A prom is an event that every student looks forward to. This is the one event where everyone is striving to look their best.

When thinking about prom, the first thing that comes to mind is pop music, students dancing, and, of course, their gorgeous and extravagant dresses.

When it comes to prom shopping, there are a lot of options.

Many people prefer to shop at high-end designer labels, whereas others prefer to shop at thrift stores and wholesalers.

While shopping through those designers may be a cool experience, if you want a unique dress, then we suggest looking through wholesalers.

These wholesalers get their collections from different brands, and you will most likely find something that isn’t out on the market.

And even if you are a retailer looking for unique prom dresses to sell this prom season, you have come to the right place.

Continue reading to find out about LA’s well-known wholesaler vendors.


Tyche started in Los Angeles by introducing extravagant dresses to the world.

The goal of the brand was to sell fun and trendy clothes that are full of color.

In every retail shop, we usually see repetitive dresses that have been going around for a while.

Tyche wanted to put a stop to this. This is why they created a brand that sold colorful and bold dresses at lower prices.

The brand produces its dresses for different boutiques and wholesale vendors.

They are also sold nationwide.

This brand introduces bold patterns, unique embellishment, and soft fabric.

All the dresses from the brand are striking and unique.

When shopping here, you will be sure to find dresses that appeal to every individual’s taste.

The brand also gives off different discounts and sales.

When shopping in bundles, you can get exclusive discounts.

Visit the website for more details.

Wow Dear

Wow, Dear is another famous wholesaler brand that comes to mind when talking about prom dresses.

They have a variety of different prom dresses for you to choose from.

If your business is more about selling simple and casual prom dresses, then the brand is a must-visit.

Their goal is to sell some of the best quality prom dresses, so you won’t have to worry about the texture of the dresses.

They have some great options for dresses at lower prices compared to other wholesaler brands. On August 1, 2010, this entry was published.

You can visit the store or ask for an online consultation.

Their customer service is also top-notch.

All your inquiries will be answered by the team working at WowDear.

Check out the website for more details.

SMC Fashion

SMC Fashion is another well-known LA-based wholesaler.

If you want a variety of extravagant dresses that look designer-made, then SMC Fashion is the brand to shop from.

These dresses are sophisticated and have diverse styles.

You will be sure to catch the eyes of many when you display dresses from the brand in your store.

All their dresses are of the finest quality and embellished with intricate details.

Make sure you book an appointment first before you shop for your order.

The team at SMC Fashion makes sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

You can call the helpline if you need assistance, or you can visit the store and contact the team in person.

Visit the store for more information.

Wholesale Dress Outlet

Wholesale Dress Outlet is another famous LA-based wholesaler brand.

The brand has expertise in ballgowns, sleek dresses, and other extravagant prom dresses.

They have a huge collection for you to choose from.

Whether your business is about heavy ballgowns or you sell sleek and elegant dresses, they have it all in store for you.

You can browse through the website and see what masterpieces they sell.

All their dresses are made from the finest raw materials.

Their intricate details and needlework are proof of that.

Before ordering your bulk collection, make sure you contact the team and inquire about the prices, discounts, shipping fees, etc.

They’ll be sure to accommodate you based on your budget.

Visit the website for more details.

JJS House

If you are looking for a variety of unique dresses, then JJS House is the place to go.

The brand offers unique and stunning dresses that are of the highest quality at affordable prices.

They also have additional sales that further lower the price.

Apart from fancy prom dresses, they also have stunning shoes and accessories.

So, if you feel like you want to broaden the spectrum of your business, you can get stunning shoes and jewelry all from one place.

They also offer free shipping in LA.

Their order policy is that you will get the order in 2–3 working days if you order from LA.

For international shipping, your order would arrive within a week, depending on where you are ordering from.

Visit the website for more details.

Los Angeles Merchandise

How can we forget LA Merchandise when talking about LA-based wholesalers?

The brand is one of the most famous when it comes to prom dresses.

This is the go-to place for many men and women who are shopping for their prom event.

The brand features extravagant gowns that are of the finest quality.

They also have men’s tuxes and suits so you can get both formal dresses and men’s suits, all in one place.

Before shopping in bulk, make sure you consult the brand manager and figure out the deal before the purchase.

Visit the website for more details.

The Dress Outlet

If you want to buy prom dresses at a lower price, then The Dress Outlet is the place to visit.

They have a 3-day shipping policy, which means your order will be shipped within these three days.

The brand also has some of the finest quality dresses that appeal to everyone.

They also have personal sales assistants that are available to you to make the experience of shopping easy.

Before ordering, you have to sign up for an account.

The account makes you eligible for exclusive discounts and sales.

Visit the website for more details.




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