Scrubbing is exfoliating your skin, removing the dead skin cells from the epidermis of your skin to bring out fresh new skin cells. The whole process is meant to enlighten the glow your skin is hiding underneath all the dead cells.

People use scrubbing for the face, body and lip as well. There is a range of scrubs available I’m the market, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, chemical scrubs, coffee scrubs, Charcoal scrubs and many others.

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If you were looking for suppliers and vendors of lip scrubs, who are trusted and have the most affordable items, this article has a whole list of suppliers who sell wholesale lip scrubs.

List Of suppliers & vendors of wholesale lip scrubs:

  • Nature’s own cosmetics
  • Wholesale Supplies Plus
  • Wholesale Lip Scrubs
  • Faire
  • Naturally Balmy
  • Hera Beauty
  • Cosmeticholic



1.             Nature’s Own Cosmetics

Nature’s Own Cosmetics has been operating since 1983. The brand deals in a range of cosmetic supplies and skincare. They follow the new trends and innovative techniques to manufacture their products.

Nature’s Own Cosmetics has a range of scrubs for the body, face and lips. Their lip scrubs are manufactured using pure and gentle ingredients suitable for lips. They manufacture sugar lip scrubs mainly, which are infused with avocado oil, vitamin E, coconut oil, honey, and jojoba oil, all these ingredients regenerate the lips bringing out soft and non-flaky lips.

All their products are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, paraben-free and vegan. They maintain the quality of their products selling only the best possible supplies to their customers. They are a trusted wholesale supplier of lip scrubs in the homeland and internationally.

Contact Details

Call: 1 800 221 9489

Address: 80 Penn Dr, North York Ontario, M9L2A9, Canada.

Find the link to their page here.


2.             Wholesale Supplies Plus

Wholesale Supplies Plus came into being in 1999. The company started as a wholesaler of soaps, skincare and candle making supplies. The company since its start has been helping small businesses grow by offering its products at the most affordable prices.

Wholesale Supplies Plus has a variety of lip scrubs to offer to its customers. They are made with pure essential oils and quality ingredients that exfoliate them delicately leaving them baby soft. Their inventory is stocked with flavourful delicious lip scrubs, honey and sugar lip scrub kit, late lip scrub, morning coffee sugar lip scrub kit, peachy lip scrub kit and many more flavours.

They guarantee the quality of their products and use only high-quality materials in the making of their supplies. Wholesale Supplies Plus offer the most amazing prices for their customers.

Contact Details

Call: 1 800 359 0944

Find the link to their page here.

3.             Wholesale Lip Scrubs

Wholesale Lip Scrubs is owned by Gorgeously Yiddish Beauty, which has been in business for 20 years. Wholesale Lip Scrubs is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of lip products ranging from lip balms, lip scrubs, and lip oils which they sell all around the world.

They have quality lip scrubs which are prepared as soon as orders are placed by customers and are delivered fresh along with empty packaging. They have a huge variety of flavours and packaging options for their valued consumers.

Wholesale Lip Scrubs use only fresh and pure ingredients to create their products, which makes them so good. Their quality is guaranteed and they also offer great customer service to satisfy their clients.

Contact Details

Call: 248 562 5486


Find the link to their page here.


4.             Faire

Faire was founded in 2017 with the mission of helping small businesses and retailers grow. They are supplying their products to Europe and North America at the most affordable prices a wholesaler can offer.

They supply a variety of products ranging from home decor, beauty, jewellery, pet supplies and more. They have a vast collection of lip scrubs in different flavours and textures ranging from sugar five scrub, Island coconut lip scrub and a lot more.

Failure keeps quality supplies and their scrubs are made with high quality naturally derived materials, they maintain their brand image through keeping strict quality control and great customer service.

Contact Details

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5.             Naturally Balmy

Naturally Balmy is an organic manufacturer of skincare, based in Dorset. They guarantee to use superior quality raw materials and packaging as no brand does. Among many other skincare products, they manufacture top quality lip scrubs too.

Their lip scrubs are infused with essential oils, coconut oil and Jojoba oil. Which leave the lipa extra moisturised after use. Naturally, Balmy products are vegan free, organic and free from water and preservatives.

Naturally Balmy manufactures exceptional quality goods and maintain great customer service keeling a good name for their brand in the market.

Contact Details

Find the link to their page here.


6.             Hera Beauty

Hera Beauty is a probate label skincare manufacturer and wholesaler. They deal in a range of products varying from cleansers, balms, masks, moisturisers and scrubs. They also have a variety of lip scrubs which are made with supreme quality materials.

They manufacture and supply a range of lip scrubs in a variety of flavours and textures. Hera Beauty is a mass supplier of skincare, they supply their products all over the world.

Hera has become a trusted supplier through its amazing quality products and outstanding customer service.

Contact Details

Call: 44 01733 396 195

Find the link to their page here.


7.             Cosmeticholic

Cosmeticholic is a wholesale supplier of cosmetic and skincare based in downtown Los Angeles. They have been in business since 2006, trying to keep up with the latest trends and innovative manufacturing techniques.

They have a variety of skincare supplies including lip scrubs. They manufacture their lip scrubs using high quality, naturally derived raw materials such as sugar, coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. They produce bulk quantities of lip scrubs in a range of flavours and scents.

Cosmeticholic maintain their product quality through close monitoring and using fresh ingredients, they also provide great customer service to satisfy the consumer’s need.

Contact Details

Find the link to their page here.


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