1. The Diamond Source

The Diamond Source is known to be one of the prominent wholesale diamond suppliers in Phoenix.

They supply raw diamonds to customers after passing them through a rigorous process of cutting, polishing, and testing in a lab for grading. They are specialists in the finest diamond cuts and bring in diamonds that are within the budget of customers.

They have a collection of everything from earrings, rings, and bracelets that encompasses heritage designs as well as the latest trends. They have top quality craftsmanship to make sure that the jewellery is of value and suits customers.

They have world-class designs that are produced after using CAD as well as hand-carved wax. They provide their customers with the chance of designing their jewellery with the aid of their designers.


480-990-0100 | diamonds@diasource.com

Website: https://www.diasource.com/

Address: 16451 N, Scottsdale Road, Suite 103 Scottsdale


2. The Diamond Vault

The Diamond Vault is a manufacturer as well as an importer of diamonds. Their headquarters is present in Scottsdale, Phoenix.

They are specialists in certified diamond production and sales. They have a range of one to 10-carat diamonds. Their wholesale price of the diamond is comparatively less than New York.

They have a variety of colours, cuts, clarity, and carat weight. They have brokers and cutters that they have known for 50 years which help in production. The Diamond Vault has a variety of beautiful designs of rings and other jewellery as well.

Their designs can be customised.

Their jewellery is perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, etc. They even have three stone rings as well as classic solitaires. They offer a lifetime warranty.

+1 (480) 948-8444

Website: http://www.diamond-vault.com/

Address: 7119 E. Shea Blvd. Suite 104 Scottsdale, AZ 85254


3. Molina Fine Jewelers

Moline Fine Jewelers provide a wide collection of fine quality jewellery as well as other services to their customers.

Their diamonds are directly imported and sold to the customers which reduce the price as there is no middle man in between. They have their salon to cater to the needs of customers and provide them with all sorts of information.

They recreate magnificent designs created by expert craftsmen. They also offer timeless designs along with trendy ones. To take care of their customers, they also offer repair services to their customers in case of any fault in their diamond jewellery.

Their diamond range is versatile with almost all types and ranges of diamond jewellery included.


Website: https://www.molinafinejewelers.com/

Address: 3134 East Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85016


4. The Diamond Guys

The Diamond Guys is a family-owned business that encompasses an experienced team and offers exceptional service.

The Diamond Guys offer excellentquality diamonds. They have a collection of both earth-mined diamonds and man-made diamonds.

They also offer customised diamond engagement rings, naturally mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. They offer market fair prices along with high-level services by experts. Their quality of diamond along with the professional services are unmatched.


03 9753 3977

Website: https://www.thediamondguys.net/

Address: 14601 N. Scottsdale Rd, Suite 125 Scottsdale, AZ 85254


5. EZ Diamond

EZ Diamond is also a family-owned business that provides customised jewellery. They are specialists in unique designs. They can help in recreating new designs as well as re-setting an old piece.

EZ Diamonds is the wholesaler that offers the best prices for the best quality. They have repair services as well as restoration services of jewellery. Their diamonds are imported by themselves so they offer them directly to the customers.


Website: https://www.ezdiamondimports.com/

Address: 2930 E Camelback Rd# 135 Phoenix, AZ 85016






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