Clothing retailers are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition.

One way to do this is to provide high-quality luxury clothing items for their customers.

Wholesale luxury robes are a great way to accomplish this, as they can be more affordable than retail robes and still provide the quality that customers expect.

There is a large market for these types of robes, and retailers can find a variety of designs and colors to appeal to their customers.

But with all this pressure of providing the best, it may get a little challenging for wholesale buyers to get their hands on luxury robes with the softest fabric at a very affordable price.

This article aims at solving this dilemma once and for all.

In this article, you will find a list of reliable, high-class quality luxury robe suppliers in the US, making get easy for you to stock up on the best supplies in town.

Chadsworth And Haig

The brand Chandworth & Haig claims to design the best robe you or your guest will ever wear- one that is so comfy that you will never want to take it off.

If you want to supply robes to a hotel or a spa, Chadsworth & Haig is where you choose from.

They design stylish, durable, comfortable, and high-quality robes for luxury hotels all around the world.

They also have their own in-house embroidery to make sure that the quality of the product stays intact.

The best part is they are super affordable with uncompromising quality.

After all, what more would a customer want?

Check out their website:

Alpha Cotton

If you want a selection of 100% cotton fabric robes, which are also elegant and stylish, then you probably want to shop wholesale from Alpha Cotton.

They have the best quality cotton fabric robes that do not lose their color and shine even after multiple washes.

Additionally, they also provide silk, lace, and satin robes that are available in a range of colors.

You can also customize your clothes in any color and embroidery that you may like.

To add the cherry on top, their robes are super affordable and budget-friendly, with high quality.

Check out their website:

Boca Terry

The brand’s hands-on experience in manufacturing customizable bathrobes and spa accessories for more than two decades forces one to believe in the quality that Boca Terry is offering.

They manufacture luxurious robes with exceptional fabrics and timeless designs, which are not only of uncompromised quality but also come with very competitive price tags.

With an extensive range of styles available, you’ve got a lot to choose from.

Whether it’s the hooded robe, Cateye robe, the midi robe, the mini stripe robe, or maybe an organic one, they have it all!

They currently supply their products to many luxurious hotels and world-class brands.

Check out their website:


RobesNmore is a family-owned and operated business that has been manufacturing and wholesaling bathrobes, towels, and other linens for almost 15 years.

They offer robes for everyone, quite literally.

Whether it’s for a man, woman, or child, they have robes for all genders and ages. They also sell designer robes for newly-weds and brides.

They have high-quality robes that are available in every design, style, and color you could ever want.

The best part about this brand is that they offer the service of customization according to one’s liking.

To add on, they are a very affordable brand, with their robes starting from only $15 per piece.

Plus, they also offer free shipping for orders above $150.

Check out their website:

Towel Hub

Towel Hub offers high-quality Spa robes and Terry cloth robes.

The Terry cloth robes have a super absorbent material on the inside and a velvety texture on the outside.

They also offer robes in waffle-weave fabrics, which are very lightweight and easy to carry. They make their wearer feel as if they aren’t wearing anything at all!

The robes made from these two materials are the most sold items on their website and all-time customers’ favorites too.

They offer special low wholesale prices for other wholesalers and customers who buy in bulk.

The price at which they sell, combined with their finest quality, is the one attribute unmatched by any other brand in the whole linen industry.

Check out their website:


Matouk’s products are as luxurious as their name sounds.

They sell the finest robes with plush exteriors to warm interiors that make you feel cozy and warm, giving you a homely feeling as soon as you wear them.

They have been in business for almost 100 years, and their quality is still as good and exceptional as it was back then.

Although the robes at Matouk may seem a little pricey, the kind of quality and styles that they are offering, their robes are fairly priced.

If you want to attract high-end clients to your spas and hotels, Matouk’s luxury robes will do the trick.

Check out their website:

Robe Mart

Robe Mart is a brand known for selling distinct yet alluring robes to its customers.

Whether they are for a spa, a beauty clinic, a luxury 5-star hotel, or maybe just for yourself, Robe Mart is the perfect place to buy robes from.

Their Turkish cotton robes are best known for their softness, floatiness, and absorbance, making them a perfect choice for any climate.

They also have Terry cloth robes with long hoods, which keep your head warm and cozy. These types of robes are one of the popular choices amongst A-star hotels.

Their range of satin and silk robes is the one to die for.

With vibrant colors and silky texture, one does look elegant and tempting whilst wearing them.

To give a personalized touch to the robes, Robe Mart allows its customers to add additional monograms, embroidery, rhinestones, or any kind of design and embellishments of their choice.

They have a very budget-friendly price range and also offer special incentives for wholesalers and customers who buy in bulk.

They also provide free shipping for orders above $150.

Check out their website:



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