People consider all sorts of things before purchasing an engagement ring, such as the type of metal used or the stone’s color.

But what if you curate a personalized inventory that will speak to the customers and fulfill all their needs?

You can do this by sourcing the best pieces from trusted vendors and selling them at competitive prices.

Not only will this make your business flourish, but your customers will also get the engagement ring of their dreams.

Buying an engagement ring for your customers would never have been so easy, and they’d have you to thank!

Read this article to know trusted vendors who can make your purchase worthwhile.

1. Q Diamond Wholesale and Imports

Having been in the business for over 40 years, Q Diamonds brings with it the benefits of extensive experience.

They are very thorough in conducting their business.

Be it a jewelry store or diamond dealer, they make sure to best serve their client’s requirements.

Q diamonds offer an exclusive range of selective product designs. They also manufacture and import fancy timeless classics and contemporary fashion-inspired designs.

This includes a fine assortment of diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, eternity rings, wedding bands, etc.

Moreover, they offer jewelers across Canada access to a full range of fine jewelry-related services such as custom design quality casting, setting, detailed polishing, etc.

Check out their website: Q Diamond – Canadian Diamond Wholesaler and Diamond Dealer.

2. Capital Wholesale Diamonds

Located in Ottawa, Capital Wholesale Diamonds welcomes you to choose your favorites from its large collection of diamond engagement rings.

Their pre-made engagement rings are unmatched in terms of variety and quality. They are available in different colors and unique cuts.

To facilitate those who need specialized designs in their jewelry, they also provide Custom Jewelry Design Services.

Expert goldsmiths will assist you in creating a piece that fulfills all your needs.

When purchasing from Capital Wholesale Diamonds, you don’t have to worry about the quality or price of the item, as they are sure to be in your best interest.

Check out their website: Capital Wholesale Diamonds – Ontario’s Best Wholesale Diamonds.

3. Luxury Diamonds Vancouver

Luxury Diamonds Vancouver houses one of the largest certified diamond inventories in Canada.

They provide everything ranging from precious jewelry to diamond rings, wedding bands, and engagement rings.

All their products are assembled right here, in Vancouver, for maximum precision and good quality.

Choose from rose gold classic solitaires with traditional round-cut diamonds, luxury sapphire diamond engagement rings, and much more at Luxury Diamonds.

They have pieces from every category, most luxurious to relatively less, so that everyone can afford one without compromising quality.

Check out their website: Luxury Diamonds: Diamond Engagement Rings Vancouver.

4. Canada Diamonds Inc

Canada Diamonds Inc is a diamond dealer and manufacturer offering diamonds direct from Canada’s Arctic diamond mine.

They strive to provide the best platinum, yellow and white gold jewelry crafted by master goldsmiths.

Their diamonds are sourced directly from diamond cutters in Canada to ensure that the products reaching them are of the best quality.

This also makes the process free of any traditional middleman and allows them to price their diamonds and jewelry at low rates.

Laser engraved with the Canadian certificate or diamond origin, their diamond is fully traceable from the Arctic mine to the engagement ring.

Check out their website: Wholesale Canadian Diamonds, Engagement Rings, GIA, and AGS …

5. Davidson Designs

Ronald Davidson, designer and master goldsmith at Canada Diamonds, has won numerous jewelry design awards.

They specialize in handmade 18kt gold and platinum jewelry. Canadian diamonds in engagements rings are also one of their best selling points.

All Canadian diamonds that form the rings are of the finest selection, GIA-Certified and laser inscribed.

They also offer Custom Ring Design services to Canadian clients at reasonable wholesale rates.

Check out their Website: Davidson Designs.

6. Pallotta Jewelers

Pallotta Jewelers boasts a large selection of fine jewelry, perfect for any occasion.

They offer unique and customized pieces tailored to your specifications, with exceptional services and high quality.

Engagement ring styles such as solitaire, halo, pave, tension, vintage, etc., set in various types of metals, are all available at Pallotta.

In addition to that, fancy colored diamonds are also part of their inventory that is adored by many.

Check out their website: Pallotta Jewellers | Lab Diamonds For Less | Unique Fine Jewellery.

7. Diamond Exchange Canada

Diamond Exchange Canada prides itself in contributing to the digital revolution of diamonds and engagement rings.

They source their diamonds from the same international diamond cutters who supply to other high-end retailers.

They believe in fair prices that are favorable to the average consumer. Therefore, the low prices that they offer on its premium quality products are not a surprise.

With a stunning pre-made engagement ring collection made of quality materials, Diamond Exchange offers a deal that one cannot miss.

Diamond Exchange provides a lifetime warranty on its products that includes free resizing, repairs, cleaning, and re-polishing.

Check out their website: Diamond Exchange | Custom Diamond Rings Toronto, Vancouver …

8. Vancouver Diamonds Inc

Vancouver Diamonds offer an affordability that doesn’t come at the cost of luxury. They specialize in wholesale diamonds, engagement rings, and custom jewelry.

They intend to solve the problem of overpayment in the jewelry business by setting exemplarily low prices for their quality products.

In addition to their ready-to-wear collection, you can also build custom engagement rings at Vancouver Diamonds.

From selecting the type of metal to the shape of stone, they will assist you in creating pieces that are unique and meaningful.

Check out their website: Vancouver Diamonds | Custom Engagement Rings at Wholesale …

9. Valour Diamonds

If you are interested in rings crafted from lab-grown diamonds, then Valour Diamonds is the right place.

They specialize in lab-grown diamonds of various shapes and sizes that are as pure as natural mined diamonds.

Their engagement ring collection is also equally stunning as their lab-grown diamond collection.

Vintage, side-stone, halo, bezel, etc., are all available at rates lower than the general market prices without any compromise on quality.

Moreover, each of their items is certified by the esteemed grading authorities and comes with the grading report.

Check out their website: Lab Grown Diamonds – Valour Diamonds (Wholesaler and …




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