Given that we spend so much of our time in bed, selecting high-quality bed linen is critical to making our mattresses the soothing havens they should be.

Bedding has two purposes: it contributes to the overall beauty of your bedroom, and it may create an inviting, warm cocoon that you look forward to returning to at the end of the day – and never want to leave when your alarm goes off!

It’s not a purchase that should be scrimped on because it plays such an important part in your bedroom (and, potentially, your slumber).

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High-quality, premium bed linen is an investment that pays for itself tenfold, but with so many options in terms of fiber, finish, pattern, and, of course, thread count, narrowing down the finest option can be tough.

List of Wholesale Linen Fabric Vendors And Suppliers:

  • Insta Linen
  • Nick Of Time Textiles
  • Ulster Linen
  • Empress Mills
  • Rijs Textiles
  • MagicLinen
  • Linen Boutique
  • Balti Flax
  • Koshtex
  • Natural Linen Fabrics

1. Insta Linen

Insta Linen aspires to be the best, not just in terms of product and fabric quality, but also in terms of customer service and shipment schedules. Their mission is to be the best in all areas, which explains why they have a 99.8% client retention rate.

Customer satisfaction is ensured because they prioritize their customers. Upholstery fabric, drapery fabric, bedding fabric, fashion and apparel fabric, and even Do It Yourself weddings have all used their linen textiles. Their linen textiles are dependable, quick, and economical thanks to a large assortment and broad stock program.

Contact Info:

Address: 1976 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034



2. Nick Of Time Textiles

They offer the lowest prices and the largest assortment of wholesale fabrics for decorators, merchants, apparel makers, and all fabric consumers at Nick of Time Textiles Ltd. They are a family-owned firm based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They provide reasonable rates, low minimums, unparalleled quality, same-day shipping, personalized “old-fashioned” service, and a choice of payment alternatives, to name a few.

They understand how important it is to have a large basic & designer quality knit inventory at low prices and minimums, with same-day shipping, in order to satisfy your fabric needs. 

They offer a wide sample range of the current patterns and knits in addition to the thousands of fabric pictures.

Nick of Time sells woven fabric for home decor, fashion, and everyday use. Their large selection of high-quality woven textiles is ready to ship right away. They have the woven fabric you need for any project, with the lowest rates and minimums on the internet and same-day shipment. We offer a vast sample range of the latest woven fabrics and patterns in addition to the 1000’s of fabric photographs.

Contact Info:

Address: 1701 Union Blvd. #301 Allentown PA 18109

Office : 610-395-4641

Fax: 610-439-2207



3. Ulster Linen

They are passionate about the linen they provide and want to serve folks who are concerned about the materials they use. They’re not looking for shortcuts or poor substitutes. They want to provide genuine linen fabric to those who value high-quality linens.

Contact Info:

Address: 383 Moffitt Boulevard, Islip NY 11751

TEL: 1-631-859-5244



4. Empress Mills

The narrative begins about a century ago, when John Ball (my Grandfather) came from Yorkshire to Lancashire to operate a mill that produced yarns for the burgeoning weaving industry of the time. 

A few textile magnates owned the company, with the goal of controlling the yarn supplies for their own mills. Human nature intervened – profit sharing was a major issue – and the mill was doomed!

In 1927, during a creditors’ conference, John scraped together enough funds to purchase the company, which he ran effectively with his daughter Kathleen and husband John until the 1970s, when the UK weaving industry collapsed.

Contact Info:

5. Rijs Textiles

Rijs Fabrics has a large selection of textiles. Sweat fabrics, jersey fabrics, cotton jerseys, children’s fabrics, and knitted cuffs fabrics are only a few examples. 

Everything from classic gingham plaid cotton to durable and robust jute can be found in their assortment, whether you’re seeking for plain textiles or the most gorgeous patterns.

They have more than 50 years of experience in our profession and are based in the textile city of Tilburg. This is why they know everything there is to know about materials and everything that goes with them, from the needle to the thread.

Contact Info:


6. MagicLinen

The MagicLinen firm provides a comprehensive range of wholesale linen garments and home textiles made from excellent European linen. MagicLinen offers a fresh perspective on timeless classics with its subtle color palette and unique design features.

They like collaborating with like-minded boutiques and stores all over the world. Please contact them via email or request access to their B2B wholesale platform if you are interested in stocking their product. Alternatively, you can browse their entire catalog on Faire, a wholesale marketplace.

Contact Info:


7. Linen Boutique

They are a Lithuanian linen and fabric manufacturer and exporter. They specialize in high-quality European linen beds, home textiles, kitchen and dining textiles. All of their products are made in Lithuania and are handcrafted by our skilled seamstresses with great care and attention to detail.

Despite the fact that they are a tiny business, they collaborate with clothes designers, fabric weavers, colorists, and washers to fully tailor any wholesale order.

Contact Info:


8. Balti Flax

Flax cultivation and processing have been practiced in Lithuania for thousands of years. This plant, which has followed Lithuanians from ancient times, has a special position in their folklore and overall sense of the universe. 

Flax has even been linked to two ancient Lithuanian gods: Vaizgantas, the patron of flax farming, and Gabjauja, the guardian of the flax harvest.

The old Lithuanian countryside had a peaceful balance between daily life and agricultural activities. One of the key areas of endeavor was flax farming, which needs five times the effort of most crops. 

The distinctive material and medical effects of flax were greatly appreciated by Lithuanians, who included a variety of mythology, games, fairy tales, and songs into the flax cultivation and processing cycles. 

Larger celebrations were held at the start and end of the flax season, as well as at the most important events in flax production.

Contact Info:

Address: Baltic-Flax, UAB, Algirdo str. 40C, LT-03218 Vilnius, Lithuania



9. Koshtex

Despite the fact that Koshtex is a warehouse loaded with bolts upon bolts of fabric, the employees seemed to know where everything was. They know exactly what you’re searching for and can provide you with a variety of solutions at various pricing.

They have a lovely assortment of fabrics. The proprietor is highly informed and friendly.

Contact Info:


10. Natural Linen Fabrics

Natural linen fibres and their beauty are something they adore. Ada & Ina Natural Fabrics has hand-picked the most exquisite natural fabrics for curtains and upholstery from the greatest mills in Europe and beyond. 

This is their linen store on the internet. They provide a large selection of high-quality natural curtain and upholstery linen fabrics available online for both trade and retail consumers. 

Contact Info:



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