Basketball would be nothing if it weren’t played in a fantastic uniform. The uniforms of a team are the first thing we see as they step onto the court. In addition to making it easier for players to move around the court, team basketball uniforms convey a lot about the character of the players who wear them.

It takes some consideration and planning to find the perfect team uniform for your group or organization.

List of Wholesale Basketball Uniforms Vendors, Manufacturers And Suppliers:

  • Wooter Apparel
  • Lucky Wear Distributing
  • Allen Sportswear
  • US Sports Uniforms
  • The Imperial Point

1. Wooter Apparel

Sports bring people together in a way that nothing else can. Before launching Wooter, their team consisted of a diverse group of individuals who were all passionate about participating in sports. Sports played a role in how they met. They’ve participated in a variety of leagues throughout the years and found that they are all very similar.

You don’t think about the league again until your next match. Their team thought that they might create a better experience as entrepreneurs. All of the structures they’ve erected were originally designed for them to maximize their ability to participate in their leagues to the fullest extent possible

Now they’re making their software and apps available to everyone. Wooter leagues are the only ones you’ll ever want to play in.

Their own leagues let them understand how much money is being spent on shoddy uniforms and apparel. Custom uniforms cost more than their court fees and insurance policies!

Adding insult to injury, they were charged for every color, logo, or name that was added to the uniforms. 

In addition, they were forced to endure a two-month wait for our personalized clothing. They were compelled to take action, which is why they founded Wooter Apparel. 

When it comes to personalized uniforms, they can now offer them at a fraction of the cost they were previously spending.

The Wooter crew has worked with a variety of league owners over the past several years. The world’s greatest people can be found among them. That they care about their gamers and their community is evident in everything they do. As it turns out, managing a team in a competitive sport is no small feat.

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Before the season even starts, there are hundreds of things to do, and once it does, there are hundreds more. The league owner is usually out of money at the end of the season because of all of the costs associated with running the league.

Contact Info:

TEL: (347) 850-2720


2. Lucky Wear Distributing

Everything you need to supply your business with high-quality blanks for creating distinctive and highly marketable clothes and accessories is available at Lucky Wear Distributing.

Choose from a wide variety of clothing, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts, when you utilize Lucky Wear Distributing. 

Their one-stop shopping, more efficient experience and superior selection will help you draw in more clients for your business, regardless of whether you’re purchasing for a commercial firm, a nonprofit, or another type of business.

With Lucky Wear Distributing, you’ll not only get the prices, options, and convenience you want, but you’ll also get perks tailored just for you. They’re here to help you profit from their low prices and high quality. They can’t succeed unless you do.

Contact Info:

Address: 11409 Denton Dr, Dallas, TX 75229


Phone number: 1(800) 513-5786



Laxgear was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 2003 and is a tiny, locally owned business.

Players who have experienced poor weather and long road trips know that baggage is subjected to a lot of stress. 

They decided to start a company and make a bag that will last after their own personal experiences with bags ripping and straps breaking.

They at Laxgear are constantly working to improve the quality of their lacrosse bags. The best Lacrosse bags for traveling with the best quality and functionality.

They want to get to know you and the sport of lacrosse better! Their primary goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with all of their offerings.

Contact Info:

Shipping Address: 8151 Wynstone Drive, Windsor, CO 80550

Phone: 888-419-8880

Email: /



Cisco Athletic is able to complete and distribute orders promptly because of their efficient procedure and state-of-the-art gear. They typically ship within four weeks of receiving an order, however they may sometimes dispatch expedited orders in as little as a week if they have the capacity. 

If you have a specific deadline in mind, please let them know when placing your order, and they’ll do everything they can to meet it.

Contact Info:

TEL: (410) 834-0897


5. Allen Sportswear

If you want to be a successful athlete, you need to not only play the part, but you also need to look the part. That’s why if you want your squad to look confident and be the envy of the competition, basic sports uniforms won’t do the trick. Your team’s clothes must stand out and be comfortable to wear without breaking the bank at Allen Sportswear.

Contact Info:

TEL: 407-641-4900


6. US Sports Uniforms

They have hundreds of designs to choose from, all in an infinite number of colors. It is possible to construct a unique basketball outfit for your team because all uniforms may be tailored to your specifications.

From their factory, all clothes are transported to their customers. Basketball uniforms of the highest caliber are available at an unbeatable price.

Contact Info:

Address: 10 CORPORATE PARK, STE 330, IRVINE, CA 92606



7. The Imperial Point

Dedicated to providing high-quality sublimation and bespoke uniform items in a timely manner, Imperial Point is the industry leader. They understand that your sports team’s uniforms need to be long-lasting, eye-catching, and custom-made. That’s all there is to it! You want to be distinct from the competition and inspire faith in your team members.

Your Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, and Wrestling teams don’t want to worry about the turnaround time or whether or not the mock-up uniforms will match the final product. 

You want a fast turnaround time and high-quality, personalized uniforms that look just as you imagined.

Contact Info:

Address: Player Athletics, 8810 Commodity Cir, Ste 21, Orlando, FL 32819


TEL: 1-800-801-4884



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