People in Poland dress more formally than those in Western Europe and the United States. On the street, women frequently wear pencil skirts, tight blouses, and high heels. Dressy-casual shirts and denim jeans with dress shoes are the most typical outfits for men. Also, check out my article on clothing manufacturers in Europe.

Exactly what you were looking for? Check out our List of Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers in Poland:

  • Global Stock
  • Numoco
  • Wholesale Matterhorn
  • Textil Trade
  • Outlet-Babilon
  • Centrum Mody

1.      Global Stock

GLOBAL STOCK is one of Poland’s major outlet clothes distributors. They sell end-of-line apparel from well-known and recognized brands. Their products are guaranteed to be of high quality and come at an unbeatably low price.

GLOBAL STOCK, which was founded in 2005, began with a little amount of clothes distribution on the local market. Sales swiftly transformed into enormous warehouses thanks to new technologies and one-of-a-kind technology.

The rapid development resulted in increased distribution of commodities across the European Union. GLOBAL STOCK currently leads effective export to over 30 countries within the EU and beyond.

During its rapid growth, Global Stock has formed extensive partnerships with garment manufacturers and suppliers in countries such as Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, and France. Importing a huge quantity of clothing directly from the manufacturer helps them to offer apparel at the lowest possible price on the market while also ensuring that goods are always available.

They understand that today’s market necessitates rapid adaptation and the introduction of newer and newer sales and marketing solutions. They have established a unique sales method that helps the buyer to make maximum profits as a result of their experience. It is founded on sales strategies that develop trust and ensure that both the vendor and the final client are completely satisfied with their purchases.

The main reason why people choose outlet clothing is because of the exceptionally low pricing. As a result, they focus their efforts on developing acceptable pricing policies and offering a diverse choice of products.

As a result, everyone can find something that matches their outfit. Wholesale GLOBAL STOCK also ensures that its product line is always evolving and expanding. Customers love it when they are able to meet their expectations. They work with both small and large businesses.

They sold end-of-season clothing, stock apparel, and manufacturing surpluses from respected manufacturers. The apparel offered by Global Stock is not just for women, but also for men and children. Customers have the option of selecting the product’s quality.

Contact Info:

Address: 33-311 Wielogłowy 85, POLAND

TEL: (+48) 668 713 668,


2.      Numoco

Dress has always been significant, and it continues to be so now. It is worthwhile to strive for a unique style that reflects our individuality. They now have more opportunities than ever before, thanks to the emergence of new clothing and accessory businesses, which can be purchased not only in stationary stores but also online.

Numoco is a women’s clothing distributor that uses a dropshipping method to make it simple for anyone to start selling their own line of goods. Thanks to a specially created B2B offer for online and stationary stores, they address the needs of wholesale trade at the highest level.

Numoco is a Polish clothing company that specializes in attractive dresses and tasteful jumpsuits, as well as fashionable skirts, blouses, tunics, and summer sets.

With such a large selection of women’s clothing, a customer-friendly product offer can be produced. Taking advantage of this offer is a terrific opportunity to stock up on contemporary women’s dresses for your store.

What services do they provide to our customers and their distributors’ consumers? All products are thoroughly described and photographed so that the customer knows exactly what to get and in what size. It’s common to be able to select the same item in a variety of color options.

The customer will be notified when the things they are interested in are available. All of the items are produced from high-quality materials. They order the things on the spot because they have reliable information.

Contact Info:


TEL: 795 686 617


3.      Wholesale Matterhorn

Shoes, women’s and men’s apparel, undergarments, and accessories are all available at wholesale Matterhorn. Check out the latest wholesale women’s clothes collection for fall and winter 2021/2022. Check out the spring / summer category if you’re seeking for a wholesale assortment for spring and summer. is a wholesale marketplace designed specifically for the needs of wholesalers. Online and stationary stores, boutiques, and merchants can take advantage of a special B2B offer.

