An effortlessly cool city with an amazing homey, laid-back vibe, many tourists have called it home, and for the right reasons too. 

It is one of the regions of the US that fall into the milder weather regions, even with the rain pouring down most of the year. 

There’s so much to do in the city from adventurous sports to musical concerts, you really can’t go wrong on a trip to Seattle.

However, you want to make sure you get your gear right for the trip to Seattle in January, so that you’re able to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

So, what should you pack for your trip to Seattle in January?

Here’s an overview of all your wardrobe essentials and the weather in January. 


Seattle’s Weather In January

The weather will be tilted towards the cooler side, with very few hours of real sunshine in January weather in Seattle.

The temperature varies over a relatively small range from an average low of 2°C and high of 7°C.

January falls in the middle of the rainy season in Seattle, so it’s no surprise you will be witnessing one of the wettest months in the city, where the sky will remain mostly cloudy. 

However, the rain won’t be a torrential downpour, but instead a light drizzle from time to time that won’t destroy your outdoor plans in the city.

The nights and early mornings will generally be cooler than somewhat sunnier afternoons.

There will also be a steady increase in temperature throughout the month where the days will be getting longer and the nights gradually shorter.

The last day of January will be the brightest, with a clear sky and higher temperatures than the rest of the month.

One of the perks of visiting Seattle in January is that you will have a chance to witness snowfall in the city, with around 7 days of snow in the month. 

The snowfall will be relatively less, but with it comes the drop in temperature, where you might even experience a negative, so make sure you are prepared for that.

The weather in Seattle, in January, will typically remain wet and mildly cold. 

However, it wouldn’t be anything too drastic to stop you from having fun if you’ve got the right gear packed and keep track of the weather.

What To Wear During Your Day Time Activities In Seattle

You’re in for cool weather in Seattle in January so make sure you’ve got your layers packed in the right amount.

Basic items will be full length jeans, sweater, t shirts and a handful of classic jackets.

Coats, raincoats and jackets will be your best friends in the wet weather of January.

Keep your attire simple and basic to add on and remove layers according to the weather. 

Puffy jackets from the 90s are also back in style so you can definitely incorporate them into your Seattle wardrobe, for January. 

You’re also going to be in for a lot of rainy days, so it’s better to choose footwear that is durable, water resistant, and comfortable to last you through the day. 

Apart from that, you’ll need activewear and water-resistant gear for hiking into the mountains.

Shoes with sturdy grips are also a must have in your packing list, to avoid slipping and causing injury. 

Winter accessories like scarves, warm head caps, earmuffs and mittens are also a must in your Seattle wardrobe for January.

A temperature drop is almost inevitable after a snowfall, so it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

Your day outfit in Seattle should generally be practical and basic for you to enjoy your daytime activities in the city to the fullest. 

What To Wear During Your Night Time Activities In Seattle

The city is as lively at night as it is during the day with many musical concerts to enjoy and sites that stay open until much later in the evening.

Make sure you’ve got your nighttime outfits sorted out in the best way possible.

Pack something fun and grunge to attend such events.

A leather jacket will do you good along in Seattle, where there’s always a chance of rain and a band t-shirt or some bold graphics. 

Enhance your outfit with chunky accessories and put on some edgy makeup. With a pair of ankle boots you’ll be all set to rock n’ roll through the night.

Incorporate such an outfit for going to a bar, accept ditching the t-shirt and opt for a nice blouse or full sleeve shirt instead.

Also, add a belt and some classic jewelry as part of the night bling.

There are also outdoor nighttime activities you can enjoy in Seattle, like going ice skating in the outdoor ice rink in the City of Bellevue or seeing the display of lanterns at Woodland park. 

In such cases, your nighttime outfit will not be much different from your daytime outfit, where you’ll be incorporating a lot of winter accessories to keep you from the cold. 

Go for coats and dark wash jeans as well as sweaters to enjoy your nighttime activities while still looking lit.

There are also many five star restaurants to visit and dine at, in Seattle so make sure you’ve got your cocktail attire ready. 

Ladies look for thick material when choosing your cocktail dress with long sleeves. Also, don’t forget to pair it with leggings, heels and appropriate jewelry to rock your night outfit.

Guys can deck out in suits or alternatively choose a turtleneck sweater or long sleeve shirt in dark colors with a blazer and a scarf. 

Chinos pass out as the best cocktail pants for guys but please add a belt. Pair your outfit with slack or boat shoes, to be a picture of elegance in your cocktail attire.

Additional Things You Should Pack For Your Trip To Seattle

  • Moisturizer
  • Toiletries
  • Raincoat
  • Waterproof boots
  • Charger
  • Camera 
  • Leggings
  • Socks

Final Advice

January will prove to be a good time to visit Seattle, with lesser crowds at tourist hotspots meaning things will be cheaper in the city. 

Get help from local tour guides and plan ahead of your trip, but don’t be afraid to switch up your plans and let things happen simultaneously. 

Keep track of the weather and plan you day activities and outfits accordingly. 

The weather will remain cold and wet for the most part it is best to keep your wardrobe basic and practical. 

This will avoid any fashion fallacies as well as cut down burden on your luggage, while keeping you looking elegant through your Seattle trip in January.