This article is not everything you need to know about what to wear.

But enough to get through your Las Vegas holiday in April.

Tickets Booked.

Hotel Booked.

But the biggest headache of them all.

How exactly do you go about packing for an April trip to Las Vegas?

Honestly, it’s Vegas. Anything goes but not everything goes if you plan on partaking in certain activities.

Will it be hot? Will it be chilly?

Well, let’s start off with the weather first.

Is it cold in Vegas in April?

The weather in Vegas can go as low as 45 Degrees. I would definitely consider that cold. You can’t be walking around in a dress or shorts at night. Well, unless you like the cold a bit too much.

Is Vegas hot in April?

Daytime temperatures can go as high as 80 degrees.

For me personally, I wouldn’t really consider that “hot” especially since the Nevada desert oasis can go as high as 110 degrees during the peak summer months.

Let’s move on to the big question.

What should You wear in Las Vegas in April?

We are going to break this into two parts.

Daytime activities & Nighttime activities. I reckon most of you are interested in the nighttime part so we’ll start with that first.

Nighttime Activities

You need a light jacket no matter what. April is a mixed sort of month and temps can vary a lot.

If you plan on going to casual spots. Walk around the strip. Anything goes really.

You’ll see people dressed to the 10s and you’ll also see people in cargo pants. This is entirely your choice.

Just bring a jacket for the nighttime. Sometimes during April, you might even need a coat.

However, if you plan on going to upscale restaurants. Everyone will be dressed up.

If you plan on going to nightclubs. Most clubs have a dress code.

Most of the clubs won’t let you in if you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

If you plan on going to casinos. You MOST DEFINITELY need a jacket. Air Con is always cranked up in Vegas.

The casinos are very cold. You’d have a tough time in a t-shirt and shorts.

Daytime Activities

Vegas is pretty casual during the day. You don’t need to be dressed fancy to go to most places.

But here is the caveat.

The casinos are still cold. Even during the day.

So do bring a light jacket. Take it off if walking around outside.

Wear comfortable trainers if you are planning to do some activities around the strip.





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