If you don’t know which vendor or supplier you should be contacting before stocking up items you’re your business, then buying in bulk can be a massive waste of money and effort.

However, if you go into it prepared, it may be a useful and cost-effective venture.

And to make sure you don’t go into it unprepared, we have gathered a list of top wholesale hoodies Vendors And Suppliers in Canada you can get in touch with for your business. If you are looking to get custom hoodies made, it is best that you contact clothing manufacturers directly.

List Of Wholesale Hoodies Vendors And Suppliers In Canada:

  1. Needen
  2. Emma Cloth
  3. Studio Love
  4. Bargains Group
  5. Wordans
  6. Blank Apparel
  7. Blank Clothing


Needen began their adventure in 2017 as a wholesale blank garment manufacturer in Canada, offering the highest quality and lowest pricing!

They had no idea, however, that it was only the beginning of a wonderful path of prosperity. Prestigious brands like ATC, New Era, and Red Kap were among the first of many to be introduced to their product line at nearly half the retail price!

They negotiated the finest deals to acquire the best rates on items and lowered prices in the most competitive way to become Canada’s largest wholesaler.

Needen’s goal is to slash the prices of all products sold in each category by as much as 70%! Every day, their team works hard to provide consumers with the best deal possible.

Choosing Needen implies you’ll be able to save a lot of money on the quantity you’re buying. The more you buy, the more you save!

Needen believes that customers are entitled to high-quality items at a fair cost. They also recognize the need of outstanding customer service in the new economy’s future growth.

Contact Info:

Tel: 1-647-945-6160 (Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST)

Email: customerservice@needen.ca, sales@needen.ca

Website: https://www.needen.ca/who-are-we

Emma Cloth

Since 2008, EmmaCloth.com, one of the first internet merchants, has been assisting fashion-conscious women in looking their best.

Their target customers are wholesalers who specialize in fast fashion apparel and are looking to attract fashionable women.

Emma Cloth is constantly striving to be excitingly original in order to provide their customers with the fashion forward goods they desire. Most significantly, they ensure customer shopping safety, allowing them to purchase without concern for their online security.

Contact Info:

Tel: +86 139 1391 0675

Email: wholesale@emmacloth.com

Website: https://www.emmacloth.com/

Studio Love

They feel that the best way to get the most out of your business is to brand their specially selected range of dancer suitable street apparel, promotional things, and company gear and sell it to your community for a profit.

You’ll need fashion-forward fashions that kids love to wear, interesting brand decoration styles like Chroma Bling or Applique, and, most importantly, wholesale costs if you want your studio gear to sell. And you can get all of that only at Studio Love.

Contact Info:

Tel: 1-866-960-1606

Email: sales@studiolove.ca

Website: https://studiolove.ca/

Bargains Group

The Bargains Group was founded in 1988 by Jody Steinhauer, Chief Bargain Officer, and has since evolved to become Canada’s favorite discount supplier of promotional products, clothes, t-shirt printing, accessories, gifts, bedding, personal hygiene products, and more. They provide these high-quality products at below-wholesale prices to corporations, non-profits, and retailers for brand promotion, charitable giving, and profitable resale.

Bargains Group is known for their $2 t-shirts and $50 socks, but they also have over 10,000 additional promotional and non-branded items, with fresh stock arriving every day.

Their creative team is committed to providing absolutely great customer service and all of our products are shipped from Canada.

Every dollar counts when your purpose is to promote hope and save lives. That’s why The Bargains Group’s non-profit products are trusted by philanthropic organizations across Canada.

Their firm embodies the philosophy of their founder, Jody Steinhauer, “Giving back makes good business sense.” Bargains Group is known as the apparel provider that offers $2 t-shirts. They’ve helped thousands of non-profits extend their budgets for family apparel, accessories, presents, toys, bedding, hygiene products, fundraising goods, and more by helping them stretch their budgets up to four and five times.

The Salvation Army, Red Cross, Canadian Mental Health Association, Crime Stoppers, Habitat for Humanity, Raising the Roof, and hundreds of other organizations benefit from The Bargains Group. \

Through their Donor Direct Referral Program, they also work with corporate and community donors. It allows your contributors to call them directly, saving time and money and ensuring that you receive more of the products you require.

Bargain’s Group is Canada’s Best Choice for Promotional Products.

