November is by far the most fashionable month in New York. Every turn in the corner of the street is a runway.

People are decked out in the latest autumn collections of famous designer brands. 

It is quite normal to feel left out in the crowd if you’re not prepared for the weather. 

Here’s some advice for you to keep in mind, while packing your suitcase before you hit the big city in November. 


New York Weather In November

Even though the weather is fairly cool, the winter cold hasn’t settled in, yet. The icy blast from December is yet to hit, however, the weather continues to decrease throughout the month. 

The wardrobe you’re packing for the first half of the month might be a bit different than what you should be planning for the second half of the month. 

The temperature differences between day and night aren’t too drastic, dropping a few degrees as the city enters the night. 

The weather will be milder during the day. The afternoons will remain clear and sunny, the temperatures revolving around 15°C and 7-8°C during the nights. 

Be prepared for the temperatures to fall below 5, especially at the end of the month. This usually happens during the night, when it might hit close to 0°C.

The days will mostly remain sunny, with slight chances of rainfall so you might as well bring your umbrella.

The rain will mostly be light, but it’s always good to be prepared. 

There is also a slight chance of snowfall, and where the city experiences it every two to three years.

For all the snowfall lovers or people who haven’t experienced it yet, this might be good news, especially during the end of the month.

What To Wear During Daytime Activities In New York

Pack basic items which you can layer because the temperatures keep fluctuating between a few degrees in November.

Coats remain to be the highlight of New York fashion during November, especially long coats which add to the grace of your appearance.  

Whether you’re wearing a dress or a simple shirt and jeans, a coat will be your best friend in November weather in New York and help you blend in with the stylish crowd.  

Long coats of all styles including trench coats, oxfords, and button ups are welcome along with cardigans for you to layer up on colder days.

Pack full length trousers, since wearing shorts would just be awkward in the low temperatures of New York. 

If you’re planning on wearing short length skirts, then the viral fleece lined, sheer TikTok tights will be the best thing you could add to your packing list for your New York visit in November.

You could opt for heels if your day doesn’t involve a lot of walking.

Choose chunky water resistant boots, or sneakers and more comfortable options to roam the streets of New York City. 

There’s honestly so much to see and do during the day in New York, with so many cool and fun places to explore. 

It’s best to keep your daytime attire simple and flexible, giving you room to move around, so that you can truly enjoy your time in the city.

What To Wear During Your NightTime Activities In New York

You have the freedom to enjoy your evening wear during the nights of New York. 

The nightlife of New York has so much to offer from hit nightclubs to fancy restaurants.

There are also free events for you and your family to enjoy, like concerts and shows for you to attend during the month of November.

The famous NY Time Square is also a place to behold and should be a must-visit during your stay in New York. 

If you haven’t got anything fancy planned or the places you’re visiting don’t require formal dressing then your basic t-shirt and jeans will do along with a coat and ankle-high boots.

Try to opt for darker colors during the night. Dark wash jeans are best for guys who are going for a fancier look, along with a leather jacket and water resistant boots.

For women, if you plan on raging in the famous night clubs of NY city, then opt for a skirt and a nice top.  Or choose the dress that you must have packed for such occasions. 

Whatever short length dress or skirt you choose to wear, don’t forget to pair them with leggings. If you’re planning to hit a bar, then it’s better to keep things more casual and avoid dresses and skirts.

For semiformal events, guys should definitely pack a suit. Black is the safest bet along with some slacks. Ties are also welcome, although, not necessary. 

Our ladies should enjoy their nights in cocktail, mid length dresses and heels along with classy pieces of jewelry. 

It is always best to pack a dress or two for such emergencies, but mostly keep your wardrobe simple to fit into most night time activities in New York.

Additional Things You Should Pack For Your Trip To New York

  • Sunglasses 
  • Umbrella
  • Raincoat
  • Lip gloss
  • Jewelry
  • Black t-shirt (for layering)
  • Moisturizer
  • Boots

Final Advice

November is definitely one of the best months to visit New York. The weather is pleasantly cool, the crowds have some what thinned making tourist merchandise cheaper. Let’s not forget, there are still so many events going on tomake your trip memorable.

The temperature drops just a few degrees below what one would consider normal, so there’s honestly not much to worry about. 

Pack basic items that allow you to layer when needed, and keep in mind the places and events you’re thinking of visiting.

 Strut in the New York streets with confidence, because there’s truly nothing more stylish than a person owning their looks.