Summer around the corner and yet no Hawaiian shirts in your closet? Get your hands on some of the most interesting and quality Hawaiian shirts in the town!

If you are looking for clothing manufacturers in Hawaii, check out this article.

List of Wholesale Hawaiian Shirts Vendors and Suppliers:

  • SRG Fashion
  • Q Custom Clothing
  • Two Palms
  • Apparel Stuff

1. SRG Fashion

SRG Fashion is a sophisticated tailoring company that provides products to companies all over the world.

They have the expertise and understanding to make finished garments that are current with today’s fashion while evolving to suit new trends, thanks to their over 25 years of apparel experience.

Contact Info:

Address: 19-71 41st Street, Astoria, NY 11105

TEL: (718) 626-9600 (Phone) / (718) 626-9601 (Fax)



2. Q Custom Clothing

Some things never seem to change. Quintex has always been about helping people look their best, from its beginnings as a dyeworks company in 1911, when they helped Winnipeggers revive their old garments, to the full-service uniforms and facilities services company they are today. 

Quintex is trusted by over 2,500 Manitoba businesses and organizations, a duty they take very seriously.

Beyond providing excellent service at a reasonable price, their number one goal is to make clients’ life easier. They accomplish this by assisting them in keeping their personnel well-dressed, their floors clean, and their buildings well-stocked with those easy-to-forget things that you only notice when they are missing. 

You could say they’re their clients’ quiet collaborators behind the scenes.

Contact Info:

Address: 543 Garwood Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3L 2R2, Canada

TEL: 204-987-8633




Royaura® is a global clothing e-commerce company that specializes in selling shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and other apparel to customers all over the world.

With expert customer service, they have grown significantly in worldwide scope since their inception, earning recognition and trust from clients all over the world, particularly in North America.

The brand was established in January 2021 and has always been dedicated to providing professional protection based on the philosophy of “Simplicity and Quality.” 

Its company spans more than 20 nations and regions around the world, combining function with fashion, convenience, and comfort.

Their initial goal was to design exclusive men’s clothes that were also comfy. 

Contact Info:

TEL:(020)2986 1190

ADDRESS: Xiangxin Road, Shahepu, Gushi County, Henan Province




KY’S Hawaiian Aloha shirt manufacturer focuses on high-quality productions and offers wholesale Hawaiian shirts, Mu’u mu’u, women’s Hawaiian dresses, and retail Hawaiian outfits under the KY’S brand, all of which are created in Hawaii, USA.

At KY’S, they provide a wide range of things to help you incorporate the island lifestyle into your daily routine. They have happily continued to manufacture in Honolulu for almost 30 years.

They are Hawaii’s fastest-growing aloha-wear manufacturer. 

They create their own Hawaiian patterns, and all of their products are created by locals in Hawaii. Their company’s mission is to produce high-quality goods at reasonable pricing.

They value your company’s success. Each transaction is handled with integrity and effort in order to win your trust.

Contact Info:

Address: 819 Moowaa St #207, Honolulu, HI, 96817, USA

Tel: (808)-853-2226 Fax: (808)-853-2236




Their quest began in the coastal city of Dana Point, California, three decades ago. The line has expanded to embrace the coastal lifestyle and culture, with roots in the surf culture of southern California. 

Ocean, travel, music, art, and culture are all sources of inspiration for them. They’re committed to turning fine art into cloth that’s fitted in California and brought to life in each of their Hawaiian Shirts.

They are celebrating 33 years of designing and producing USA MADE Apparel and Hawaiian Shirts this year. 

Since 1988, all of their aloha shirts and apparel have been manufactured in California.

Over 150 specialty boutiques across the world carry their collection.

All of the Hawaiian shirts available here are constructed of combed cotton with a high thread count, authentic coconut buttons, and a design that matches the pockets nicely.

Contact Info:

Address: High Seas Trading Co., 23482 Peralta Dr. D-2, Laguna Hills, Ca 92653

Phone: 949-380-8641


6. Two Palms

They began manufacturing in the year 2000 after being founded in 1989.

A significant ready-to-ship inventory is kept in their 10,000 square foot facility.

Ward village is located around seven minutes outside of Waikiki Beach.

Please contact them to schedule a meeting for wholesale buyers. If you’re in a hurry, and who isn’t these days, give them a call right now to learn more about their wholesale program.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1-808-524-4004


7. Apparel Stuff

Once you email them your logo and any pattern ideas you may have, one of their artists will produce FREE sample pattern ideas for you.

They are now one of the top providers of custom-made Hawaiian shirts to a wide range of businesses and organizations. Their orders have varied in size from 50 to 20,000 units.

They are honored to be valued sellers to several of the world’s most prestigious corporations. 

Their dedication to quality, honesty, and price competitiveness is unwavering.

These custom-made products will look and feel great in your company, club, or organization! 

There will be a silky, velvety feel to the fabric, as well as vibrant colors that will not bleed or fade.

Contact Info:

TEL: 800.674.3480




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