If you’re putting your name on a promotional item, it has to be of high quality. Promotional items such as branded t-shirts, golf shirts, ball caps, water bottles, sports bags, golf towels, and office accessories are all available from Bargains Group at unbeatable prices. When Jody Steinhauer formed Bargain’s Group in 1988, he personally looked for deals and passed on the savings to a growing number of happy clients for their meetings and events, product branding, and trade exhibitions.

Other promotional goods companies can now claim hundreds of thousands of things on offer thanks to the Internet. However, at The Bargains Group, they continue to personally guarantee the outstanding value of every promotional product we sell in Canada.

Their website’s products are also available at their Toronto showroom, which you are welcome to visit.

Do you want to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive retail environment? Bargains Group is a go-to wholesaler for everyday reductions that matter to Canadians because of its extensive market knowledge and essential supplier relationships. Thousands of stores around the country, including Winners, Army Navy, and Giant Tiger, as well as smaller chains and independents, have come rely on them for high-quality merchandise at below-wholesale pricing.

Fast turnaround times and a popular “Pack and Hold” service that locks in pricing for up to 6 months, allowing you to reserve stock at the lowest wholesale cost, are just a few of the ways they’ve tailored their personalized service to the special needs of retail.

Bargains Group is known for their wholesale clothes, which includes $2 t-shirts and $50 socks, but they also have over 10,000 things on sale for up to 80% off.

They’re always looking for new products to give you so you can keep your customers coming in the door.

Contact Info:

Address: 890 Caledonia Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6B3Y1

CALL: 1-877-868-5655 or 416-785-5655

FAX: 416-785-1647

EMAIL: info@bargainsgroup.com

Website: https://www.bargainsgroup.com


Wordans began their journey in 2015 as a wholesale blank garment company in Canada, offering the highest quality and lowest pricing! They didn’t stop there after making tens of thousands of consumers happy; they went above and above and expanded their product line.

Prestigious brands like New Balance, Puma, American Apparel, and Adidas were among the first of many to be introduced to their product line for nearly half the retail price!

Wordans expanded their business from Canada to the United States and subsequently to Europe in 2016, bringing their outlandish offers to a global audience.

They are currently the world’s largest low-price wholesaler after negotiating with innumerable suppliers at their source and expressing their concept of eliminating the middlemen.

Contact Info:

Tel: 1-647-945-6160 (Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST)

Email: customerservice@wordans.ca, sales@wordans.ca

Website: https://www.wordans.ca/

Blank Apparel

When people think about wholesale t-shirts and other stuff, they often picture a bunch of factory seconds, but Blank Apparel only sells high-quality clothing and accessories.

Blank Apparel only carries the best clothing from today’s top brands, and they always have a large assortment of clothing from well-known companies like Gildan, Bella + Canvas, to Comfort Colors, and many others.

Their crew can further assist you in finding the blank shirts you need to fit everyone on your list, whether you need one or a thousand.

Wholesale hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and more are all available in a number of designs and sizes when the weather becomes cooler.

For team sports and other club activities, blank hoodies and sweatshirts are ideal. Pullovers, for example, might be used as corporate clothing or promotional freebies.

In their large range of wholesale work jackets, you’ll find jackets that are ideal for the workplace. Blank Apparel has a number of wholesale alternatives for hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, and pullovers to help you discover the best set-up.

Contact Info:

Phone: (604) 637-9663, (604) 637-9663

Business Hours: Mon – Fri (8AM – 4PM PST)

Address: Blank Apparel, 24 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1B3

Website: https://www.blankapparel.ca

Blank Clothing

BlankClothing.ca is a Canadian online distributor of blank promotional gear that is designed for printing and embroidery. Do you require attractive gear with your logo for your business, league, team, school, or organization?

Blank Clothing can decorate your items for you, or you may get a quote from a local embroiderer or screen printer in your region. They may either ship the blank garments to you or drop ship them to your preferred decorator! You simply need to click online and place your order!

Quality outerwear, athletic clothes, workwear, uniforms, sweatshirts, polo shirts, accessories, and more are available at BlankClothing.ca. Bulk discounts allow you to save more money the more you buy. Simply go online and place your order today with no minimums and no account necessary!

Contact Info:

Tel: 1 (604) 424-9557
Address: 24 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1B3
Website: https://blankclothing.ca/about-us/



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