The offer comprises the most recent collections of high-quality underwear, clothing, and shoes in a variety of styles for wholesale costs. A diverse range of accessories contributes to an appealing product offering of several thousand items. SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The Matterhorn wholesale sales department provides all sellers with a fantastic opportunity to stock their store with apparel and underwear at very low prices.

The collection contains a wide range of shoes as well as attractive accessories for individual styling. Not only does the offer cover women’s fashion, but it also provides items for youngsters at extremely reasonable costs.

Contact Info:



TEL: +48 503 503 875


4.      Textil Trade

Since the beginning of its operations, the company Textil Trade has been the sole one in Poland (dating back to 1989.) Introduced novel solutions in the trade and distribution of goods, specifically secondhand garments.

Customers with the highest expectations will be satisfied by the self-sorting line. They are able to maintain a high level of service and a high-quality apparel range because of their close collaboration with foreign suppliers.

Many fashion labels’ major European distributors and producers cooperate with them. The company’s next step is to establish a department called CLOTHING OUTLET.

They tried to make the goods fit their consumers’ expectations and received a positive reaction.

Contact Info:

Address: Textil Trade 83-250 Skarszewy, ul. Górna 3

TEL: 605-068-492



5.      Outlet Babilon

They are branded apparel wholesalers and end-of-line distributors for a variety of European clothing brands at excellent prices!

Wholesalers and smaller recipients of discount clothing can find the greatest deal at Outlet-Babilon.

Outlet-goal Babilon’s has always been to present you with high-quality clothing and appealing accessories.

They are a seasoned staff with significant international ties, allowing them constant access to the last season’s collection ends as well as surplus and warehouse supplies from around the world.

Their competitive edge is mostly due to the distinctiveness of the things they supply. Only at Outlet-Babilon will you find select European brands that are currently unavailable on the Polish market.

Boutiques, larger retailers, distributors, and significant consumers from Poland and other nations are their primary clientele.

Contact Info:

Address: 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański ul. Grunwaldzka 62

TEL: +48 (58) 301-97-46


6.      Stock Hurt

Outlet for wholesale clothing Missguided, Guess, COS, PrettyLittleThing, V by Very, Bestseller (Vila, Only, Vero Moda, Selected, Jack Jones), Na-Kd, Boohoo, H&M, & Other Stories, Disney, Name it, Zara, Na-Kd, Boohoo, H&M, & Other Stories, Disney, Name it, Zara, Na-Kd, Boohoo, H&M, H&M Clothing for women, men, and children at wholesale prices.

Their clothing warehouse’s inventory comprises of outlet items, such as client returns, end of collection (items that were not sold in the shop), excess amounts, and samples (pre-production patterns).

Customers’ returns may have minor signs of wear (dirt), flaws (jammed zippers, no buttons, break, break tearing at the seam, thus relatively easy to repair), or no paper tags.

The collection’s ends and samples are brand new, unused items. Because some manufacturers strip out all tags (both paper and internal), new clothes may be without them as well.

Outlet clothing, on the whole, lacks a size chart. Returns and collection tips come in a variety of models and sizes (you cannot choose single items, only packages). Typically, samples are made in one of the most common sizes (women’s M or men’s L).

They can also import apparel stocks (brands) on a case-by-case basis if they don’t have them in stock.

Contact Info:

Address: Krakowska 87a, 32-050, Skawina  (warehouse “Logicor” Entrance №10)

TEL: +48 577 840 788


7.      Centrum Mody

Centrum Mody-Hurt I Dystrybucja was founded in 1990 as a family business specializing in the marketing of professional clothes.

Centrum Mody has grown to become the largest and most dynamically functioning wholesaler in north-eastern Poland, as well as a significant retail distributor, thanks to the dedication of the company’s founders to professionalism and flexible adaptation of offers to the needs of consumers.

“High quality at an affordable price” is their credo. They are regional representatives for a number of well-known firms, as well as importers and producers of their own lines. They work closely with a number of wholesalers around the country, allowing them to carry out efficient distribution throughout Poland.

Everyone may expect courteous and competent treatment when visiting their firm.

Contact Info:




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