Here’s the deal: shoes weren’t created on a whim; in fact, most shoes have an exciting tell attached to them. Initially, humankind developed shoes for comfort and protection. With time, shoes have become more of an accessory, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call them an intense fashion piece that has the potential to make or break your personality.

Truthfully, shoes are a never-ending topic of discussion for all fashion enthusiasts out there. There are so many styles, varieties, materials, textures, and rich history behind this state-of-the-art accessory that it deserves to be talked about.  

In today’s fashion world, shoes are now more versatile than ever. Unless you stay at home, you likely own at least a couple of different styles and colors of shoes to go with your outfits. Fashion designers have responded with creative imaginations that even those who aren’t big fans are ultimately drawn to them. 

In recent years, the wholesale business of shoes has witnessed tremendous growth. The footwear wholesaling industry is expected to become a multi-billion dollar industry in the upcoming years. It ensures that investing in this business is totally worth the shot.

To help you develop an understanding of the industry, here’s a list of the top wholesale suppliers of shoes in Toronto. And if you are looking for authentic, Italian-made shoes, read this other article I wrote listing the best wholesaler suppliers of shoes in Italy. 

List of the top wholesale suppliers of shoes in Toronto:

  • Sugar Sales & Marketing
  • Bargains Group
  • Vangelo Corporation
  • Style Democracy
  • Trend Marketing
  • UniStyle Footwear Inc.

1. Sugar Sales & Marketing

Sugar Sales & Marketing is a renowned name in the Toronto shoe wholesale industry. They are a full-service agency dedicated to providing premium products and remarkable customer service.

They represent exceptional brands chosen based on value, quality, flexibility, and integrity. 

This entity ensures premium quality products for its customers. They have some of the best brands from all over the world in-store to guarantee the utmost satisfaction for their customers. 

This platform is the best choice for new businesses aiming to stock up on reliable brands. They also offer product knowledge training and support with success opportunities for retail partners. This company lives by the motto that they won’t just sell you exceptional goods but also help you sell them.

Featured Brands

  • Miz Mooz NYC
  • Bueno
  • Casta
  • Rollie
  • Django & Juliette
  • Meduse
  • Mentha 


160 Tycos Drive, Suite 122, Toronto, Ontario M6B 1W8

Contact Information

Phone: 416 884 6560


Click here to visit their website.

2. Bargains Group

Bargains Group was founded in 1988 and has grown into Canada’s top discount wholesaler. Their products are shipped from Canada in pristine condition. Their dedicated staff provides exceptional customer service. This company works for non-profit organizations, promotional, and retail sectors.

Bargains Group is one of Canada’s leading wholesaler entities where you can get your hands on footwear in bulk for men, women, and children.

As one of the finest shoe suppliers, they offer footwear in bulk quantities for all seasons. The headquarters is situated in Toronto, and customers have the option of self-pickup as well. They promise to ship all wholesale footwear anywhere in Canada and even some parts of the USA.

One of the best things about them is their prompt customer service. If you have any queries, you can reach out to them, and they promise to reach back within 24 hours.


  • Winter boots
  • Men’s Velcro jogging shoes
  • Fleece Slippers
  • Crocs
  • Flip flops
  • Ladies sandals
  • Water shoes
  • Mid boots


890 Caledonia Road, near Yorkdale Mall & Highway 401, Toronto, Ontario.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-877-868-5655

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3. Vangelo Corporation

Vangelo is another big name in Canada’s shoe wholesale industry. Vangelo’s name is synonymous with the finest in terms of quality, style, and comfort. They are known for having just the right products and the most fantastic distribution channels.

The company believes that they are not responsible for their success alone. In fact, it’s the combined efforts of their partners, retailers, manufacturers, and importers that have led them to this glory.

The humble approach to business and care for their customers’ satisfaction had led them to great heights of success.  Not to mention, their amazing quality of shoes and the vast collections and varieties they have in-store and online. 

Featured Brands

  • Vangelo Donna
  • Kozi
  • Vangelo
  • Bravo
  • Kozi Men
  • Coronado
  • Allure Men
  • Jean Yves


Woodbine Downs Boulevard 55, M9W 6N5 Toronto, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: +1 4166791788

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4. Style Democracy

Style Democracy is Canada’s leading wholesale supplier of outsourced warehouse and pop-up sale events. Their innovative work has truly made the world’s leading brands accessible to a much larger audience in Toronto.

Style Democracy conducts its all-famous warehouse sales, known for attracting huge crowds of over 50,000!

Along with that, Style Democracy is a digital community built with similar-minded people who have come together on the same platform. Their motto is to make fashion, beauty, and retail accessible for all. They make this happen by offering a wide variety of fast-fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

You can find all the top brands of shoes here. That too, at the most reasonable price. 

Featured Brands

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • New balance
  • Nordstrom
  • Holt Renfrew
  • Levi’s
  • Lacoste
  • Sporting Life
  • Ted Baker
  • Dolce & Gabbana


M6B 4J3 Toronto, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: +1 4169205200

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5. Trend Marketing

Trend Marketing is an established wholesale supplier, created when Larry Gladstone and Jim McGuigan came together and formed an alliance. Their vision was simple: become the leading wholesale supplier and distributor of fashion footwear in Canada.

With the advent of e-commerce, Trend Marketing initiated a drop ship program and national partners. The wholesalers have expanded into Men’s seasonal landscape and have acquired a more extensive showroom space in Toronto and Montreal.

Their best-selling products come from the top brands that they have in stock. The vast collection, the latest brands, and the newest looks are what make this store better and more loved in comparison to others. 

Featured Brands

  • 27 Edit
  • Aravon
  • Cartago
  • Cobb Hill
  • Corso Como
  • FRYE
  • GANT
  • Lucky Brand
  • Rockport
  • Teva
  • Zodiac
  • Vince Camuto
  • Religious Comfort


Lodestar Road 1500, M3J 3C1 Toronto, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: +1 4166633939

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6. UniStyle Footwear Inc.

UniStyle Footwear Inc. has been in the game since 2003. They have been manufacturing fashionable orthopedic footwear. Their sandals and shoes are made out of pure leather and high-quality German footbeds to ensure a comfortable experience.

Each pair is handcrafted by their expert Canadian workers; applying their years of expertise with the most suitable materials with this fine footwear, the user can surely make every step feel more pleasant.

Their main aim is to provide their customers with comfortable and anatomically correct footwear. In this way, the customer gets a healthy lifestyle. Most people are unaware of the fact that there is actually the right way to walk. We experience various pains, all due to slouching, feet dragging, and other similar habits. These problems cause plenty of problems in the long term.

Hence, UniStyle wants to help with their footwear to aid correct posture and an overall pain-free body.


  • Orthopedic footwear
  • Comfort Shoes
  • Custom made footwear


Chesswood Drive 4045, M3J 2R8 Toronto, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: +1 4166387000

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Kristen Cavanaugh is a fashion author and blogger; she has been preparing fashion articles for different magazines over the years and apart from writing about contemporary fashion, Kristen also runs a clothing store that offers massive discounts on Name brands. She does agree that there is a big problem with how people dress, as people simply don’t know how to pair clothes to achieve the perfect look. According to Kristen putting on the right kinds of clothes will not only boost your confidence but will also enhance your personality, and for people to achieve the above they need information, the reason why she came up with the extensive and comprehensive excerpts on the different aspects as concerns fashion.

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