Coupons, discounts, bulk pricing, and free shipping are some of the ways that cheap online fabric merchants make cloth more affordable. Below listed are some of the most popular budget online fabric sellers in Vancouver. 

List of Wholesale Fabric Vancouver Vendors And Suppliers

  • Dressew
  • Snyderman
  • Fabricana
  • BOB’s Fabrics
  • Alex Fabrics

1. Dressew

Dressew is a small independent family business that was founded by Roger McKie in 1961 as Dressmakers’ and Milliners’ Supply House. On February 1st, 1961, they opened their doors at 320 West Cordova St. They mostly provided supplies for hats and hatmaking, with a reference to home sewing as well, due to the fashions of the time.

They moved to 311 West Pender St. in 1971 after a successful decade on West Cordova St. As fashions changed, the emphasis shifted away from millinery and toward fabric and stitching. Along the line, the company’s name was changed to Dressew Supply. Although they’ve heard a few different ways to say it, it’s dress-sew (but just a double s).

They relocated to their current location at 337 West Hastings St. in 1981. With three floors totaling 27,000 square feet, they were able to significantly expand and diversify their product offering. 

Built in 1905, the structure once housed a Fields shop and, before that, a Kresge’s. The main floor was initially only open to the public, with the lower floor and basement being used for storage. 

They opened the bottom level to consumers in the mid-80s, but the basement is still used for storage.

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2. Snyderman

Snyder Manufacturing offers a 14oz clear laminate as well as clear unsupported film in 6 mil, 15 mil, and 20 mil thicknesses. They make a wide range of coated fabrics.

They’re perfect for the clear partitions that create social separation in a range of businesses.

In response to the COVID-19 problem, they have teamed up with over a dozen Ohio businesses to develop much-needed field hospital cots.

They responded fast to the request for cot material because they are a vertically integrated company that makes film, scrim, and laminate. 

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3. Fabricana

They are a fabric store run by a family with locations in Richmond, Coquitlam, and Delta, British Columbia. Their fabric store, which was founded in 1970 by Richard Megrian, has spanned 50 years and three generations.

They provide thousands of fabrics for garment making, quilting, and home decor, as well as dozens of supplies, trims, and patterns for seasoned and novice sewers. Fabricana’s employees are passionate about sewing, fashion, quilting, and designing, and they have the experience you’re seeking for.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the past 50 years! You stayed by their side as they made a dream a reality. You’ve given them invaluable feedback that has helped them design their supply, and they’re always excited when a client shows them what they’ve made with their fabrics.

And, best of all, they’re not leaving! They want to see you in their stores and online for another 50 years or more with your help.

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4. BOB’s Fabrics

In addition to their wide selection of high-quality fabrics, Bobs Materials provides exceptional customer service. Since they buy everything directly from the mills, you know you’re getting top-notch materials at a great price.

With thousands of premium and luxurious materials in stock and available for special order, they are able to satisfy any customer’s preferences.

Whether you’re looking for fabric for your own house, work as an interior designer, or simply require fabric, you can rely on their 21 years of experience. Every single one of their clients receives high-quality products and services at a reasonable price.

They exclusively stock high-quality textiles at cheap prices because they want their customers to be completely satisfied.

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5. Alex Fabrics

To better service its clients during the Covid-19 epidemic, created an online store in May 2020. Some of their most popular fabrics and materials are available in limited quantities in their online store.

Online orders may take up to 5-7 business days to ship during Covid-19. All orders are shipped via expedited or fast mail. 

They have no control over shipping times once the shipment has been delivered, but you will receive notification and tracking information from them when your package has been shipped.

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