If you are looking to sell something lucrative in the clothing industry that would be sought after urgently, you should definitely look into scrubs.

The medical scrubs business opportunity is incredibly high- according to 52% of scrub retailers, their business gross is more than $800,000 annually!

However, retailers have found it increasingly difficult lately to keep profit margins high due to high inflation in the market.

They constantly search for goods in bulk quantities at affordable rates that help maximize profits.

Therefore, we have put together a list of wholesale scrub suppliers in the city of Los Angeles.

This expansive list of suppliers will prove useful to you if you want to buy scrubs in bulk and start your own business or act as a distributor.

Scrubs Unlimited

Based in Weyburn Ave Los Angeles, Scrubs Unlimited is one of the most reputable stores known for selling hospital scrubs, lab coats, and other medical supplies.

Based on Google reviews, it has a satisfactory rating of 4.6 stars.

It offers in-store shopping and also delivery.

Scrubs Unlimited sells what it calls “High-Performance Fabric,” which also ensures safety and comfort in the workplace.

One men’s scrub labeled as the “Professional Men’s V-neck Top” will cost you about $18, and the “Professional Men’s Led Drawstring Cargo Pant” will cost you somewhere around $20.

Check out their website here: https://www.scrubsunlimited.com


Marscrubs is another wholesale scrubs retailer based at 1268 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles.

It’s much cheaper than the other options we came across.

It sells one scrubs set for $12, which includes a v-neck shirt with three pockets and a double cargo elastic drawstring that has five pockets.

They sell scrubs in a wide range of colors, starting from the traditional blue to black, burgundy, green, pink, and white.

Another set of scrubs sold in the hot pink color is for $7. The shirt has a tie-back and two pockets, whereas the drawstring pants have four pockets.

For more products and pricing, visit http://sassonscrubs.com/marscrubs

Michaels Medical Uniforms

Michaels Medical Uniforms has a good rating of 4.8 stars on Google reviews!

It’s located at 1310 S Los Angeles St B.

It sells a variety of medical uniforms- perfect for scrubs!

One of their popular sales is the “Barco Uniform” for men, which is shown in the famous TV show “Grey’s Anatomy.”

This top will cost you $25, and it is made of pleasant material that wicks off sweat and keeps the wearer comfortable during the long shifts.

The elastic bottoms will also cost you $25.

You’ll get these two pieces in two shades of blue and burgundy.

For more information, head over to www.michaelsmedicaluniforms.com now!

Dress A Med

Dress A Med is the most popular wholesaler among all others!

With a perfect Google rating of 5 stars, it is well-known in Los Angeles.

It sells both sets and singular articles.

It is based at 1031-1/2 S. Los Angeles Street.

On their website, you’ll be pleased to find that you can contract a loyalty program as well as buy gift cards!

They sell one six-pocket classic scrub set for males for around $35.

For women, a seven-pocket scrub in the color pink is sold for $35 normally and $25 if it is on sale!

To purchase in bulk online, check out their website https://dressamed.com.

Scrubs LA

Based in Pasadena, Scrubs LA has had many reviews attesting to its good customer service and excellent quality products!​​

They also offer in-store shopping as well as delivery.

They sell products from brands like “Hedley & Bennett” and “Wonder Wink.”

In order to do business with Scrubs LA, you are required to fill out a wholesale form, which is present on their website.

They sell Tall Scrub Pants, Printed Tops, Petite Scrub Pants, as well as Cartoon Prints!

You will also find nursing scrubs on their website.

Their store hours are from 10:00 am till 7:30 pm. On the weekends, they start an hour late.

For more information about products and pricing, visit https://www.scrubsla.com.

Dagacci Medical Uniform

This medical uniform wholesaler is based in main Los Angeles.

The areas where they serve are in Los Angeles and nearby areas, as well as Brazil.

Most of their reviews are positive, and customers claim that their scrubs are lightweight and have non-absorbent material.

They also claimed that the customer service was satisfactory.

Their best-selling unisex sets cost somewhere around $18. Its color ranges from different shades of blue to pink and green.

The set includes their classic v-neck top with two top pockets as well as three side cargo elastic pants. You also have the option of embroidering them!

Visit their website for more information: https://www.dagacci.com

Faith Uniforms

Faith uniforms is a wholesale scrubs retailer that sells a variety of products alongside scrubs.

However, we’ll only be focusing on scrubs!

Faith Uniforms sells scrubs in sets. It sells the women’s classic basic uniform for about $30.00

It also sells the classic basic uniform for men for about $39! They are available in all sizes and colors- these include different shades of different colors available for both men and women.

They claim to sell a superior 600 thread fabric count, which ensures that the uniforms don’t tear, shrink, or fade.

All tops and pants are cut from the same dye lot.




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