Beautiful rivers and glaciers of ice, Niagara falls is a beautiful landscape and a magical destination for vacation and proves to be a once in a lifetime experience for many. 

The winter cold hasn’t quite settled in, but the temperature is fairly low, undulating from 4-15° Celsius meaning you will need to pack accordingly to ensure you don’t end up as an ice popsicle. 

Hold your horses, and pack with care with care when leaving for Niagara falls in October. It can be quite tricky to pack your wardrobe without having to rampage to the stores for a last minute shopping. 

Here is some advice that will help ease your tension and make packing easier for your trip to Niagara. 

Niagara Falls Weather In October

The weather in October provides a perfect escape from summer heat to cooler weather and magical landscapes. It isn’t freezing enough to keep you on your toes and makes your trip pleasant enough to explore the hidden treasures of the border. 

There is sure to be a lot of rain in October, on an average of about two weeks but can vary from time to time. 

The temperature typically drops at night, which means you are in for relatively warmer days than nights. In many aspects the October weather of Niagara falls lies in the grey area, of the weather witnessed all year round of the honeymoon city.

The temperatures can vary from the ones mentioned above in different areas along the border but generally stays within the 4-15°C limits. 

What To Wear At Your Daytime Activities In Niagara Falls

There are a lot of fun activities to do at Niagara falls during the day including biking, hiking as well as playing golf. 

Since it’s the month of Halloween, you’ll get to experience a lot of fun events leading to the big day, where the Haunt Manor is a popular site to visit and get into the Halloween spirit. The annual Rocky Picture horror show is also held in October so it’s best to pack your suitcase keeping in mind these activities. 

Keep your wardrobe basic and neutral so that you can add on or remove stuff accordingly. You’ll always be on the move since the city has so much to offer. 

Make sure your wardrobe is light, practical and allows room for movement but don’t forget to incorporate a little fun into your Niagara falls wardrobe for October.

A classic wardrobe will help you out in most situations where you don’t have to feel out of place running into more formal settings and activities like wine tasting. 

You’re in for a lot of precipitation, so make sure you have a nice trench rain coat by your side at all times. Pack your shoes accordingly because they can get quite wet near the falls so it’s better to go for weather resistant, chunkier boots and avoid sneakers and fabric shoes that are likely to get soaked. 

Sandals and heels would be a big no when it comes to visiting Niagara falls and would prove to be quite tricky to walk in the wet cold regions of the Niagara falls. 

Since it’s going to be a bit chilly, it would do you good to add a few scarves to keep you warm and add some color to your otherwise basic wardrobe. 

What To Wear During Your Night Time Activities In Niagara Falls

There are a lot of fabulous restaurants with equally beautiful views in Niagara falls so you want to be prepared for that. Pack a few dress shirts and slacks to dress up for a formal night. 

For the ladies please pack your favorite cocktail dresses and heels for a magical evening in Niagara falls. There are a lot of clubs and bars for you to hang out at, so don’t worry and make the most of your tour with mini dresses and heels to dance the night away. 

You can pair them with leggings to spare yourself from the cold while having fun. Also, don’t forget to put on a coat before heading out. 

For concerts and Halloween events leading to the big day, go for more edgier wear, incorporating leather into your outfit with chunkier boots and jackets to add swag. Darker, heavier makeup to suit the Halloween aesthetic and look pretty cool with the rest of your attire, so make sure you have got your makeup essentials right. 

The Niagara falls are a sight to behold when visited at night, with illumination of different colors through the water against the dark background.

 If you are planning for sightseeing then there isn’t much difference in the wardrobe chosen for nighttime than during the day. 

Stick to your basics and practical clothing where long coats, water resistant shoes (boots preferably) in dark colors will fare you well in the wet but beautiful regions of Niagara falls. 

Additional Things You Should Pack For Your Trip To Niagara Falls

  • Gloves
  • Warm caps and hats
  • Waterproof camera
  • Umbrella
  • Hair oil
  • Jeans 
  • Leggings
  • Moisturizer


Niagara falls lies on the border of the US and Canada and has been one of the most popular sites for tourists for more than 200 years. The honeymoon city is particularly lovely in fall weather due to lower influx of tourists and reduced costs of hotels to spend your nights in. 

If you are planning your trip to Niagara in October, it is best to take heed of the advice given above as well as do some your own research considering the weather to pack your essentials accordingly. Make sure to keep your baggage light to save you any inconvenience through your trip.

 Add mostly basics, a few outerwear to save you from the cold, practical shoes to last you through your trip as well as one or two dresses and heels for emergency situations.