Struggling to find fine-quality hair beads? Worry no more because Fashion Manufacturing is bringing to you a top-tier list of Wholesale Hair Beads Vendors And Suppliers.

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List of Wholesale Hair Beads Vendors And Suppliers:

  • Neiman Marcus
  • Beadkraft
  • Beads of Paradise


HairArt has lead the industry with the highest quality, cutting-edge salon tools and cosmetology school equipment for almost four decades.

The H3000 Pink Collection, which includes pink hair dryers, brushes, and combs and donates a percentage of the revenues to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, was also launched by the HairArt team.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is an important organization dedicated to educating and increasing awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer by providing mammograms to those who are in need. HairArt is ecstatic to be a part of efforts to save the lives of their sisters, mothers, and daughters.

Contact Info:

Address: 400 W. 157th Street Gardena, California 90248

TEL: 888.HAIRART (888.424.7278)


2. Neiman Marcus

Since its foundation in 1907, Neiman Marcus has been actively involved in the community. Because art has the power to improve people’s lives, they narrowed their focus in 2013, focusing their social investments on organizations that provide teenagers with engaging art training and experiences.

According to research, students who have arts in their curriculum are more likely to matriculate and graduate, to achieve higher SAT scores, and to become more creative problem solvers and civic leaders.

In 2013, they donated 70% of their charitable giving to nonprofit groups that focus on children’s arts education. The remaining 30% is allocated to other critical programs and services.

Employees at Neiman Marcus are encouraged to give back to their communities by offering their time, talent, or treasure.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1.972.556.6044


3. Beadkraft

Since 1971, BeadKraft (a B.P.C. branch) has been a major provider of all craft and jewelry supplies.

They’ve always been in the creative center of the ever-evolving jewelry, art, and fashion industries, thanks to our location in the heart of New York City. provides a full variety of crafts, beads, finds, and jewelry-making supplies at wholesale pricing to its clients/customers.

They are dedicated to giving their clients with the best value and lowest costs while also delivering the best quality and assortment of products.

Their goal has always been to provide their customers with the tools and materials they need to realize their creative ambitions.

Contact Info:

Address: 146 W. 29th St, #2W, NEW YORK, NY 10001 


TEL: 1-212-532-6820


4. Beads of Paradise

Beads Of Paradise began as a little boutique in the East Village in the late 1980s. They started off specializing in African antiques, textiles, beads, and jewelry, but as interest in world art and beads developed in the 1990s, they expanded and moved to their current site in New York City’s historic Flatiron area.

They added new items from Southeast Asia, India, Indonesia, China, the Middle East, and now Mexico to their already extensive catalog.

Their beads are a genuinely beautiful collection of only the greatest specimens of glass, metal, wood, and shell from throughout the world, as well as fine gold and silver and semi-precious stones.

They have an extensive collection that includes everything from 18th century European trade glass to current “powder glass” from West Africa, wooden prayer beads from Nepal, and the finest Australian opals.

They also sell all of the materials needed to make jewelry, such as cords, findings, and tools.

Contact Info:

Address: 16. E 17th St. (between 5th Avenue & Broadway) New York, NY. 10003

Telephone: 212.620.0642

Fax: 212.741.3780




Elvee/Rosenberg Inc. and Gampel Supply were created in 1914 in Paris, France, and then transferred to New York City. For almost a century, their styles have been sold to designers and companies in the jewelry, garment, and craft industries as direct importers of fashion beads, stones, jewelry pieces, and supplies.

Quality components from Germany, Italy, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Japan make up their inventory. They have a large selection of both new and old merchandise. Many of their pieces were produced by some of the industry’s best artisans.

They are constantly adding new goods to their store, so if you don’t see what you want, please inquire! You can see an overview of some of their things on their original website,, and then return here to shop with them.

Contact Info:

Phone: (212) 575-0767



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