Gemstones are a piece of rock or mineral that has been cut and polished for a myriad of uses.

In recent times, the importance of gemstones in metaphysical healing and the powers or energy of different gemstones are coming to light.

These gemstones are made through geological or man-made processes.

Some of the most popular gemstones include amethyst, emerald, sapphire, agate, amber, ruby, and so on.

Wholesale gemstone suppliers in Canada are on a long list. There are many people selling original gemstones at reasonable rates.

The only difference is in terms of the authenticity of the stones sold by these suppliers, which may make it difficult for some retailers to source authentic gems that have a high value for money.

If you’re also going through a similar struggle of sourcing a reliable gemstones wholesaler, we’ve done half the work for you.

This article will list down and discuss the attributes of many wholesale gemstone suppliers in Canada.

Stonebridge Imports

Finding a gemstones supplier who can get provide you with genuine stones, even of a rare kind, is challenging.

Stonebridge Imports has a wide selection of gemstones, rocks, and crystals.

The supplier offers precious and semi-precious gemstones in Canada.

Stonebridge Imports claims to have something for everyone.

Whether it’s healing crystals or polished stones, you can find something that appeals to you.

The suppliers sell high-quality products selected carefully and thoroughly.

If you are buying the products in bulk, you will also receive a discount which would lower the prices.

The staff is cooperative and would help you with the queries.

Moreover, there is no minimum order requirement.

Check out their website:

Divine Gems

Divine Gems is a rich source of gemstones, crystals, rocks, and jewelry made out of them.

The suppliers have an immense variety of gemstones that can seldom be found anywhere else.

These stones include amethyst, tourmaline, agate, lapis lazuli, and so on.

At wholesale rates, these gemstones are comparatively cheaper because most people will buy them in bulk which demands a discount.

You can get the jewelry of your choice with the gemstones/rocks/crystals of your choice.

Divine gems are exactly as it sounds – absolutely divine.

Check out their website:


Etsy Canada is a vast marketplace where you can buy all sorts of stuff – household products, jewelry, accessories, clothes, shoes, entertainment, craft supplies, etc.

Among these lists of products, Etsy Canada also offers a wide range of gemstones at reasonable prices.

People love Etsy because they are familiar with the website, and it’s easy to navigate through it.

Secondly, it is easy to find genuine gemstones here without the fear of being scammed.

Etsy is trustworthy and provides good products at reasonable prices.

Wholesale gemstones at Etsy are an excellent way to find stones in bulk.

Check out their website:

Nature’s Expression

Ever since the popularity of metaphysical healing became evident, businesses from all over the world have been trying to include it in their inventory.

Nature’s Expression is a supplier in Canada that is attempting to bring the best and purest of nature’s bounty to its people.

The supplier is known for their healing crystals which are the center of metaphysical healing.

There are various products that you can find here, all provided with an information card that lists their attributes, characteristics, and uses.

Nature’s Expression tries and succeeds in delivering the treasures on the Earth at the most reasonable prices.

Check out their website:

Friendly Crystals

With a twist in the gemstone products, Friendly Crystals introduces gemstone prayer beads which makes your meditation even more exciting.

The exquisite gemstone mala beads are adorned with a silk tassel which adds to the beauty of the beads.

The specializations of this supplier are natural rocks, polished stones, and mineral specimens.

Friendly Crystals believe in the healing powers of these stones and want to propagate this knowledge and powers among their customers.

The suppliers are committed to providing high-quality gemstones that have been authenticated by reliable sources.

The staff is also helpful and values the satisfaction of their customers.

Check out their website:

The Crystal Man

The Crystal Man invites you to buy crystals online in various categories such as raw crystals, polished crystals, tumbled stones, and so on. It also offers hidden gems.

Formed in 1989, the ideology behind The Crystal Man is to promote the possession of crystals and implement the art of crystal healing.

Theodore Bromley was the founder of The Crystal Man, and he strived to spread knowledge regarding crystals, jewelry, and minerals.

He wanted people to benefit from the energy and beauty of Earth and its products across the world.

Check out their website:

Crystal Dreams

Crystal Dreams is a Canada-based gemstones supplier that specializes in the sale of gemstones, crystals, minerals, precious and semi-precious stones, and so on.

Located on the west island of Montreal in the province of Quebec, Canada, the shop ships its products all over the world.

The inventory of the shop is rich, comprising a wide collection where you can find all kinds of gemstones, even if they are rare.

The customer service is outstanding due to the compliant and helpful nature of the staff.

Another thing that makes Crystal Dreams successful in its business is that they offer competitive prices that attract people.

Check out their website:

Fine Gems Canada

Fine Gems Canada also offers prayer beads made out of gemstones or crystals of various origins, which is why they are lovely, and most of their customers want to keep getting these beads.

One of Canada’s favorite suppliers, Gem Stones Canada, is a massive advocate of metaphysical healing and keeps selling these products.

The supplier is expanding their inventory and shipping their products worldwide.

You will find many parts of the jewelry here, allowing you to assemble them according to your needs and interest.

Check out their website:


Alibaba is a marketplace where people looking for everything and anything come together.

You will find everything here, from household goods to electronics to clothes to gemstones.

However, the authenticity of Alibaba has sometimes been questioned, but it depends on the individual sellers.

The best thing about Alibaba is that the website interface is pretty easy to use because people use it frequently, and it offer incredibly cheap products.

The website has its origins in China, and Chinese products are known to be affordable.

However, the store has also been known for drop shipping which is ethically wrong and hurts the customer base.

Check out their website:



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