Several multimillion-dollar fashion industries thriving today have their bases laid upon one very important thing, the choice of appropriate fabric in their different designs.

The fabric has been the very basis of fashion from prehistoric times.

For the fashion enthusiasts of the past, the textiles their clothes were made up of were their most valuable thing.

They would know the difference between wool used for men and women, the extortionate price of a silk piece, and which laces would be suitable for a certain type of style.

With the fabric being the most important part of our clothes, the demand for good quality fabric is always there.

Quality with affordability is what customers want.

To aid wholesale buyers, we have combined a list of wholesale fabric suppliers in Ireland.

Keep reading to gain an insight about the fabric suppliers who supply good quality fabrics at a reasonable rate.

Allied Upholstery Furnishings

Allied Upholstery Furnishings have been importing and wholesaling upholstery fabrics for more than 30 years.

They supply an extensive range of fabrics to interior designers, architects, furniture manufacturers, and many more.

Most of their fabrics are made in Europe, with proper quality control measurements.

They have velvets, types of vinyl, leatherettes, polyesters, jacquards, and many other types of domestic and contract fabrics.

According to customer reviews, they are an excellent outlet to source your fabrics.

Hence, they prove to be a reliable and quality-assured company from which to buy your fabrics.

Check out their website:

Cremins Moiselle

Do you want your fabrics to have an aesthetic taste with good quality?

Well, then Cremins is your place.

It is a family-owned business, supplying sophisticated, high-end fabrics for more than 35 years.

They offer personally selected fabrics like velvets, prints, wools, linens, and many more from high-end international brands.

Fabrics from brands like Aldeco, Clarence House, and Christian Fischbacher are also found in Cremins.

To be able to provide the best customer service, Cremins requires you to book an appointment before visiting their showroom.

Check out their website:

Sew Stitchy

Sew Stitchy is an online fabric shop based in Dublin, Ireland.

They supply fabrics that are great for people who have a knack for stitching.

Bridal, satin, cotton, applique works, and lace pieces are some of the fabrics that Sew Stitchy keeps in stock for their customers.

They are a very reasonable brand with pocket-friendly prices.

However, they also offer sales and discounts from time to time on their website.

The best part about this online shop is that it has a very quick and apt delivery system. So you may not have to wait a long time for your supplies.

Check out their website:

The Sewing Drawer

Do you want some in-style, trendy fabrics with appealing colors and/or patterns?

Well, then your shop-stop should be The Sewing Drawer.

They provide modern fabric and small sewing items on their online website.

One of the best things about this brand is that they provide fabric samples free of cost (even without you having to pay postal charges).

So you may touch and feel the fabric that you want to buy before purchasing it in bulk.

They also provide a full refund or exchange in case there is any fault in their fabrics. Not that it is going to be anyways, as they have such amazing quality.

Plus, they have a very fast delivery system. Mostly your order will reach your doorstep in a day or two maximum.

Check out their website:

The Fabric Counter

Located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, Fabric Counter is an online and in-store fabric supplier.

They source the best quality fabrics from all around the world, which could be used for dressmaking, quilting, crafts, and much more.

Their shop is a colorful paradise for fabric lovers, with their extensive range of printed and patterned fabrics being showcased like prized possessions.

From plain to Minky fabrics, fleece to satin, or the beautiful Batik and Japanese Foil cotton.

You will literally find every kind of fabric that you could ever want in the Fabric Counter.

They also supply organic fabrics along with European designer and deadstock fabrics.

Check out their website:

Lucan Fabrics

With a rich family heritage and traditions, Lucan has been producing fabrics for more than 150 years.

They started off on the banks of the River Liffey and now have mills and factories all over Ireland and around the globe.

They have an extensive range of designs and patterns available, which could be looked up on their website and in their showrooms.

Lucan’s fabrics are the most bought in Ireland, which could be seen draped on many pieces of furniture or used as curtains in many hotels, houses, restaurants, and bars.

Check out their website:



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