From sewing, knitting, and crocheting to textiles, weaving, and ropemaking, yarn is a versatile material that is most sought after in the market.

If you’re in the textile industry, you’re bound to come across yarn, and maybe you’ve even bought and used this material.

When it comes to wholesale yarn suppliers in Australia, you must look for suppliers with the best quality yarn and the lowest prices, so you get a good profit after investment.

We’ve dedicated this article to help you find just that- read on to discover the best wholesale yarn suppliers.

We hope you find these helpful!

Industrial Yarns

One of the best companies with excellent reasonable prices and products along with satisfactory customer services, Industrial Yarns, is quite popular in Campbellfield.

They sell a wide variety of yarns of different textures, colors, and lengths.

Industrial Yarn makes your shopping hassle-free for you and allows you to pay for your yarn shipments in four interest-free payments! Isn’t that amazing?

Coming towards the prices, Industrial Yarns sells 4.5mm lashing twine made from synthetic yarn for $16.50.

All other yarns for 1.8mm with colors including purple, beige, and pastel blue will cost you $18.40.

For more information about products and shipment details, head over to their website:

Yarns For All

Another best-selling yarn wholesaler goes by the name of Yarns For All.

Based in Forrestfield, Perth, Yarns For All is a customer favorite.

According to one customer, their order was beautifully and thoughtfully packed with stitch markers, and they were quite happy with the result.

The company sells yarns and accessories from all around the world, each with individual colors and lengths.

With more than twenty-two types of yarn sold, it’d be fair to say that this company is quite sought after.

To give you an idea of their pricing, one of their best-selling yarns, “Alize Yarn,” with a weight of 100g and length of 500m, costs $8.25 in the color angora gold.

For more products and pricing, please visit

Texyarns International

Since its establishment in 1952, Texyarns International has been selling yarn in Mount Waverley.

They’ve been working hard to introduce a wide range of different yarns, which they sell under unique categories.

These categories include:

  • Ply- you can get from 4-14
  • Season- both summer and winter,
  • Brands- these include Bellissimo, biography, Fibra Natura, fiddlesticks, Katia,
  • Fibre- acrylic, alpaca, bamboo.

They sell more than 50 shades of yarn and they’re all affordable!

One of their most popular products, “50 mohair shades,” will cost you somewhere around $13. Its length is 200 meters and its weight is 2g.

Their yarns are 100% cotton and ideal to work with.

For information on policies and product pricing, visit

Calor Yarns

In the year 2017, Fabio and Kathy Ramunni created Calor Yarns, a wholesale yarn company dedicated to selling the best quality products in Australia.

Calor Yams is based in Harkaway- just outside of Melbourne.

Their company is a lead importer and quality distributor of yarn and other cotton products.

They have 30 years of experience between them in the knitting and international industry, hence they know what they are doing.

Calor Yarns sells high-quality yarns with 100% merino wool.

They also have a wide range of colors and you get a hold of one of the most luxurious and distinctive yarns you can find in the industry.

To see their diverse collection of yarns, head over to their website now:

Yarn Trader

Based in Port Adelaide, Yarn Trader has gotten many great reviews from different customers on Google reviews.

A lot of people commended them for their friendly services and amazing advice regarding yarn and knitting.

They also claimed that the yarn the company sells has natural fibers that are solid and ideal for knitting.

Yarn Trader also sells a variety of yarns from several brands like Miss May Mkal, Katia, Opal, Bird House Fibres, and Jody Long!

Yarn Trader has a three-colour cowl set which it sells for $48 and one Curious Handmade Miss May Mkal set will cost you $132.

For more products, visit


Woolba is based in Portland and it has been in business for a long time. It moved to Portland after 16 years of being Australia’s favorite yarn spot.

It is dedicated to providing the best services and selling the highest quality yarn.

They sell their Adorn Cotton Cashmere Yarn for $8.50. This product is 8 ply and it is available in a wide range of colors.

They also sell Adorn Silky Cashmerino for $12.00, and their infinity shawl for $49.50.

They’ve a wide range of fibers and they also sell yarns from various brands with varying prices that won’t burn a hole through your pocket!

For more information, check them out at



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