Investment objects, such as a designer purse, are frequently emphasized by trend setters. And it’s because they believe that a well-priced item may completely revolutionize your wardrobe.

Although a bag’s high price tag (especially when used) can be scary, it often saves you money in the long run.

While handbags may occasionally have budget-friendly options, it is recommended that you invest in models that you know you will use for years to come.

Designer purses, of course, are more durable, make an outfit look more polished and expensive, and keep their worth better. As a result, they’re completely worth the money.

List of Wholesale Purses And Handbags Vendors in New York

  • Savvy New York
  • Qfashionworld
  • EM Handbags
  • Odell New York
  • Inshandbags

1. Savvy New York

Savvy New York has fashionable handbags for sale at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a wholesale fashion handbags vendor, you’ve come to the right place.

Savvy New York has every type of bag, in every shape and color, to suit every fashion taste. Appeal to your customer’s savvy side with their new, fashionable, and attractive women’s handbags.

Contact Info:

TEL: 212-967-0288     



2. Qfashionworld

Since 2006, when they chose the business model of sales on Qfashionworld web and in real stores, this company has been a major wholesale designers handbags shopping mall based in the United States.

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New arrivals occur at least four times per month.

At the same time, they bring clients up to date on new product information, such as pricing (style, hardware, fabric and so on).

They not only pioneered e-commerce, but they also became the industry leader in bags.

Contact Info:

Tel: 212-967-1861



3. EM Handbags

Situated In NEW YORK, EM Handbag offers high-quality lady’s VEGAN handbags. Em Handbag carries a wide selection of attractive handbags at amazing pricing. You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re looking for a wholesale fashion handbags merchant.

They have every shape and color of bag to fit any fashion sense. EM’s fresh, contemporary, and elegant women’s handbags will appeal to your clients.

Contact Info:





4. Odell New York

Odell New York is a major importer and wholesaler of handbags based in New York.

Their enthusiasm and creativity have inspired them to create a variety of handbags ranging from the basic tote, hobo, and bucket to designer satchel, messenger, quilted, folding flap, wristlet, and a variety of other styles and shapes.

They are concerned with what is fashionable and what would ‘appear attractive on their customers.

Contact Info: 

Address: 1856 Troutman Street, Ridgewood, NY 11385

Tel: 718-366-6083

Fax: 718-366-6039



5. Inshandbags

Since 2003, Inshandbags INC has been a prominent importer and wholesaler of innovative fashion products in New York. They claim to offer unbeatable pricing on high-quality purses, hair accessories, presents, and accoutrements.

Contact Info:

Address: Ins Handbags inc, 124 West 30th #2 store, NEW YORK , NY 10001


TEL: 1-212-631-8006



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