchasing this popular jewelry item.

Key Takeaways

  • Tungsten rings vary in price due to several factors such as material composition, marketing costs, and warranty.
  • Tungsten rings are cheaper on Amazon and eBay due to lower marketing costs and the use of cobalt or other alloys instead of pure tungsten.
  • Customers should consider all factors when purchasing a tungsten ring to ensure they are getting the best value for their money.

Reason 1: Tungsten is Not an Expensive Metal.

According to the data, the main reason why tungsten rings are cheaper on Amazon is that the value of the tungsten metal is not expensive. The price for tungsten metal is only $1 per oz, and the price for finished tungsten products ranges from $25 to $2500 per kilo, with most products falling in the $100 to $350 per kilo range.

Most tungsten rings weigh between 17g-20g, which is less than 1 oz, so the cost for the material is under $1. A test was conducted, and it was found that the material cost, production fee, and labor cost for a tungsten ring is about $3, which is the factory price.

Tungsten rings are sold to retailers such as Walmart, Charming Charlie, and other Amazon sellers at a price of about $4.5-$5. Retailers usually design unique packaging for their products, which can cost between $1-$5. The shipping fee to the Amazon warehouse is not expensive if 500 pieces of the ring are sent, costing around $0.2 each.

Therefore, the total cost for a tungsten ring is $5.7-$10. Even if the seller sets the price at $20, they can still make a profit of $6.3, which is calculated by subtracting the total price, product cost, and Amazon fee from the selling price. If the seller sets the price at $50, they will make even more profit.

In conclusion, the low cost of tungsten metal and the efficient production process make tungsten rings an affordable option for consumers. Retailers can still make a profit even if they set the price at a reasonable range.

Reason 2: Amazon is a Very Competitive Market

With the rise of e-commerce, Amazon has become a popular platform for many sellers and brands. The tungsten ring market is no exception. A decade ago, tungsten rings were priced at around $50 on Amazon. However, with the influx of sellers, particularly from China, the prices have dropped significantly to as low as $20 or even lower. This is due to the highly competitive nature of the market.

Many sellers, including those who offer great services and lifetime warranties, find it difficult to compete with the prices on Amazon. Even a friend of the author, who sells tungsten rings for $40 on his website, finds it challenging to sell on Amazon due to the fierce competition.

Despite the intense competition, the market’s affordability makes it a great platform for sellers to start. The majority of tungsten rings are made in China, so buyers need not worry about the quality.

In summary, the highly competitive nature of the tungsten ring market on Amazon has resulted in affordable prices for buyers. However, it also poses a challenge for sellers who struggle to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Reason 3: Lower Marketing Cost on Amazon

Marketing cost can be a significant expense when promoting a product. However, Amazon offers a unique advantage to sellers by providing access to millions of potential buyers without the need for extensive marketing efforts. For instance, selling a tungsten ring on Amazon can be accomplished with minimal marketing costs compared to selling it on other websites or physical stores. This means that sellers can offer their products at lower prices on Amazon, making it a cost-effective platform for both buyers and sellers. As a result, Amazon has become a preferred platform for many sellers due to its lower marketing costs.

Reason 4: No Lifetime Warranty

Amazon offers great customer service for the first 30 days after purchasing an item, including third-party sellers. However, if a tungsten ring breaks beyond the one-month return period, it cannot be replaced for free. Customers can purchase an industry lifetime warranty policy for an additional fee, typically around $50. It is important to note that the price of the ring does not affect the warranty policy.

Tungsten rings are known for their durability, and they are not prone to tarnishing. However, paying extra for a lifetime warranty policy can provide customers with peace of mind. As a tungsten ring manufacturer, the cost of $50 for a lifetime warranty policy is considered reasonable for great service.

For those purchasing a tungsten ring for daily wear, an affordable option is available on Amazon that offers awesome quality at a fair price. However, if purchasing a tungsten ring as a gift, it may be worth paying more for a better quality ring that comes with a lifetime warranty, such as the one available on Amazon.

Overall, while a lifetime warranty policy may not be included with the purchase of a tungsten ring on Amazon, it is available for an additional fee. This can provide customers with added protection and peace of mind, particularly when purchasing a ring as a gift.

Reason 5: Made with Cobalt or Made with Other Alloys (The Only Difference)

Tungsten rings are often made with cobalt or other alloys. However, cobalt is a cheaper filler that some manufacturers use to make tungsten rings. This means that if a ring is made with cobalt, it is not made from jewelry grade tungsten, but rather from cheaper industrial-grade tungsten.

Tungsten rings made with cobalt are not recommended as they tend to tarnish over time. On the other hand, tungsten rings made with other alloys are of much higher quality and are a better investment.

It is essential to read the product description carefully or send an email to the manufacturer to inquire about the materials used in the ring before purchasing it. If the manufacturer has no idea about the materials used, it is advisable to avoid buying the ring.

In summary, it is crucial to choose a tungsten ring made with other alloys instead of cobalt to ensure its longevity and quality.


In conclusion, Tiger, a fashion and jewelry lover, and manufacturer, provides valuable information for those interested in tungsten rings. He suggests that Amazon is a great place to purchase tungsten rings as they offer lifetime warranties and free replacements if your finger size changes. However, customers should be prepared to pay extra for these services. Tiger also invites readers to visit his home page for more information on fashion and fashion jewelry. Overall, Tiger’s expertise in metal and fashion jewelry has helped thousands of small businesses grow and establish partnerships with big brands. If readers have any questions or concerns, they are encouraged to leave them in the comment section for further clarification.