Supreme hair vendors are now in your city! So what are you waiting for? Browse through our list of Wholesale Hair Vendors in New York and get access to premium wigs and hair accessories.

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List of Wholesale Hair Vendors in New York:

  • Pretty Party
  • Lia Schorr
  • Faire
  • EBIN
  • BeautyLucyHair
  • The Hair Shop
  • Mane Beauty

1. Pretty Party

PRETTYPARTY was formed in 2017 in Los Angeles, a city known for its gorgeous people and cutting-edge beauty trends, as well as the birthplace and hometown of its founder, Laura Mayer. Laura opted to focus on the hair category first while creating the next big varied beauty brand, then apply the same key principles to other beauty product categories. 

PRETTYPARTY’s mission is simple: to deliver fashionable, innovative designs and goods to individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and lifestyles that save time and money, promote health as an important aspect of beauty, and create eye-catching, shareable looks.

Trends aren’t born in ad campaigns, the corporation understands. They are born in your house or on the streets, where originality reigns supreme, where style is founded on imagination, enjoyment, and the proper goods, and where everybody can reasonably and simply bring out their own inner beauty.

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2. The Lia Schorr

Students can train with Ms. Schorr at the Lia Schorr Institute of Cosmetic Skin Care Training Inc. in a gratifying and difficult program that includes lecture, written assignments, and significant clinical experience. 

The Institute is dedicated to developing Estheticians who are knowledgeable in their field, committed to providing excellent client care, and have a strong business foundation. 

Contact Info:


TEL: (212) 486-9541


3. Faire

Their goal is to give independent entrepreneurs the tools they need to pursue their goals. They aim to level the playing field for small businesses everywhere by simplifying the wholesale buying process and bringing together independent brands and retailers from around the world.

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At EBIN NEW YORK, they believe in the beauty of everyday life. EBIN NEW YORK has evolved to become a major brand in the cosmetics market since its inception in 2014.

They’re redefining the beauty business to bring forth your natural beauty. They believe that everyone should have the creative freedom to express their beauty, and that this freedom should be available to everyone. 

They’re always innovating and discovering new aesthetic advancements in order to stay ahead of the curve and exceed expectations at every turn.

EBIN is dedicated to motivating and honoring your true self so that you can see the beauty in everyday life as well.   

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5. BeautyLucyHair

They have over 20 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. They have a wealth of knowledge and have been the fastest-growing company in the industry for the past four years. They provide you with the most creative and finest quality hair on the market because to their experience and commitment.

They collaborate closely with their manufacturer and hair stylists to ensure that customers receive the greatest quality and style of hair products. 

They set the trend in the beauty industry ahead of all competitors thanks to frequent upgrades and innovative stylists.

Through their E-commerce portal, BeautyLucyHair strives to provide the finest experience to their consumers by providing the best value in the beauty market. 

They have established the most trustworthy product quality stability due to their physical store position in the heart of New York City’s fashion wholesale sector. Customers from all around the world would come to New York City headquarters for wholesale orders because of their consistent quality.

Due to their new shipments every two weeks, they are one of the most varied and trendy companies in the business, so expect their product list to be updated with new styles on a regular basis.

Contact Info:

Tel: 718-216-1077 / 212-683-7118


6. The Hair Shop

They have a great passion for providing high-quality hair enhancement products and education to professional hairdressers and consumers with over 30 years in the haircare industry. 

They assure that each hairpiece is created with 100 percent natural Remy human hair for a smooth look and long-lasting wear as a leading supplier of professional hair extensions and tools.

They have everything you need to create a successful style, from ready-to-wear hairpieces to professional hair extensions and tools to education on revolutionary new techniques. 

Keratip ®, I-Tip, Smart Tabs ® Tape-ins, Skinweft Tape-ins, and One-Step Weft are some of their professional hair extension products.

Allow their specialists at The Hair Shop to help you transform your hair with their long-lasting hair extensions and hair enhancement products, which come in over 65 carefully selected colors.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 1 (800) 980-4744

Fax number: 1 (323) 933-9465



7. Mane Beauty

Their real and mortar store, which is located in the center of New York City, has been in operation for over 20 years.

Professional hair products, cosmetics, hair tools (dryers, irons), and, most importantly, a large inventory of hair and wigs are all available at cheap costs. 

They have two entire floors dedicated to cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and beauty items; the second floor is dedicated to extensions and wigs, with over 500 styles in a range of hues.

They’re hair experts who will do everything we can to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

You don’t see a style you like on their site, but you own the brand? 

Don’t be concerned! Simply email them and let them know what design and color you want, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Contact Info:


TEL: 212-695-0007



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