Makeup is a beauty tool that has become the new normal for many people all around the world. Makeup includes a vast variety of supplies from foundation, lipstick, concealer, to lashes, mascara, and setting powder.

The industry is growing rapidly with new and innovative products being introduced by a huge number of brands. Lashes are lash extensions, worn to give a fuller eye look. Many beauty brands concentrate on producing lashes as their worship is like a holy grail by makeup fanatics.

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If you are thinking about stepping into the market of retailing or selling make-up, it’s a great idea to look forward to. Lashes have been going up the trend with time.

You have come across the right article if you are searching for affordable wholesalers of lashes, this article has a list of well-known suppliers of lashes in Los Angeles, California.

Top 7 suppliers and vendors of wholesale lashes in Los Angeles, California:

  • Lucy Lee
  • Lash Me T
  • MK Beauty Club
  • Glad Girl
  • CALA
  • Lee’s Wholesale Beauty
  • J Lash


1.             Lucy Lee

Lucy Lee was established in 2020 as a hair fashion brand. They manufacture a variety of wigs and high fashion hairstyles. They supply hair clips, piano-inspired hair extensions, ming qing scalp caps, eyelashes, and many more other hair accessories.

They have vast experience of 29 years in producing revolutionary hair accessories and eyelashes. They have a huge range of eyelashes in their inventory including mink lashes, colour lashes, and multi-pack lashes.

Lucy Lee is a trusted supplier of eyelashes in Los Angeles, is an expert in manufacturing lashes and other hair extensions they have gained the trust of their customers. They also offer quick service and keep a close quality check.

Contact Details

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2.             Lash Me T

Lash Me T is a wholesale supplier of false lashes in Los Angeles.

They manufacture and sell quality lashes to their customers ranging from different styles, thicknesses, and lengths. They sell a minimum of 10 lashes and the maximum can exceed 100+ lashes per order.

They are one of the best-known wholesale suppliers of lashes in Los Angeles. They provide quality material at the most affordable price ranges.

Contact Details


Address: 7102 Central Ave, #1887, Los Angeles, CA 90001.

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3.             MK Beauty Club

MK Beauty Club is a well-known wholesale supplier of lashes and other beauty products, based in Los Angeles, California. The company is well known for its high-quality makeup and other accessories including lashes.

They have a variety of lashes and lash supplies to choose from including silk lashes, heavy lashes, light lashes, and curled lashes. They have a variety of faux lashes available ranging from different lengths, styles, and densities.

MK is a well-known supplier of lashes, trusted by many retailers and shop owners all around the United States.

Contact Details

Call: 323 730 2003

Address: 2109 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90001.

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4.             Glad Girl

Glad Girl is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of lash and brow supplies in America. The brand is recognized Internationally because of its quality products and services. They deal in eye las extensions, eyelashes, eyelash glue, and tweezers.

They have been serving the market for 40 years with their vegan and cruelty-free lashes. Many salons, make-up artists, professionals trust Glad Girl for their lash inventory and use their products proudly.

Glad Girl has extensive experience in the make-up industry and has been known as one of the most trusted suppliers of lashes in Los Angeles.

Contact Details

Call: 886 688 9621


Find the link to their page here.


5.             CALA

CALA was founded in 1982 and has grown enough to be recognized globally. The brand deals in beauty products. They supply and manufacture a vast range of supplies ranging from skincare, beauty tools, eyelashes, bath and spa, and hairbrushes.

They guarantee the quality of their products through strict check and control, also the manufacturing process is monitored carefully to ensure quality control. They have a broad spectrum of lashes available including natural lashes, 3D lashes, faux lashes, and more.

CALA supply their beauty products at the most affordable prices and ensure that their products are cruelty-free made with ethically derived top-quality ingredients.

Contact Details


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6.             Lee’s Wholesale Beauty

Lee’s Wholesale Beauty has been dealing in beauty supplies for a long time. They deal I’m a variety of makeup products and accessories, being one of the top wholesalers in Los Angeles.

Lee’s deals in make-up, hair, nails, and other accessories including eyelashes. They have a variety of eyelash collections made with top-quality synthetic hair and natural hair which can be worn multiple times. Their lash collection is vast ranging from different sizes, lengths, and styles.

Lee is one of the leading wholesalers of beauty supplies, they guarantee the quality of their products and are trusted by many retailers and resellers all around America.

Contact Details

Call: 213 623 7221


Address: 540 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Find the link to their page here.


7.             J Lash

J Lash is a mass manufacturer and wholesaler of beauty supplies in America. They deal in a variety of beauty products including eyelashes, eyebrows, skincare, and other accessories.

They guarantee the quality of their products, their lashes are advertised as handmade from scratch. They proudly call their lashes one of the best in the market which mimic real lashes and look extremely natural when worn. They have a wide range of eyelashes ranging from different styles, lengths, and thicknesses, allowing the customers a broader spectrum to choose from.

J Lash has been loved and trusted by retailers and shop owners from all around America for their exquisite and high-quality lashes available at very reasonable prices.

Contact Details

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