Finding the right pair of underwear, whether you prefer bikinis, briefs, or thongs (or all three), is no easy chore. While we’ve written extensively about underwear, including the finest underwear manufacturers, we’ve compiled a list of the best underwear manufacturers to buy in bulk here.

List of Wholesale Underwear Vendors & Suppliers In USA:

  • Bravo Lingerie Inc
  • Uni Hosiery
  • Alanic Global USA
  • Lingerie Mart
  • Youmita Underwear
  • Eros Wholesale
  • Comfort King USA

1.      Bravo Lingerie Inc

Bravo Lingerie Inc., a respected wholesale provider of excellent undergarments, was founded in 1989.

They are thrilled to expand their services online to further serve their fantastic clientele after operating for over 30 years. Please feel free to browse their website and see their entire product line.

Should you have any queries or doubts, please get in touch with them directly.

Contact Info:

Address: 1500 Maple Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tel 1: (213) 747-0539

Tel 2: (213) 746-4068



2.      Uni Hosiery

Uni Hosiery, a prominent producer and importer dedicated to delivering the best in everyday basic wears, was founded in 1982. Underwear, socks, bras, panties, active clothing, and fashion accessories are among their specialties.

They are dedicated to supplying high-quality products at low costs, with excellent service, under names such as Buruka, Knocker, Mopas, Mamia, Top Pro, Power Club, and Sofra.

Uni Hosiery is based in downtown Los Angeles and has offices in San Diego, New York, and Los Angeles. We also have international offices in Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, and South Korea, as well as two distribution locations in Los Angeles and New Jersey.

They know what you need because they’ve been serving US merchants for over 30 years. Their 500,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center speeds up the purchasing and shipping process, giving global customers peace of mind.

Their streamlined and efficient operations provide a year-round supply of goods, and their global team is dedicated to making communication as simple as possible.

Contact Info:

Address: 1911 E. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021

TEL: (213) 228-0100


3.      Alanic Global (USA)

Alanic Global is well-known as a one-of-a-kind manufacturing and wholesale hub that produces the most trendy garments for the fashion-conscious public.

The desire to provide bulk purchasers with the most fashionable outfits in quantity has made them the most well-known wholesale apparel center in the United States. They are a rapidly growing apparel designer brand that is taking the world by storm.

They specialize in designing and marketing women’s, men’s, and children’s underwear, apparel, and a variety of other products, which are manufactured and distributed through a global network of licensing agreements and other arrangements.

Alanic Global ensures that they are worldwide reachable to all retailers dispersed across the globe, solidifying their place at the pinnacle among wholesalers.

Alanic Global has established the strongest network of clothes distributors USA, distributed across the globe, to cater to each of them personally and without fail. They have a trustworthy network of apparel franchises and distributors in the United States, and they are always looking for new partners and business companions to join their ever-expanding family.

As a well-known wholesale clothing hub in the United States, business owners who join them will profit in establishing their individual positions in the industry, and by becoming our wholesale clothing distributors in the United States, they pledge to find the finest exposure for your enterprises.

Contact Info:

Address: Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California 90210, USA

TEL: + 1 855 525 2642



4.      Lingerie Mart

Lingerie Mart TM has been the largest lingerie warehouse open to the public in North America for over 24 years, selling wholesale and retail under one roof.

Since 1997, they have offered wholesale and retail lingerie to tens of thousands of clients all over the world.

Want to see more content like this? Make sure to check out this List Of 7 Underwear Manufacturers in USA. TM is a well-known and well-respected global distributor of off-price and below-wholesale lingerie and intimate goods.

They sell all varieties of name brand lingerie of the highest quality.

Since 1997, Lingerie Mart TM has been one of the largest wholesale and retail lingerie distributors in the United States.

Lingerie Mart TM is a one-stop shop for lingerie, both wholesale and retail. They provide brick and mortar lingerie stores and boutiques, major retail chains, individual re-sellers, discount / flea market type outlets, house party enterprises, EBayers, mass distributors, and a variety of other websites all around the world.

Lingerie Mart also serves as a fulfillment hub for some of the world’s most well-known online merchants. Customers and orders of all sizes are valued by them. They welcome all orders and buyers from all nations, regardless of how large or small your product requirements are.

The professional, courteous, and experienced customer service team at Lingerie Mart is always available to assist you, and their cutting-edge shipping department handles orders quickly and efficiently.

Contact Info:

Address: Main Alpharetta Warehouse & Distribution Center, 5930 Gateway Drive, Alpharetta GA 30004 USA

TEL: 770-752-1989



5.      Youmita Underwear

Youmita is named after their founder, Youmi, who is the company’s beating heart. Here at Youmita, she is the brand, voice, and vision. She has spent a lot of time, perhaps a little unconventionally, trying to make goods that represent her and Yoummita. Her fingerprints are still visible at Youmita 13 years later.

The name of the game is fast fashion, which means things are always changing. With the passage of time, trends, styles, and a sense of changing or expanding our fashion tastes emerge. At Youmita, their objective is to constantly provide you with the greatest goods at a fair price. They want to make sure that as a member of the Youmita family, they can assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Customers are encouraged to tell Youmita Underwear how they feel about their items no matter what. They value candid criticism and encourage their relatives to tell them how they may best serve you!

Youmita is ecstatic to enter this field, which will present her with fresh difficulties. This Youmita store is the start of a new chapter for them, and they hope you will become a part of their family and come along for the voyage with them.

Contact Info:

Address: 3510 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011
TEL: (323)235-2945


6.      Eros Wholesale

For nearly 60 years, Eros Wholesale (Eros Hosiery Company) has been family owned and operated. They’ve gone from being a regional hosiery distributor to an international importer and wholesaler of over 15,000 goods spanning innumerable product lines in that period.

They support small businesses. They started out as a small firm and, 60 years later, they still hold on to those small business beliefs.

They’re committed to assisting small business owners in maintaining a competitive edge in a market increasingly dominated by corporate giants.

ErosWholesale’s product line diversity is unparalleled. Most wholesalers specialize in a small number of products, forcing business owners to buy inventory from a variety of sources.

The more moving components there are, the more difficulties there are, as any business owner knows. You come to one place, order from one place, get billed by one place, and everything you need is shipped to you directly from their domestic warehouses with

They work hard to be on top of the wholesale market. While many distributors have failed to adapt to the digital age and its disruptive influence on retail, they have embraced it.

Eros Wholesale is a pioneer in online wholesale distribution and takes pride in the advantages it offers to business owners who don’t have the time or resources to attend trade exhibits or spend a day on the phone with ten different vendors.

Eros Wholesale functions as a leveler as retail profits are eroded by giant chains capable of importing hundreds of truckloads per month.

Contact Info:

Address: 1430 County Line Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006

TEL: 1-888-EROS-PRO (376-7776)



7.      Comfort King USA

Smith Distributors began as a family business in 1959, selling mostly Hanes items. It was in the region of upstate New York. ComfortKing USA, Inc., a New Jersey corporation, bought it in 2010.

That year, the company relocated from New York Mills, NY to Fairfield, NJ, a handy position for serving the tri-state area, including New York City, and shipping throughout the country.

Contact Info:

Address: 19 Audrey Place, Fairfield, NJ 07004
TEL: 973-882-1900



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