Are you looking for trusted vendors to source some fine pieces of jewelry? Such as necklace pendants at wholesale prices! If so, make sure to give this article a thorough read!

Elegant and stylish, necklace pendants are a must-have item in everyone’s jewelry collection.

For this reason alone, they make a great investment option for business owners.

However, it is necessary to ensure that your supplier is reliable and can be trusted with the quality of the product before getting into the business.

Sifting through the marketplaces to find the perfect vendor can be a tedious task which is exactly why we have assembled this list of best necklace pendants wholesalers.

1. Sonara Jewelry

Sonara Jewelers have an extensive experience of over 35 years in the jewelry industry.

Their wide array of latest and trendy necklace pendant designs is truly remarkable! They deal in everything ranging from diamond to gold and sterling pendants in various shapes and colors.

With such plentiful variety at rates way below the market prices, it won’t be wise to miss an opportunity like this.

They manufacture and import one of, if not the best, jewelry pieces and are well-reputed in the business.

Check out their website: Sonara Jewelry: Wholesale Diamond, Gemstone, & Sterling Silver …

2. Milanus Jewelry Wholesale

A family-owned and operated business like none other!

Over the last 21 years, Milanus Gold Layered has established itself as one of the best suppliers to wholesalers and retailers in the USA, South America, Europe, and recently Africa.

Their unique collection of gold layered jewelry is made with 8 layers of finishing, with maximum attention to the quality of the end product.

Whether you need necklace pendants made of stainless steel, sterling silver, or layered with gold, Milanus Jewelry is here to serve you.

Check out their website: Milanus Jewelry Wholesale | Oro Laminado | Gold Filled | Gold ….

3. US Jewelry House

Located in New York, US Jewelry House ensures that its name is aligned with the latest trends and styles in the jewelry market.

They host a large assortment of short-chain gold dipped necklace pendants in chick and cool designs. Other than that, they also offer; glass stone pendants, layered pendant necklaces, and unique symbolic pieces as well.

Their online inventory is limited so if you want to purchase items in large quantities, it is better to visit their store in the city.

They have exceptional customer care service and a flexible return/refund policy.

Check out their website: US Jewelry House – Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Wholesale

4. TrendyWholesale

TrendyWholesale aims to supply quality products in the most recent styles.

As is apparent from its name, TrendyWholesale has managed to distinguish itself in the wholesale jewelry market with great products and the lowest prices.

In addition to that, their extraordinary packaging and color thumbnail packing list also sets them apart and makes their unboxing process a hassle-free process.

A separate section dedicated to pendant necklaces offers you a great deal to choose from and make sure to visit their new arrivals page to see their brand-new articles.

Check out their website: Trendy Wholesale.

5. Ole Fashion Inc

Ole Fashion Inc is your go-to wholesale place in Los Angeles.

They are dedicated to providing elegant and innovative designs with adept handiwork for everyone and any occasion.

Their necklace pendant category is extremely vast as they boast pendants made in stainless steel, pearl, western style, zirconium, stone, and even crystal.

Chic and cool designs along with fancy colors, their inventory is full to the brim with exquisite pieces for everyone.

They are committed to providing value to your business at the best prices.

Check out their website: Ole Fashion Inc. – One Stop Shop For Wholesale Jewelry.

6. Kaash USA

KAASH USA prides itself on its quality and beauty.

They are very particular in regards to the manufacturing process of their jewelry items, which consists of 8 layers. It ensures great finishing and durability in their products.

Their authentic high-quality materials at reasonable wholesale prices set them apart from their competitors in the business.

If you are on the lookout for premium quality necklace pendants, Kaash is the right place to go.

They provide animal pendants, kid pendants, angel pendants, evil-eye pendants, flower pendants, etc.

Check out their website: Kaashusa: Wholesale Jewelry, Oro Laminado, Gold Plated Jewelry.

7. Leia Jewelry

Leia Jewelry has been conducting its business with a passion for jewelry for the past 20 years.

Their goal is to provide an amazing customer experience and make your purchase worth the money.

They have a large range of items made with sterling silver, stainless steel, and brass. Not only that, but they also have a whole section dedicated to men’s jewelry items.

Dealing with Leia Jewelers may offer you a chance to expand your catalog and cater to a diverse group of customers.

Check out their website: Leia Jewelry | Wholesale Jewelry Supply, More than 10, 000 products.

8. Silver Forte

Exclusive sterling silver pieces are their absolute specialty.

Their pendant collection is truly unmatched! Top-quality and intricate designs, their products are exclusive to their store and are not available anywhere else in the market.

All the items are sold at wholesale prices only and they also offer large discounts for bulk buyers.

A 65% discount on orders above $200 is a great deal!

Free shipping on orders over $500 and a 5-day return policy are also a part of their exceptional customer service.

Check out their website: Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Online

9. Ruby Imports

Ruby Imports is all about great customer care and is committed to ensuring that their customer’s businesses benefit from their services.

They aim to provide their customers with premium wholesale jewelry products at the lowest prices so that the buyers are satisfied to the max.

You are bound to find everything, from round beads pendant necklaces to shell heart pendant necklaces, at Ruby Imports. Their theme design necklaces are in a league of their own as well.

As a jewelry wholesaler, they also pledge to provide discounted shipping rates song with limited-time seasonal rates.

Check out their website: Rubyimports.




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