Professional knitters know that choosing the right type of yarn is crucial to creating a mesmerizing product.

Each type of yarn possesses certain attributes that make it suitable for a specific project.

It depends on the fibers of the yarn, mostly from which source the threads of the yarn are made.

These are available in many materials such as Acrylic, Alpaca Hair, Angora, Bamboo, Cashmere, Cotton, and many more.

Seasoned knitters know what type of yarn to use and when but the problem is finding the yarn.

Good quality yarn is usually difficult to get, which is why as a retailer, you must boast a collection of all types of good quality yarn to keep customers coming back.

In this article, we searched and found some wholesale retailers that might have just what you’re looking for.

So read on and see what we’ve listed for you.

Tarihi Kürkçü Han

The best place to buy yarn in Turkey is Tarihi Kürkçü Han. The Tarihi Kürkçü Han is one of the biggest open markets located in Istanbul.

Finding the exact location of the market can be difficult, but with appropriate directions, you can reach it.

With technology and google maps, however, this is an easy task.

But you should write the market name on a piece of paper and ask the locals for directions.

You can expect to find many types of yarns at Tarihi Kürkçü Han. Keep your eyes open as many balls of yarn are hidden in corners.

Many accessories such as needles, buttons, and ribbons can also be found here.

The place is worth searching for because many unique types of yarn can be found here. The product is usually low-priced.

Nako Hand Knitting Yarns

Nako is one of the leading pioneers in the yarn knitting sector. It was established in 1962. It is based in Turkey.

Nako makes its own products. It lets the consumer choose from a number of materials, such as Acrylic, which is available in Premium, Premium Micro Acrylic, and Soft Acrylic.

They also categorize their yarn by seasons. The yarn is available in more than 30 colors.

With Nako you don’t need to worry because the quality of the product is assured. The price of the yarn is also quite affordable.

Check out their website at:

Ice Yarns

Ice Yarns is also one of the most famous wholesale yarn retailers in Turkey. They have a wide selection of yarn to choose from.

Ice Yarns are super inexpensive and affordable. They also have a wholesale option. But to avail that, you need to fill out a form.

They ship orders one day after payment has been made. Dispatch time might take one or two days. This is due to the greater number of orders.

They have two options of shipping, the normal one, and the express option. The standard method will use the postal system while the express one will use Express- their shipping partner.

Check out their website at:

Hobium Yarns

Hobium yarns are one of the biggest wholesale retailers of good-quality and inexpensive yarn. They are based in Turkey.

They have a special wholesale offer which can get you a 30% discount if you shop worth $400 or more.

Hobium ensures a 3-5 working day express delivery worldwide. This is because of their logistic partner DHL.

They categorize their yarn by weight, fiber, and special variety. Their yarn is available in Acrylic, Wool, Cotton, Merino Wool, Alpaca, Bamboo, Mohair, and others.

Check out their website at:

Nomad Wool

If you’re looking for handspun organic yarn, then Nomad Wool is the best choice for you. They have hand-dyed yarn. Undyed yarn is also available.

They have pure sheep wool and mohair yarn. Even their dyes are plant-based. They currently have six colors available.

Although their yarn is limited in quantity because processing it in small batches takes a long time, the price is affordable, and it’s an excellent initiative for the environment.

Check out their website at:

Alize Yarns

The shop is exclusively based in Turkey. It boasts a carefully curated collection of fine yarn. They have many brands available and offer different types of fibers to choose from.

Alize yarn has a huge collection of premium, high-quality yarn. These are available in many rich colors.

Check out their website at:



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