Underwear is one of the most important garments one owns, people usually invest a lot in choosing the perfect underwear garment as it plays a vital role in keeping one comfortable throughout the day.

It can be said that retailing underwear is a good business if you find the right buyer. As the emphasis is increasing on focusing on one’s self all around the world, people are going on board with focusing on what they wear inside and outside, what they do for themselves to be comfortable with themselves and around others.

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If you are practicing the right strategies and finding the right buyers, your underwear business will surely grow. This article has a list of top suppliers of wholesale underwear in China. We have found the best and most trusted wholesalers out there, and have presented them under one big heading.

You have landed on the right article, keep reading to find the perfect supplier for your growing business.

Top 7 suppliers and vendors of wholesale underwear in China:

  • . Putian GM Industry
  • . Uokin
  • . Zhongshan Best Garments Co, LTD
  • . Xiamen Morning Textile Co, LTD
  • . Anble Company LTD
  • . Jspeed
  • . Keenago Holdings LTD


1.    Putian GM Industry

Putian GM Industry has been operating in the industry of wholesale underwear since 2020, and since the time has only grown to become and be known as one of the trusted suppliers of wholesale underwear.

The company has its digital presence around the world, serving its customers 24/7 through its online ordering page.

The online business has a variety of products ranging from different underwear made especially for women. The products are made to perfection meeting the international standards of quality control. With being one of the top sellers in the wholesale sector, they have been targeting a large sector of the women’s population.

They guarantee the quality of their products and offer fast delivery even on bulk orders. Their prices have proven to be competitive too, which helps them stand out among the rest. Putian is one of the leading wholesalers of underwear in China exporting their products all around the world.

Contact Details
Address: 11th floor, No 1669 Xinhan Street, Hanjiang, Putian, Fujian, China.

Find the link to their page here.


2.     Uokin

Uokin is a well-known wholesale supplier of underwear, they have been selling top-quality underwear in China for 10 years. Uokin has a brother company that manufactures the products they supply making sure their customers get what they want to be made with the best raw materials found.

Uokin has a variety of underwear that they supply, panties, bodysuits, warmers, tighteners, bras, boxers, vests, and yoga sets. With variety they offer quality and durability as well, they make sure they are always their customer’s number one choice.

Uokin has strict quality check policies and thus they have made their name around the world, serving around 120 countries. Moreover, they offer timely delivery and extra support to customers offering pictures and videos so that their customers are carefully satisfied.

Uokin is a leading wholesale supplier of underwear, targeting a wide market of men, women, and children. Their prices are competitive and friendly which has helped them grow around the world.

Contact Details

Call: +86 13905005880

Email: 1564135347@qq.com

Address: 2nd floor, 2nd Street, Longgang road, Fakuda street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang province.

Find the link to their page here.


3.     Zhongshan Best Garments Co, LTD

The company was established in 2009, and since then has been dealing with producing and supplying wholesale underwear. Zhongshan Best Garments is a leading seller of underwear, exporting their products around the world. Their products are one of the best selling in China and other 30+ countries.

Their products are specifically designed to aid comfort, underwear is made with gentle, soft fabrics making sure they don’t irritate the body. Along with being comfortable, they make sure the best raw materials are used ensuring top quality of underwear.

They have a variety of underwear including men’s, women’s, and kids ranging from boxers, panties, bras, and bodysuits. Their diverse range has a variety of materials, sizes, and colors too. Zhongshan Best Garments is a leading supplier of wholesale underwear, exporting its products all around the world.

Contact Details

Zipcode: 528400

Address: No 3 Shengfeng Taishun Road, Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.

Find the link to their page here.


4.    Xiamen Morning Textile Co LTD

Xiamen is a Chinese company based in the city of Fujian Xiamen. The brand was founded in 2014, and since has been manufacturing and supplying wholesale underwear. They produce underwear for men and women, producing a variety of supplies including boxers, bras, nursing bras, training underwear, and shapewear.

Xiamen supply their products in the homeland as well as some European countries such as; Italy, France, Spain, and Belgium. The company keeps a high standard quality check and control to meet the international criteria and thus is known as one of the largest exporters of underwear in China.

They produce their underwear using the best-found materials, which are soft, durable, airy, and perfect for underwear. They ensure that their customers are always 100% satisfied with their products. Xiamen is a leading wholesaler and producer of underwear in China.

Contact Details

Zipcode: 361022

Address: The 3rd floor of no 1 workshop, Xinghua Industrial park, no. 555, Dongren West 2nd Road, Jimei District, Xiamen City, Xiamen, Fujian, China.

Find the link to their page here.


5.    Anble Company LTD

The Anble Company LTD has been in business since 2021 and is among the top known wholesalers of underwear in China. They are known for their exceptional customer service and quality materials, they use high-quality raw materials and keep a strict check on the quality of their products which makes them a customer favorite.

Anble Company sells a variety of women’s underwear ranging from camisoles, bras, sports bras, fighters, shapers, and panties. Which are available in a range of colors, designs, and materials. They have made buying easier for their customers through their up-to-date online page.

Anble Company is known as one of the most trusted wholesale suppliers of underwear in China they also export their products to several other countries such as; Europe, America, and Middle East.

Contact Details

Call: +86 17775383210

Zipcode: 242064

Address: No 13 Anji Town, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Find the link to their page here.


6.    Jspeed

Jspeed is a manufacturing and wholesale company selling its top-quality supplies all over the world since 2017. They export their products to regions such as; America, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. Some of their biggest buyers are Tjmaxx, Target, and LLP.

Jspeed supplies a variety of products ranging from swimwear to underwear. Their underwear is made with fine quality material to ensure quality and durability. They have a variety of bras, panties, boxers, and bodysuits which are available in a diverse range of sizes, materials, and colors.

Jspeed is a worldwide known brand of wholesale underwear, customer satisfaction is their top priority and to maintain their customer relation they offer fast delivery and 24/7 online accessibility to their online ordering page.

Contact Details

Call: +86 18818274796

Zipcode: 200331

Address: Room 903 building 6, No. 7001, Zhongchun Road, Shanghai China.

Find the link to their page here.


7.    Keenago Holdings Limited

Keenago Holdings was established in 2007, selling their products all around the world including America, Australia, and Europe. Their main buyers are Walmart, Target, and Tjmaxx. They maintain the quality and durability of their products through extensive check and control, making sure their customers are always 100% satisfied.

Keenago Holdings has a variety. of underwear for kids, men, and women, which are further classified into a diverse range of materials, colors, and sizes. All their underwear is made under safe and friendly conditions.

Keenago holdings is a trusted brand of wholesale underwear in China, they have maintained quality standards and offer fast delivery service to ensure customer satisfaction. They have made buying easy for their customers through their online page.

Contact Details

Call: +86 2167827850

Zipcode: 201616

Address: Building 58-59, lane 618 Dingyuan road, Songjiang, Shanghai.


Find the link to their page here.


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