When a friend asks where you got your great dress, jacket, or top, and you can say, “I created it myself,” it’s a gratifying moment.

It’s worth sourcing the best dress fabric you can find if you’re going to put in the effort to create your own outfits. Even if you’re a beginner sewer, you can create stunning garments with just a few basic sewing abilities, a nice design that fits you well, and lovely fabric that you’ve carefully chosen to complement the pattern.

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While we’d all like to go to a fabric store and feel the cloth in person, there are fewer brick-and-mortar stores than ever before, and with busy lives and on-and-off lockdowns, buying fabric online is typically the best option for most of us. 

1. Dean Sunshine Textiles

Morre and Dean Sunshine have been working in the textile sector as a father and son combination for over thirty years. They have extensive knowledge and combined experience in buying and selling wholesale fabrics to clients all around Australia, thanks to their dedicated employees.

Dianna Kairis is the driving force behind sales, with unrivaled enthusiasm, energy, and attention to her clients. Their warehouse is filled with various lots of work fabrics, including dress fabrics, denim fabrics, furnishing fabric, industrial fabric, and more.

Contact Info:

Address: 154-158 Victoria St (just off Lygon St) Brunswick VIC 3056

Phone: (03) 9388 5444 / (03) 9387 7711

Website: https://deansunshinetextiles.com.au/


They say YES to these promises because they are in line with the underlying ideals upon which Factory X and Dangerfield were built, and they endeavor to uphold these values even in these trying times.

They must collaborate in order to achieve meaningful social change. They recognize the heightened risks that their supply chain’s most vulnerable workers are now exposed to, and they’ve taken steps to reduce them.

They respect and value the contributions of all of their employees, workers, customers, and suppliers around the world, and they will continue to keep in regular contact with them to keep them informed, advise them, and assist them as best they can.

They are really concerned about their health, wealth, safety, and well-being, as it is critical to their future.

Contact Info:

Phone: +61 3 8420 0331

Email: recruitment@dangerfield.com.au

Website: https://shop.dangerfield.com.au/

3. Tessuti Fabrics

Colette Guanta founded Tessuti Fabrics in 1992 as a spur-of-the-moment decision to save her mother Silva’s faltering fashion company. She observed the company’s empty rolls of high-quality fabrics and decided to try to generate some much-needed revenue.

She drove across Sydney with as many fabrics as she could pack in her hatchback, setting up a couple of trestle tables in an abandoned store. The response was so strong that the textiles were completely sold out before lunchtime, and customers were asking for more.

The first Tessuti store opened in Chatswood, a suburb in northern Sydney. At a period when the majority of Australian fashion labels were manufactured locally, the firm primarily featured designer ends sourced from Sydney-based fashion designers.

As garment manufacturing migrated overseas, Colette expanded the Tessuti line to incorporate European designer ends and a curated range of high-quality fabrics.

In 2005, Tessuti Fabrics launched its second Sydney location in Surry Hills. They opened their third physical site in Melbourne in 2009, after launching their online store in 2008.

Contact Info:

Address: Ground Floor – 141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

TEL: 03 9654 4566

Email: fabrics@tessuti.com.au

Website: https://www.tessuti-shop.com

4. L’uccello 

l’uccello carries a variety of kits and accessories, quilting fabrics, vintage haberdashery, pure wool felt, gift products, and handcrafted items. Their collection is hand-picked for quality and beauty, with great care and attention to detail.

They endeavor to deliver an exciting selection of beautiful, high-quality goods to their in-store and online customers. You can buy a gift voucher for their online store in whatever quantity you like. This is the ideal present to give.

l’uccello Goods offers a variety of items and craft kits created in our Melbourne store. Their unusual assortment of kits and accessories is inspired by their wide inventory of old textiles, ephemera, and handmade goods. 

The majority of their products are created in Australia, and they always use high-quality materials to guarantee that your creations are as long-lasting as they are attractive.

l’uccello also sells a variety of kits and accessories, quilting fabrics, vintage haberdashery, pure wool felt, gift products, and handcrafted items. Their collection is hand-picked for quality and beauty, with great care and attention to detail.

l’uccello is on the second floor of the landmark Nicholas building on Swanston Street in Melbourne’s central business district. Craft kits and accessories, quilting fabrics, vintage haberdashery, pure wool felt, gift products, and handmade goods are all available in their store.

Contact Info:

Address: Suite 5, 2nd Floor, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000

Ph. (03) 9639 0088

Website: https://luccello.com.au/

5. The Fabric Store

At the Fabric Store, they’re just fabric aficionados. They are a sewing and creative community gathering place, providing a curated selection of designer dress fabrics and mill overruns, as well as an amazing in-store experience and committed, enthusiastic service.

Their goal is to present an alternative to a fast-fashion society that often overlooks great craftsmanship and high-quality textiles. They’re big fans of hand sewing and the #memade movement, and they understand how much work and effort goes into making clothes by hand.

They feel that creative activities such as home sewing and crafts can have a positive impact on their health.

Contact Info:

TEL: (07) 3852 55 80

Email: brisbane@thefabricstore.com.au

Website: https://wearethefabricstore.com/au

6. Kennard & Kennard

Kennard & Kennard is a family owned and run fabric wholesaler who have been involved in the fabric trade for over 70 years, commencing business in Glebe, Sydney in 1949 as clothing wholesalers. 

The business has evolved to their current position as a leading Australian wholesaler of quilting, patchwork and furnishing fabrics and is now in its fourth generation of Kennard ownership.

Contact Info:

Website: https://kkfabrics.com.au/


Fern Textiles are passionate about providing ethically sourced fabrics where possible. They try to work to the ethos that quality fabrics should not end up as landfill and that their mainly natural fibres such as cotton & linen, will break down at the end of their life cycle.  

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.ferntextiles.com.au/

8. Birch Creative

As Edgar’s family joined him in business, he was able to expand the company across Australia, and he soon began embarking on international buying trips to source the most up-to-date products. With growing contacts in the industry, it wasn’t long before a larger premises was required.

Since their humble beginnings, they have only continued to grow. Today, they operate out of Australia and New Zealand, and their products are available worldwide. 

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.birchcreative.com.au/about-us/


Darn Cheap Fabrics is a retailer of quality fabric and trims. Branching off their design, development and wholesale business, Darn Cheap Fabrics draws on a close relationship with designers and manufacturers in the international fashion industry, allowing them to bring you the latest trends in color, print, fabrication and style at the best possible price. 

Their fabrics and trims, many featuring their original designs, are much-loved by a host of Australian designer clothing labels. The only thing cheap about them is their prices!

Darn Cheap Fabrics has been operating for over 30 years, with their retail stores in Glenhuntly and Fitzroy being a popular destination for sewers from all over Victoria. 

However, they know many of you cannot come into their stores, so they have decided to share their product range to the world via their online store!

Contact Info:

Website: http://darncheapfabrics.com.au/about-us/

10. Remnant Warehouse

The Remnant Warehouse is Australia’s largest online store, boasting more than 10000+ items available to order online 24/7, with new stock arriving every day. 

The Remnant Warehouse is proud to offer some of the best value for money silk, jersey and dance fabrics available to shoppers in the USA, as well as world wide shipping across the globe!

Contact Info:

Website: https://remnantwarehouse.com/


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