For many people, it is easy to buy the first hairbrush they see on sale at a drugstore (no judgment) or even in the beauty area of a store, but have you ever thought about how that brush affects their hair? In truth, using the wrong brush can result in brittle breaks or stubborn knots in your hair.

List of wholesale hair brushes vendors and suppliers:

  • Velvet Nail Salon
  • Lux In Liv
  • Industrial Brushes
  • Chicaogo Comb
  • Steeltooth

1. Velvet Nail Salon

They were first created in 1988 to help their clients who wanted high-quality hair care products.

They get all of the best things that the user interface promises, practically. They are aware of their customers’ needs, and they concentrate on providing high-quality products to meet those needs.

They show their appreciation for their consumers by making their company more efficient, and their customers will benefit as a result. 

Their goal is to make their store helpful to the rest of the globe, and they want to advertise their enhanced products more aggressively.

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2. Lux In Liv

Lux in Liv is an online retail destination that focuses on delivering things that bring luxury to everyday living. It was founded in 2018. 

Lux in Liv was founded by women who enjoy traveling and introduces the United States to a hand-picked mix of luxury home, beach, and cosmetic companies that they have discovered on their travels.

They want to bring more new and rising companies to their store every year. All of their product selections are carefully picked to include eco-friendly, well-crafted, and innovative companies.

Lux in Liv may be thought of as a shopping and exploration destination for all of the amazing items found in your favorite hotels and resorts across the world. 

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Address: 303 W Lancaster Ave, Ste 336, Wayne, PA 19087


3. Industrial Brushes

Brushes have been around since the Paleolithic Period, at least 2,500,000 years ago. People used them to apply pigment on cave walls during the time. 

The Cave of Altamira in Spain and the Rouffignac Cave in France contain some of the earliest evidence of this,

The latter is known for its 224 animal representations, the majority of which are mammoths, bison, and horses. Egyptians began to utilize brushes in their tomb paintings a little later.

The ancient Chinese also used long-tip brushes with animal hair bristles to write and paint.

Egyptians and Babylonians were brushing their teeth with toothbrushes fashioned by fraying the ends of twigs as early as 3500 to 3000 BC. People didn’t start using toothbrushes with bristles until the fifteenth century, due to the Chinese.

Brushes have also been used for grooming throughout history. Hair brushes and horse brushes have been a staple in the stable for many years. William Kent started the first hairbrush manufacturing enterprise in Britain in 1777, ushering in the age of mass brush manufacture.

Hugh Rock, an American, got the first hairbrush design patent in the United States almost 80 years later, in 1854. Then, in 1898, a woman named Lyda Newman patented her synthetic-bristle hairbrush design. 

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4. Chicago Comb

John and Tedd, the co-founders of Chicago Comb, have been friends since they were in seventh grade. They were acutely aware of how factory closures and the collapse of manufacturing affected Chicago and the rest of the country as they grew up in the 1980s.

They would talk about how amazing it would be to reverse that tendency by bringing back strong local manufacturing throughout the years, among other things.

Let’s jump ahead twenty years. John had developed a profession as a partner in a big Chicago law firm, and Tedd had established a career as a senior product developer for a major online corporation by that time. 

The concept for Chicago Comb was conceived in early 2010.

John was showing Tedd about a North Side condo he had recently purchased. The apartment looked much like it did when the building was created in the early 1960s, and it needed to be fully rebuilt in terms of aesthetic.

The idea for a stunning, high-end men’s hair comb arose from those early discussions. It was unlike anything else on the market. Metal combs, like a lot of other things, have long since vanished from the market. They were so inspired by what they saw that they resolved to create the most magnificent hair combs they could.

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Address: P.O. Box 1958, Chicago, IL 60690



5. Steeltooth

Steeltooth’s main goal is to reduce the use of plastic combs in a systematic manner. Their stainless steel combs have a low environmental impact and are easily recyclable.

Even if the comb is not recycled and ends up in the ocean, the saltwater will gradually corrode the steel, just as how shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea decay over time.

Their mailers are comprised of a unique corn-based substance that is both long-lasting and compostable. They make a donation to the Ocean Cleanup and their boxes are recyclable.

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Address: 500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 600, Chicago Illinois, 60611 United States


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