Yellowstone National Park is located in the Northwest area of the United States.

This park is mapped out over almost 3,472 square miles.

The official address of this park is in the state of Wyoming but Yellowstone is in three states.

The main part of Yellowstone is in Wyoming, while one section of it is in Montana, and another section is towards the west in Idaho.

Yellowstone is home to eight different tourist areas. These include visiting centers, museums, and lodgings.

There are Mammoth Hot Springs, Canyon Village, Fishing Bridge, and much more.

Yellowstone is famous for its wildlife. Many people come here just to see the wildlife that this place has to offer.

The most popular tourist attraction in Yellowstone is the Old Faithful.

This is the geyser basin which is one of the largest geysers found in the world.

Yellowstone’s Weather In June

The weather in Yellowstone is pretty pleasant.

In June, the average daytime temperature can vary between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

At night, the temperature falls below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Around June, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, so this is the perfect time to visit Yellowstone if you want to explore it to the fullest.

The temperature in June rarely ever exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

All the facilities and the roads are open during this time, so you are sure not to miss out on any place.

Although June is known to be the summer month, it won’t be unusual to see slight snowfall here and there.

What to Wear for Daytime Activities in Yellowstone?

When you are visiting Yellowstone, make sure you take out a map and plan the route you will take.

The park is pretty big, even driving across it would take several hours.

If you plan on taking a car across, it would be pretty easy for you to pack.

Stuff all the things you need in your car and head off for a wonderful time.

You will have to be prepared for the journey, so make sure you take everything you need.

Since you will be driving around, your body will be sweating under the heat unless the weather is cold.

To prevent the sticky feeling of sweat, wear insulating undergarments that keep moisture away from your body.

You can also wear a light fleece shirt and keep a wool jacket in case it gets cold.

If the jacket is waterproof, that would be a plus since it does rain a lot in Yellowstone.

Keep a sun protection hat and wear your sunscreen if you do not want your skin to be exposed to the sun.

Gloves and strong boots are a must. You will be hiking a lot so make sure your boots are sturdy and comfortable.

You can visit the Grand Prismatic Spring, which is the third-largest spring in the whole world.

It is one of the most photographed and well-recognized springs in Yellowstone.

For this, wear a blouse with safari shorts, and make sure you are wearing a hat and some sunblock to protect your skin.

What is this trip without seeing the most famous geyser?

Yes! We are talking about The Old Faithful geyser.

It erupts more usually than most geysers in Yellowstone, so you will be sure of seeing this one in action.

What to Wear for Nighttime Activities in Yellowstone?

The nights in Yellowstone can get chilly and cold.

Make sure you take up a warm wool jacket and wear some gloves for extra protection.

You can visit the Lamar Valley if you feel like seeing wildlife on the move.

This place is not popular among the tourists due to its remote location, but this place is not quite like the others.

You will be sure of seeing hundreds of giant bison roaming around the valley.

If you are lucky, you may even spot a few elks, coyotes, and deers.

For this adventure, wear your safari suit and some sturdy boots, and a hat.

After seeing the wildlife, you can head out to see the most popular and the main landmark of this place, The Grand Canyon.

It is one of the best places in Yellowstone, and hundreds of tourists visit this place on a daily basis.

You can wear a warm jacket on top of the safari suit so that the cold doesn’t catch on to you.

Other Things you Should Pack for Yellowstone:

  1. Bring a daypack so that you can carry extra clothes
  2. Sturdy boots
  3. Water bottle and a thermos
  4. Sunglasses and sunblock
  5. A camera if you like filming
  6. Portable charger and power bank so your phone doesn’t run out of battery

Final Verdict

Yellowstone is a heaven for nature lovers.

Many people come just to see the numerous geysers and hot springs, so make sure you come well prepared for this spectacular adventure.



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