In this article, we will be covering wholesale diamond suppliers in Australia. If you intend to start a diamond or jewellery business, this article would surely help you out.

Melbourne Diamond Importers

Melbourne Diamond Importers are praised for their quality. They fulfil the promise of the best product in the market, and you will see the difference once you buy from them.

Other than the diamonds, they provide a complimentary expert consulting service, so that you don’t buy your diamonds blindly.

Plus, they are recognised for offering wholesale pricing for the greatest quality diamonds from all over the globe.

The family-run company has been in the field for, around, thirty years — this gives you an idea of how much dedication and expertise they have. They will give you your personally customised jewellery, matching your demands to the last millimetre.

More importantly, the Jewellers of the Association of Australia and the Gemmology Association of Australia both strongly endorse them.

+613 9654 5052 |


Address: Suite 504 Level 5, 227 Collins St., Melbourne, Australia

Hope Diamonds

Hope Diamonds offer a large selection of certified diamonds in wide ranges of shapes, sizes, colours, cuts, and styles.

You may choose from the comprehensive premium collection of top-quality, ethically-sourced diamonds — whether you’re a distributor, or collector seeking to buy diamonds as an investment (like so many others).

Basically what Hope Diamonds offers are colours, Brilliantly-hued diamonds that are uncommon and one-of-a-kind.

They get their unique Argyle pink diamonds from the same mine (located in Perth) as their champagne-coloured ones, blues, and reds. Ellendale yellows, as well as magnificent orange and green diamonds, too, are sourced from West Africa. Sweet!

1300 152 490 |


Address: Boutique Hours3/105 ST Georges TCE, Perth WA 6000

Gem Trove

Each of Gem Trove’s trademark jewels and loose diamonds is guaranteed to be of high quality. Don’t worry about their background; their ever-growing assortment of exquisite jewellery is tested and thoroughly examined by specialists.

They were GIA graduates and members of the GIA alumni as jewellery industry professionals. They’re also members of the National Council of Jewelry Valuers, which is based in Australia.

They can give you the highest quality in jewellery at the best price because of their excellent ties with manufacturers and dealers out there.

0488 878 000


Address: SUITE 903/ 125 SWANSTON ST, MELBOURNE VIC 3000. PH 0488 878 000 1300GEMTROVE


Aside from their amazing diamond collections, they sell exclusive jewels that not many can get their hands on. Plus, they have their own jewellery and accessories line, which is simply gorgeous. | (03) 9654 5208, 0410 489 892


Address: The Block Arcade, Level 1, Suite 105A, 282 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Australia Wholesale Diamonds

Australia Wholesale Diamonds company is a direct diamond supplier that is supported by over fifty years of industrial experience and backed up by certifiable sources such GIA, IGI, EGL and HRD.

Supplying some top-notch loose diamonds since the beginning, they provide broad choices of goods, so that your customers (if you are a distributor yourself) don’t bother to haggle. From the diamond mine straight to the customer, rest assured, nothing else in between.

(03) 9654 5208, 0410 489 892 |


Address: Level 1, Suite 105A The Block Arcade, 282 Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

GS Diamonds

GS Diamonds are handmade using cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional quality at an affordable price. GS Diamonds also recognises that each client has a different vision of their ideal diamond ring, thus they provide a diverse selection.

You’ll be taken aback when you see precious gems in various sizes, diverse settings, unique design, and, of course, GS’s own personalization. So sit back and relax as they select the ideal diamond for you, alright?

GS Diamonds were formed by the pair, who have over 30 years of expertise in the design and diamond industries.

Julia and Tony are accompanied by a committed staff that has high credentials when it comes to their knowledge in gems and diamonds.

1300 181 294 |


Address: 455 George Street, Sydney, Australia

Diamonds Imports

Diamonds of various shapes and sizes, as well as exotic colour diamonds such as yellow and pink diamonds, are available at The Diamonds Import.

They are one of Australia’s major diamond wholesalers, with a pretty convenient location in Sydney, they also distribute across other parts of the country.

02 9252 5548


Address: Diamond Imports 4 Bridge Street Sydney New South Wales Australia 2000



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