The land of mystical mythologies and rich history and art, Greece is a welcome sight for tourists all around the world.

Apart from its museums and art galleries, Greece also has many sites of scenic beauty like the islands of Mykonos, and the beaches of Crete and Corfu. 

Since the country remains warm and sunny most of the year, one might come to believe that is the case during the winter months as well. 

So, what do you pack for Greece in December, where the weather mostly remains mildly cold?

And is December a good time to visit Greece?

Well, let’s dive right in, to find out.

Oia Santorini Greece during sunset

Greece Weather In December

The weather in Greece in December is tilted towards the cooler side but not so much to ruin your day’s activities.

Since there’s a variety of landscapes and sea levels in Greece, the temperatures vary across the country.

I think it would be safe to say that December may not be the best time to take a dip in the beach or sunbathe across its shore. 

This mainly pertains to the temperature lying in the low mid-teen range and dropping below 10°C during the latter part of the month.

The average high temperature will remain to be 16°C in December, and the average low is at 9°C.

Even though Greece remains dry for most part of the year, the winter months are usually wetter with a substantial amount of rainfall and humidity. 

There are generally 10-14 days of rainfall in the month of December in Greece.

It is better to keep a raincoat or umbrella to accompany you in the wet weather of Greece in December.

However, the country won’t be all sloppy and miserable all the time.

There will be chances to witness the country happy and bright with sunnier afternoons and cooler mornings and evenings.

The days will be shorter in the month, with 10 hours of daylight. December might not be the sunniest time of the year to visit the country.

This may vary across the country due to differing sea levels, but generally, Greece has the shortest days in the month of December.

The weather in December remains mildly cold in Greece.

However, you might want to be on the lookout for recurring rainfalls and wind in the country, if you are planning to visit in the month.

What To Wear During Your Day Time Activities In Greece

The history of culture and art will also require you to look presentable as you walk through its streets, and sites admiring the view. 

The people of Greece like to keep their wardrobes simple and sophisticated during the month of December.

Classic elements and an approach to style and fashion is highly encouraged. 

Think neutral colors, layers, and practical clothing to explore the country in peace to adjust your outfit according to the changes in temperature. 

Cardigans, tee-shirts, full sleeve shirts, and full length jeans to last you as your daytime outfits in December weather, Greece. 

You can also opt for midi length full sleeve dresses, to bring along on your trip to Greece.

Don’t forget to pair them with a cardiac or coat as well as leggings to stop you from getting cold.

Sandals are an absolute no when it comes to appropriate footwear in Greece. 

Go with more comfortable options like sneakers, and water resistant boots to carry on with your daytime activities in peace.

Bring along a variety of outerwear to switch up your daytime looks in Greece. 

These include blazers, jean jackets and sweaters as well as coats to create casual to smart casual looks for events that require a little more effort.

You can also play around with prints to create a cool aesthetic.

These include plaids and gingham on any articles of clothing you are wearing, but keep everything else solid to create a preppy look for visiting the museum.

What To Wear During Your Night Time Activities In Greece

There are so many nighttime activities to enjoy in Greece, some that are laid back situations where you can lounge around in comfortable everyday clothes like movie nights in open air cinemas or hang out at famous local bars. 

For such situations, a casual outfit in jeans, long sleeve shirt or blouse will do along with a leather jacket or cardigan and some ankle high boots.

You could also opt for a cute sweater to go with your jeans.

A dress or short length skirt would only get in the way and look awkward for the most part due to the colder temperatures, especially during night.

There are also many high-end rooftop bars where a hoodie and jean will not suffice as your night time outfit. The nightlife of Greece is luxurious and vibrant, as much as it is wild, with many clubs for you to enjoy.

Make sure to pack a cocktail dress or two for such events, or even a jumpsuit and dressy separates will do.

Pair them with appropriate shoes, and classic jewelry for a fun classy vibe to hang around the city of Athens and Mesopotamia alike.

Guys can deck out in suits and long sleeve button up shirts, where ties aren’t necessary but always welcome.

Also please don’t forget your belt and slacks. Better yet add a metal watch on your wrist for some bling.

You can also go for a more wintry vibe if you are hanging out at an outdoor location that requires formal wear. Men can opt for turtle neck sweaters and blazers and pair them with chinos and boat shoes or slacks whatever they please. 

Women can pack full sleeve dresses with thicker fabrics and wear them with leggings and stilettos and rock the night outfit with the right jewelry.

Having a coat at your side will also help if it gets unexpectedly cold and windy.

Additional Things You Should Pack For Your Trip To Greece

  • Moisturizer
  • Makeup
  • Umbrella
  • Charger
  • Camera
  • Raincoat
  • Belt
  • Leggings
  • Pyjamas 


Dressing in Greece won’t be much of an issue since the people there are very easygoing and probably won’t pay much attention to what you are wearing.

However, it would be better if you kept your wardrobe basic to avoid standing out like a sore thumb in the crowds of neutral. 

It would also avoid unwanted burden on your luggage, and keep your wardrobe versatile and functional in the undulating temperatures of Greece, in December, and its cities.